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  • The Black King
    265K 5.9K 26

    Abandoned by his parents in favour of his twin at the behest of Dumbledore, Harry Potter grows up tortured and tormented by his relatives. And yet Harry potter, the true child of the prophecy, has someone watching out for him... Fate. This is a WBWL story with a Dark/Evil MC (Harry Potter). The old description is s...

  • The Dark Knight of Honnouji Academy
    4.3K 99 2

    A week after Issei defeated Riser and won Rias's freedom, both him and the Orc notices that Rias had been acting strange and distant especially towards Issei. it was until one day Issei returns from successfully completing a pact and saw something that completely broke Issei completely, seeing his host in this broken...

  • Medals Are Miraculous (MTOLACN X Male Reader/Oc)
    1.5K 12 6

    Lance Kubdel just moved in to Paris with his cousin the Kubdel, however, he didn't expect the ominous future that awaits for him... or should I say them. Date start: January 3, 2023 Ends: ??? #miracuoloustalesofladybugandcatnoir #malereader #maleoc #ladybugandcatnoir #ladybug #catnoir #kamenrider #kamenriderooo #xmale...

  • Ultimate Hero Taisen Z: Rise of Kudajira
    1.6K 132 27

    When an Intergalactic Overlord has arrived on Union-Verse Prime, he collide both Union-Verse into one and he will take over the world. Ryu Tanaka and the Kaiju Defenders will join forces with Ryo Shimizu and the Special Forces to face their ultimate threat across all Galaxies known as Kudajira the Space Hybrid Kaiju w...

    Completed   Mature
  • High School DxD: Counting Sins
    4.5K 64 6

    What happens when a Devil and an Angel decide to solve crimes in the town of Kuoh, Japan? Well you better start counting your sins. Akira Bael and Tokumitsu Phillips are currently the detectives of Fuuto PI, a detective agency in Kuoh, Japan that deals in both normal crimes, supernatural crimes, and crimes involving t...

  • Strongest Herrscher in World of DxD (HI3rd x DxD x FGO x Vivid Strike)
    16.9K 452 16

    (DxD x HI3 x FGO x Vivid Strike) After Kiana Kaslana who was been controlled by the Herrscher of Void Sirin, she was saved by her teacher Murata Himeko by injecting a serum into her which it suppress the power of the herrscher of void and bring Kiana back to normal. But at cost, Himeko died on defeating the herrscher...

  • The Destiny of the Betrayed
    50.4K 900 42

    Jaune,Issei and Izuku were betrayed Izuku for being the son of all for one, Jaune was betrayed due to the truth of his transcripts coming Issei for finding some of the supernatural No longer needed him they are soon transported into the world of destiny by an entity that saw their potential. Their true friends, family...

  • Is It Wrong To Be A Hunter
    1.8K 79 5

    Bell Cranel was always considered as a faunus, a rabbit faunus, even if he wasn't one to begin with. He was living a good life with his aunt Alfia until He turned 8 as she suddenly disappeared, without leaving any clue as to why. Eventually, Bell came to the conclusion that she was dead. He then quit to a family that...

  • Pokémon Journeys: The "Aura" Monarch
    31K 605 15

    One explosion changes everything.... When the world loses it's beloved hero Ash Ketchum everyone falls to despair, so in honor of his death 5 years later, The Former World Monarch Champion, Leon, hosts a new World Monarch Pokemon league where the winner is crowned the title of....Pokemon Master. Ash's former rivals an...

  • HSDXD: ultraman trigger Z
    287 7 1

    what if issei wasn't a pervert what if he is saved when he is about to die not by rias but by a light known as ultraman (note the ultraman will not be giant in this story but will be normal human size, also issei still has the boosted gear he just also has powers of ultraman Z using the GUTS sparklance, because i say...

  • Remnant's Guardians
    69.1K 1K 26

    Jaune was expelled from Beacon due to Goodwitch. Jaune left Beacon and formed a team alongside SSSN, who befriended Jaune. As they travel around Remnant and made a name for themselves. Along the journey they were joined by Teams ABRN, BRNZ, NDGO, and FNKI. But due to a mission gone wrong, they were transported to the...

  • A Lecture to One's Final Battle in Their Journey
    4.7K 97 4

    After his loss in the Kalos League, Ash had wanted a break. A break from his traveling and battles to figure out what to do. He's been traveling for the past seventeen years and feels like hes close to something he want's but isn't sure what. Confused if he really wants to become champion. With a vacation to Alola wi...

  • My Hero Academia: Kaijus Rising
    41 2 1

    Kaijus, Titans, Monsters of Legend and Myth, once ruled the lands of the Earth, as Gods. Long before they died, they gave their blood to a select few to carry on the tradition of Protecters of the Planet. Now Kaiju-Morphers and Titan-Morphers live amongst the world population once again, hidden among the Quirk Race of...

