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  • Thinking Out Loud - Phan (oneshot)
    795 55 1

    Just a little dance to a couple's favourite song (Fluffy <3)

  • That Unnamed Video - Phan (oneshot)
    1.2K 105 1

    (prompt given by MissImNotInnocent) Just when you think it's over and gone forever, it's back! A casual Phangirl finds herself and the entire Phandom incredibly confused by a little twist on an old story....

  • I Remember That - Phan AU (one shot)
    1.2K 107 1

    A new couple from 2009. "Separate people" from 2012. A shameless 2015 couple. Newlyweds of 2022. An incredibly domestic couple from 2029. Five different couples, five different time periods, one pair, twenty years of Dan and Phil. (Dedicated to my good friend Daniel (@planetkidhowlter) Merry Christmas! :D <3)

  • Sick Day - Phan (one shot)
    7.8K 446 1

    What happens when a sick Phil talks in his sleep? (Rating: none, all fluff)

  • The Wrong Person - Phan (one shot)
    8.6K 592 1

    (prompt and cover given by -err0r-) Dan's on a date with a girl he doesn't connect with at all. Phil's on a date with a snobby girl who doesn't seem to like him. They seem to be on dates with the wrong people...