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  • King's Guard ✔️
    519K 32.5K 45

    "Why are you staring at me like that?" "Like what?" "Like you want to tear off my clothes." "And what if I do?" ~~~ Kingsley didn't believe in love. All he wanted was a single night with his incredibly hot boss, Lorenzo, that he had spent a year lusting over. When Lorenzo starts reciprocating Kingsley's advances, the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blur the Line
    1M 51.1K 34

    **This book is FREE with a paid bonus chapter!** After being dumped, Isla Morris makes a pact with her ex's biggest competition, F1 driver Matthew Carr, to get inside Lucas's head. ** Isla Morris is dating the world's best F1 racer - at least, she was until Lucas broke things off unexpectedly before the start of the n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Suite Mates (bxb)
    510K 22.3K 19

    Living in a suite-style college dorm meant being in close quarters with plenty of personalities: good, bad, and even mildly psychotic. James liked to stay away from people, so he was slightly miffed when a handsome man walked in on his... alone time. He was more than slightly miffed when the guy attempted to woo him a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sound of Ice
    3.2M 170K 47

    Hockey player extraordinaire Cameron Beckett not only has to deal with the pressures of making it into the NHL and graduating high school, but also figuring out his feelings for the boy next door. ***** Cameron Beckett is the ace and co-captain...

  • Within the Lines
    670K 43.4K 30

    An outgoing country boy. A wallflower jock. And a completely off-limits relationship. ** Aspiring artist Kade Turner is the new kid at school, imported into the big city from countryside town Greensboro. With his accent and his dad being the insanely popular coach of the varsity football team, Kade had no hopes of goi...

  • Invincible
    2.6M 185K 105

    "I didn't know you had friends like Isaac," Willa said in greeting. "I don't," muttered Jared. Isaac rolled his eyes. "Yeah, you don't. You have //one// friend like Isaac." His voice turned into this stupid mock whisper and he leaned towards Jared conspiratorially. "It's me, by the way."

  • brooks & hale ✔️
    955K 46K 35

    brooks and hale should be perfect. the sparks are there, the lingering looks and secretive smiles, the chemistry essential to any perfect romance. the only problem? neither of them are willing to drop the pretence of heterosexuality anytime soon.

  • Break Free (boyxboy)
    198K 6.9K 33

    This is a story about manipulation. Jayden Crew was a 16 year old boy who resided in St. Louis, Missouri. He wielded sarcasm like a sword as a defense mechanism to his true feelings, an action that would probably get him killed one day if used against the wrong person. It was all Jayden had to protect himself. Due...

  • Acceptance
    110K 8.5K 50

    After getting away from his cruel father's tyranny, Randall has to learn how to live again, and accept the person he was meant to be - with a little help of a local bartender... ***** An empty shell is all what is left of twenty-five-year-old Randall now. After his homophobic father found out he was gay, h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Second Chance Mates
    845K 44.6K 69

    [Book 1] Two wolves, traumatized by their heartbreaking pasts, must learn to rely on each other for healing and love. 🌹 Landon Grey had everything he could ever want. A respected place in the pack. A supportive family. And best of all, the love of his beautiful mat...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beck and Ronan
    2.1M 102K 70

    Ronan Price could throw a football before he could walk, so it was no surprise when he became the prized running back for Cedarburg High School. Now at the start of his senior year, college scouts are watching him very closely, and the whole town is rooting for him to go all the way to the NFL. Ronan seems to have eve...

    Completed   Mature
  • Better Sorry than Safe
    5.5M 252K 35

    Every Tuesday during football practice, sixteen year old Sem Bolton finds himself stealing glances at the gorgeous college boy jogging down the path next to the fields. He was his dirty little secret. His guilty pleasure. His unobtainable fantasy: safe and distant on the other side of the chainlink fence. Then, throu...

  • Dear Ana
    35.4K 1.1K 11

    a collection of letters from a girl to Ana (her anorexia.) [TRIGGER WARNING!! ]

  • Between the Lines | ✓
    558K 42.8K 37

    [BxB] Alexander Smith has a love-hate relationship with trashy online novels, scoffing at the problematic main leads, clueless protagonists and the rampant use of cliches. He never understood why the kind protagonist always chose the abusive 'badboy' main lead in every inane love-triangle, especially when there was a...

    Completed   Mature
  • On Thin Ice
    6.4M 268K 57

    COMPLETED [boyxboy] After his religious mother kicks him out for being gay, Elijah Ellis moves in with his father, where his step-mother, step-brother, and half-sister also welcome him. Elijah aspires to continue doing what he loves and play hockey for his new school, but his past hookup with the closeted hockey capt...

