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  • Trouble Maker
    173K 5.4K 20

    Taehyung suffers a terrible injury to his head and comes back different. How will the members deal with the new Taehyung. (Little Space) Started:2/2/18 Ended:

  • ANTI ☹ TAEGI [PT.2]
    120K 2.8K 46

    antimygg yes we are made from two universes but i want to make an entire galaxy just with you may the stars be our memories of me and you [taegi] {PSA: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF THE FIRST ANTI. DONT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST ONE, or go for it idk it's your life}

    Completed   Mature
  • taehyung oneshots
    553K 12.3K 78

    basically ships for taehyung. bottom taehyung only! requests are open ^^ • lowercase intended #85 in oneshots : 24 / 7 / 2018 #81 in oneshots : 25 / 7 / 2018 #15 in ships : 9 / 8 / 2018

  • Innocent
    743K 35.2K 21

    "Yah! He's too innocent to learn that!" -Jin Jungkook wants to teach innocent Taehyung about 'life'...if you know what he means. Top Kookie || Bottom Tae

    Completed   Mature
    3.2M 161K 36

    [ completed ] -- TRANSLATION REQUESTS NOT ALLOWED. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING Where Jungkook tries to hide his relationship with Taehyung from the public. What if he's ready to let everyone know, but he's already too late?

  • We are sorry TaeTae...
    452K 13.4K 55

    Bts was fabulous..Everything from their dance to their singing!They were very happy together but except taehyung. He is a cheerful kid but they always take him for granted.... What will happen afterwards is a mystery!!!

  • Prediction ★JJK/ KTH ☆
    161K 5.8K 46

    TaeHyung a special child who could predict future. He can see people's future in their eyes. Jeon Jung Kook. A child who have everything: popular in school, money, everything he have that some people don't have. But there is one thing that he don't have which is love. "Jungkook! Careful!" -▶TaeHyung◀ "What?" ▶JungKook...

    Completed   Mature
  • The vampire council
    305K 12.1K 25

    Kim Taehyung the first omega after the werewolf wars was being forced to marry his pack alpha who wasn't his mate. while praying to the moon goddess one last time for salvation, the omega finally meets his mates. The most powerful and dangerous group of vampires know as the council.

    Completed   Mature
  • Should I?
    141K 6.1K 23

    Tae decided to reveal the secret to his second family which only his family knows. But it turned out that the people who promised him to be with in every situation was not keen in keeping promise this time ......... WARNING: slow updates..

  • It Hurts 2
    356K 17.6K 24

    Jungkook and the others are now in a university. They all haven't seen Hoseok and Taehyung for 2 years. But what if they all met up again in the same university? Jungkook is back to his plans on taking Taehyung back once they had met again. But will Taehyung go back with him? Top Kookie || Bottom TaeTae ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hybrids and Humans: V+KOOK ~ On Hold
    314K 11.5K 41

    (werewolves) Taehyung the last surviving male Omega is forced to hide as a normal human at Moorim School. Being a wolf hybrid Taehyung is constantly on alert for any alphas around. However he had no idea many of his friends were hybrids as well. Good thing they had no clue of what he was. Light romance Highest Ran...

  • It Hurts
    415K 23.1K 17

    Jungkook has a crush on Jimin. Taehyung, Jimin's best friend, goes and help Jungkook get Jimin to like him back. "It hurts seeing you having eyes on someone instead of me" - Tae Top Kookie || Bottom Tae

    Completed   Mature