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  • TF2 X Reader: Finally Finished.
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    | discontinued, thank you so much. I love you guys| This is a reupload from my old account Tf2 x reader. Go ahead and make requests, and I'll even do smuts and lemons. This book was a dare from my cuz

    Completed   Mature
  • Tf2 Oneshots
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    Dying rn Just some oneshots and stuff Request are allowed as well Dude this shit is old and hella cringey lmao Read at your own risk I don't write anything with Soldier out of respect of Rick May. Rest In Peace, Rick. Slow updates, don't bother asking when the next chapter comes out FOR THE ONE MEDIC CHAPTER THWT SAYS...

  • Just an Attraction (Springtrap x reader)
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    (Y/N) is a young person who gets a job at Fazbear's Fright with little worry about what's gonna happen. A meeting with a bunny may change that. Fnaf is owned by Scott not me. I don't own any pictures in this unless said so.

  • Yandere Fnaf(Oneshots)(REQUESTS CLOSED)
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    WARNING!!! The following you are about to read is meant to be fictional,this is not cannon to the original Fnaf story line. This was created for fun and is not meant to be taken seriously. Rules! First:No child x reader Second:No OC's Third:No spamming (I admire the love but pls no :,)) That's pretty much it. I'll e...

  • TF2 (Reader X Scout): Expect the Unexpected
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    Team Fortress 2 is just a game. Nothing in the game is real, right? Well, as it turns out the Team Fortress 2 world is very real. Thanks to a certain wizard who hates the RED team Scout ends up being transported out of the Team Fortress 2 world only to crash land into your world. Your life and the Scout's life get rat...

  • Life as a Terraria NPC
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    This book was inspired by ShadowLykos' LaaMM. It is all about the NPCs and how they live through all the problems they faced, and how they were connected. I do not own Terraria, or ReLogic, or 505 Games,or CodeGlue, or RakNet either. This is just a book that is fan-made. Again, I do not own anything related to Terrari...

  • ask cuphead
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    cuphead:WASUP!!!! mugman:WHY! pie:IT'S FUN YELL me:STOP

  • Ask Papyrus 2
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    Hello again! Continue asking The Great Papyrus more of your boondoggling questions! I shall continue to attempt to answer them all in a timely manner! Ask Away!!

  • Ask Papyrus
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    Hi there! Feel free to ask anything you'd like! I, The Great Papyrus, will try my very hardest to answer every question I receive! Or... At least attempt to... Ask Away!!

  • Ask The Creepypastas Volume 1
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    Ask your favorite creepypasta anything and might as well dare them. The beginning is cringe for me, most of this I write at 2 am when I struggle to sleep. And want a 99.9% chance of having your questions and dares answered, please comment on the most recent chapter, if it's an update, then the previous. This is just f...

  • Ask Sebastian Michealis
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    Have any questions you need to ask? well step right up, because this demon is going to tell you almost everything you need to know!

  • Ask/dare Fnaf Gang 1-5
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    Me: ask/dare us!!!^~^ fnaf 1 to sister location!!!! Chica: can I marry pizza? Me: NO!!! Go back to cleaning the kitchen!!! Chica: I'm going to tell puppet!!! Me: *glares at Chica* Chica: