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  • College Roleplay {Open}
    11.1K 568 69

    This is a roleplay where you can be yourself. You can fell in love with other players. You can be one of the populars,one of the nerds,one of the gangsters,or one of the student body. You can be anyone your hearts desire,so go meet your destiny. (12/16/16) #460 Non-Fic

  • The Selection Role-play (CLOSED)
    8.2K 365 70

    What If Abby Hadn't Killed Porter? This roleplay explores the story of their children's selection. And you get to be a part of the result. Cover By The Amazing @Mystical_Panda If you ever need a cover go check out her book, The Graphics workshop

  • Boarding School RP
    14.8K 308 33

    High School is hell.Now imagine being locked in that so called hell. - Cover Credit to @Awkadorable Thank you so much. <3

  • Genderswap Selection Roleplay
    1.4K 84 15

    2 princesses. 35 selected men. 1 country. Plenty of drama. Who will win the princesses of Illéa and be crowned king? Only the infamous Selection will tell.