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  • Devastation (#Wattys2017) [On Hold]
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    When The Good Days Fade Away. When The World Is Left To Rot. When The World Ends. When Your Left In Devastation. The world as we knew it has fallen nobody to care for each other everyone one for themselves. Nobody is safe when the world is left with no laws. But Lola Hopkins won't let the world crumble Until the dead...

  • Belonging To Darkness
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    Do not lie to me and certainly do not play games with me." "Me, playing games with you? I have been playing your game since the day i woke up here!" _______________________________________ Maybe it is a curse or a blessing but she was his light in darkness and he was her protector when in danger.

  • The Gifted Awards [OPEN]
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    Are you an undiscovered writer looking to be discovered? Looking for fateful readers? Join the Gifted Awards, we are OPEN FOR ALL ENTRIES!