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  • Free! x Reader
    1.2M 34.2K 34

    Free! Iwatobi Swim Club x Reader-chan One-shots! Put yourself into the anime! Fall in love with the characters all over again.

  • Citrus-Scented Hetalia (Reader insert)
    82.5K 1K 4

    Smut for the anime Hetalia, extending into the recent episodes. Feel free to request! [SLOW UPDATES]

  • ||уσυ'яє мιиє||~Anime x reader oneshots (Requests are closed!)
    436K 8.5K 31

    Anime boys x reader oneshots. There's a lemon. I hope you enjoy reading! (f/n)- your first name (l/n)- your last name "Roses are red, violets are blue. If you don't read my oneshot, I'll cut you" o (◡‿◡✿) LOL jk, I love you all~ლ(|||⌒εー|||)ლ

  • ❤ ♥Anime X Reader/ One-Shots- Loving You ♥❤
    246K 5.6K 22

    I will remember the kisses, Loving words whispered into my ear, And how you gave me everything you had And how I offered you what was left of me. ♥Experience love like nothing else with your favourite Anime boys from Free!, Noragami, Uta Pri, Tokyo Ghoul, Psycho Pass to Attack on Titan to Kuroko no Basuke~♥ I wonder...

  • Anime Characters x Reader
    159K 2.1K 30

    Contains - Lemons, Smut, Fluff, Angst, One Shots, OC and Baby Daddys. Requests - If you request and I know the Anime I will most definitely do it, it may take a while because I do requests in order and right now there are a lot of requests I have to do. Updates - I will try my best to update every other week!

    1.9M 30.4K 49

    one-shots of random anime guys being a yandere IN OTHER WORDS THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH YOU HOPE YOU ENJOY :) -The photos that I post on this book are not mine-

  • dmmd characters x reader (one-shots)
    59.3K 1.1K 11

    This used to be Noiz x reader ♡bunny love♡but I decided to do all of the dmmd characters x reader one-shots, I'm working really hard on them so I hope you like them

  • DMMD One-Shots [Dramatical Murder]
    42.1K 1.1K 6

    Welcome to the Old Residential District. Six guys. Many one-shots. Aoba, Koujaku, Clear, Mink, Noiz, and Mizuki. Choose your route and enjoy the trip.

  • dramatical murder x reader
    3.3K 100 2

    goes through cute little fluffy chracterxreader storys

  • Dramatical Murder x Reader
    35.5K 434 3

    Dramatical murder characters x reader, female and male.

  • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club One Shots
    192K 4.3K 17

    Here are one shots for swimming anime i hope you enjoy c:

  • Avengers Preferences & Imagines
    432K 8.5K 47

    This book will contain different preferences/imagines including Steve, Tony, Thor, Bruce, Clint, Loki, Bucky, Pietro and Peter. Feel free to request, thanks for reading & enjoy!

  • marvel • seven minutes in heaven
    350K 7.6K 12

    all marvel- avengers, revengers, x-men, you name it. both female and male characters. [highest rank: number #1 in seven minutes in heaven. #8 in the avengers]

  • The Game Of Love (Kyoya x reader)
    455K 11.5K 24

    (This is a Kyoya x reader story. It will have tons of lemon with it because bloody hell who doesn't love Kyoya lemon. But it is going to be an actual story.) You are a class 2-A student who happens to be the second top student in your class. Who's the first? Well none other then Kyoya, your arch enemy. If you had to...

  • Anime x Reader
    74.8K 1K 19

    A series of one-shots (or two-shots depending on me) of anime x readers. Please request! Thank you for reading, voting, and watching! -YJ_Babe_All_The_Way

  • (Loki x reader) The Evil One
    175K 6.6K 37

    Loki..well, he's back at the compound and he's kinda falling for Y/N, who's bouncing between fangirl and absolute Loki-hater. We could say he's helping with that, but we won't. (Language and dirty humor)

  • Avengers x Reader One-shots (completed for now)
    1.1M 23.4K 114

    Just some cool Avengers one shots. This book of one shots will include: Steve Rogers Tony Stark Bruce Banner Clint Barton Natasha Romanoff Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff Loki Thor Wanda Maximoff And more!

  • Avengers 7 Minutes in Heaven!
    1.4M 38.9K 10

    Tony decides it'll be fun to play '7 Minutes in Heaven'! So, here it is! This includes the Avengers, as well as Loki and Bucky, too! Read the prologue first, then choose your person! I do not own any of these characters so I do not claim them to be my own, they belong to the wonderful Marvel! If you enjoy this, feel f...

  • avengers → one shots
    4.3M 127K 98

    includes: → tony stark → steve rogers → clint barton → bucky barnes → bruce banner → pietro maximoff → sam wilson → loki → thor → vision

  • A Whole Bunch of Loki's
    375K 12.7K 202

    Here we have just a bunch of Loki's. Werewolf Loki's, Teen Loki's, Lokitty-Loki's and eventually even FrankenLoki's. Told in a variety of POV's, we have a collection of Loki stories, some oneshots and some with multiple chapters. (Also accepting requests.)

  • The Great Pretender ↠ Loki X Reader
    111K 4K 20

    On what seemed like any other day, the most important relic throughout the entire Nine Realms gets trapped inside you and it's up to the God of Mischief to help remove it. Will you two make it in time? Warning: Sexual Content

    Completed   Mature
  • Loki Imagines ((Discontinued))
    231K 4K 32

    Just a bunch of Loki imagines because I am obsessed :)) ((Discontinued))

  • Avengers Preferences
    513K 10K 29

    This book will be a book of preferences for the avengers!:) I will do Steve Tony Bruce Thor Natasha Clint Loki Bucky Pietro And Wanda I will update every weekend, or when available. Enjoy, and I take requests, and personal imagines, just message me.

  • Yandere One-Shots
    12.2K 192 5

    Yandere one-shots by JapaneseOtaku on wattpad! Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Anime! (Black Butler, Soul Eater, Fairy Tale, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Death Note, and more!) Send some request!

  • *REQUESTS CLOSED* A Love That Binds Us All~ VARIOUS x Reader!
    954K 18.2K 83

    ||Requests|Closed|| Do you have feels needing to be felt? Are you recently obsessing over an anime that one shots will help ease the pain of having to wait at least a week or so for a new episode? Or maybe you've recently finished an anime and movies and OVAs aren't enough? You've come to the right place! Here you'll...

  • Avengers Preferences
    932K 18.8K 110

    Preferences for your favourite Avenger characters Requests are taken still even though the status says it's completed!

  • Imagines (Tom Hiddleston/Loki)
    124K 2K 11

    Just like the title says! Just some random shorts about these two beautiful people! Message me for your own imagine. Always Taking requests! May include sad/happy/mad feels. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT update regularly, usually whenever I'm inspired. you have been warned.. -kake

  • LokixReader // Avengers fanfiction
    955K 32.6K 25

    COMPLETE: Loki was taken back to Asgard and as his punishment, he now has to work for the Avengers and clean up his mess. He is under Thor's watchful eye while he is staying in the Stark Tower with everyone else. No one trusts him. No one even likes him. But what about you?

  • Free! One shots
    58K 845 8

    Some Free! Iwatobi swim club one shots. Contains some lemon. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.