  • Highschool Singular Point
    48K 1K 26

    Issei Hyoudou, a perverted teenage boy who wished on becoming the Harem King. However, after being killed by his 'Date' who turned out to be a Fallen Angel. A red mist covered him and he came back as a Singular Point.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Raven
    41K 618 19

    "W-Why...Why did i have to suffer...Why....WHY!" "I-I didnt want this!" "Whoever did this to me...i'll make them pay..." "I'LL MAKE THEM PAY!!!"

    Completed   Mature
  • The green assassin (BNHA x Akame GA Kill)
    52.4K 1.1K 16

    So this book is requested by dcraus123 (My Number 8 fanfiction) (A/N: I'm not that good with English so don't think to much from me) So in this Izuku is not going to have one for all. Izuku was born in a world where quirks exist but he was born quirkless. Izuku had a mom and a Big sister and the father is unknown. So...

  • Together with Hero (Aikatsu stars x Boboiboy)
    187 10 1

    Boboiboy yg mendapatkan libur dari tapops memutuskan untuk berlibur ke Jepang, bukan tanpa alasan namun ia menuju ke Jepang untuk bertemu temannya yg sudah lama ia tak temui shiratori hime, Yup tentu saja terakhir kali dia bertemu dengannya saat dia masih kecil saat berumur 11 tahun saat setelah melawan boboibot, lalu...

  • Hero(Boboiboy x Aikatsu)
    375 18 3

    hibiki tenshou yg merupakan kakak dari Boboiboy, Boboiboy yg mulai rindupun memanfaatkan libur dari tapops untuk bertemu dengan kakaknya hibiki tenshou. Warning bahasa Malaysia Indonesia baca ya :)

  • The Wanted Destroyer&Pirates (KamenRiderDecade X KaizokuSentaiGokaiger)Hiatus
    7.6K 184 4

    Y/n Kadoya is a mysterious person, while this identity is unknown to most, his other identity is known by all as the destroyer of worlds or saviour of worlds. Either way, one thing is best known about him is that he enjoys to travels, even into another world meeting and befriending people from all across othe multiver...

  • The Watcher: Izuku
    5.4K 100 2

    "Betrayed Family Love" "Betrayed Family Trust" "Abused" "Neglected" A Normal soul would break when everything would happen to them, but for Izuku Yagi, it was his 'Wake up' call, He was simply watching the corruption of the society of the country that he stands, Izuku:"But now, I shall take my Actions!,"

  • Deku, The Hell Flame Dragon Slayer
    717K 16.3K 76

    What if Izuku was the secret love child of Ryuko Tatsuma and Enji Todoroki? What if Izuku gets a quirk based fire dragon slayer magic from FairyTail? Particularly based off of the dragon Atlas Flame? Will he become the best hero he can be? Find out on the... Wait wrong place... Dammit! I do not own the anime of Boku n...

  • Lustful Modifications
    524K 15.8K 78

    Izuku has always wants to become a hero. One that can save lives with a smile. Follow the story of Izuku Midoriya, where he faces the challenges of quirk discrimination, family issues and control of his quirk. P.s. I do not own BNHA or this picture, please support the original owners.

  • Naruto:The Forgotten King
    9.4K 97 4

    Naruto is neglected for his sisters and thus begins his journey as the forgotten king.Suck at summaries sorry.First ever Naruto Trinity Seven Crossover. Neglected Naruto fic.Minor crossover from other anime and other anime chars will be here as well.Magic King Naruto.Harem

  • Naruto:The Dark Ruler
    67.8K 1K 12

    Rewrite of Naruto the Forgotten King.Naruto, neglected for his sisters, runs off to the school of Trinity Seven and comes back to show them what it truly means to Rule.

  • Rent-A-Girlfriend (Male Reader x Chizuru)
    37.9K 916 11

    (Y/N) (L/N) was just your average college student, making his way through life, finding love, and just being the him he could be. Yep, (Y/N) was content with his life...............until his girlfriend dumped him!!!! Now a sadden (Y/N) stumbles upon an app where he could pay someone to be his girlfriend. Will he use t...

  • Fate/Apchoryoha x Sora(KH3)
    2.4K 56 3

    Someone requested.

  • Kamen Rider Build X Senki Zesshou Symphogear
    38K 669 27

    Kagashi Yutaka and his childhood friend Tatsuya Ikari were just living a normal life until one day a portal out of nowhere transported them to another world where monsters known as Noise threaten humanity. With just a mysterious suitcase and each other, will they be able to survive in the other world? Inspired by Feni...

  • Izuku Hyrule: The Sword That Seals The Darkness
    26.5K 361 16

    "Son, it's time we tell you about our family's history" Link says "Izuku, what we are about to tell you goes back centuries, back when this land used to be called Hyrule" Izuku looks at Link and Zelda or better known to him as dad and mom "Okay mom, dad" Izuku Hyrule, son of Link and Zelda Hyrule, his family owns Hyru...

  • A Shattered Bond
    3.6K 60 3

    Humans, demons and angels, your existence is a mistake. War, cheating, jealously, greed. Your existence is a sin that has to be wiped out. You once made me lose everything. But now I'll devour everything. Because I am the Houkai (Apocalypse).