  • The Treehouse [BxB]
    445K 26.7K 35

    Mickey was a skater. River was too smart for his own good. But being polar opposites didn't stop them from being best friends. Ever since they were little, they would sit in the treehouse in Mickey's garden, and feel like they were on top of the whole world. But as they got older, they realised that the world was muc...

  • Rage With Benefits
    8.6M 310K 63

    "I fucking hate you." "You shouldn't really say things like that when my dick is up your ass, Norris." Two hot-headed athletes with overflowing rage and unwinding sex drive is very much never a good combo. Bryce and Ian never see eye to eye on things. Despite being caged in the same group of friends in the same swimmi...

  • Enemies with benefits
    9.3M 342K 48

    Colby hated one guy and one guy only. This guy stole his chance to become captain of the football team, mocks him in front of the team and -the cherry on top- slept with Colby's girlfriend. This guy was Ezra Dickinson. Colby swore that if he ever got the chance to get revenge on the guy he'd do it. So why did he get s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kings of Hawkings [bxb]
    790K 33.8K 59

    [COMPLETED] When Jonas Spencer was a junior in high school, he had everything in the palm of his hand. He was an Elite at the prodigious St. Vincent's Prep School, co-captain of the track team, and had the perfect girlfriend. Popularity was King, and he held the crown. But the facade broke too easily and the once...

    Completed   Mature
  • Choking on Diamonds
    280K 8.1K 49

    Everyone has something that kills them inside. The only difference is some people have the illusion of family while others don't even have that anymore.

  • Fix You
    339K 12.2K 42

    "And I will try to fix you"

  • Mommy's House
    3M 159K 29

    Three children realize they're trapped in the basement of a crazy woman who claims to be their mother, and forces them to call her "Mommy". __________________ created February 4th, 2017. All Rights Reserved IMPORTANT NOTICE - if you're reading this story on a site that is not then you could be at risk...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Me Again (CN)
    181K 3.9K 16

    Author : Yuan Yuan «元媛» Description : Luo An Hai didn't expect that one day she would witness her own funeral. The last thing she remembered was being on a plane to England for business negotiations. If she had succeeded then the majority of shareholders would vote her way, and she would become the CEO...

  • Sweet Revenge (m|m)
    268K 16.5K 20

    Aaron Keene hates Valentine's Day. Which is strange, because he owns a candy store and the holiday is a big boost to business. When the reason he loathes February 14th opens a bike shop across the street from his store, Aaron realizes he finally has the chance to get his sweet revenge. But when all is said and done...

    Completed   Mature
  • Living in a Rewrite of My Own Book World
    74.4K 5.6K 13

    This is the story about an author who gets hit by a car right before she can finish her bestselling book series. Trapped in the role of a terrible side character antagonist, she must find a way to change the story's ending. Not just for her own survival, but for the characters that seem just a little too real to be fi...

  • I Can't Eat Love
    2.2M 139K 38

    Lenora did not have a wonderful life. After her engagement to Prince Ronan is broken, she loses everything... her reputation, her home, and her family. Starving on the streets, she dies angry and bitter at how her life unfolded... Only to wake up in her old bed, fifteen again, five years before she died. Now she must...

  • Love Me Again (LMA)
    57.8K 1.1K 11

    *I DO NOT OWN THIS NOVEL. THIS IS MY MOST MOST FAVORITE NOVEL AND I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SHARE IT HERE IN WATTPAD FOR YOU GUYS. That's right! She's just that high and mighty, holding no one in her sight. With a sharp tongue and toxic mouth; vile and impossible to get along with. Not to mention she changes boyfrie...

    Completed   Mature
  • Things I Hate About Adrian Vang (BoyxBoy)
    1M 46.3K 28

    Ezra Drake hated Adrian Vang with a burning passion for reasons the even he himself could not explain. That's why he was so surprised when their first study session included him fucking the smaller boy into his couch.

    Completed   Mature
  • Rebirth And Will Love You
    774K 21.1K 78

    Everyone deserves a second chance. But Xie Li Na certainly knows that she doesn't deserve it. All those mistakes she committed earned a good punishment. And she had received it all. But still, that man's sad eyes makes her feels distressed. 'Shen Yun Tian, this time I will love you. I promise' ...

  • Rebirth as the General's Wife
    5.5M 218K 44

    [Chen Ju Fen] The chrysanthemum fragrant blooms at dawn. At the age of 22, she died by the hands of her so-called husband and at the feet of her 'sworn' sister. Dying regretfully for wasting her life on a man who had thrown her away so easily like an used tissue, she opens her eyes to the familiar sight of her bedroo...

    Completed   Mature