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  • My Once Upon a Time • Ben x Reader - Descendants [3]
    32.4K 627 4

    (Y/N) of the Isle is now in line to be Queen of Auradon. Life is perfect. But when the jealously raged daughter of Aurora, Audrey, takes a turn for the dark side - what will come of Auradon? cover - me :3

  • You & Me • Ben x Reader - Descendants [2]
    263K 4K 31

    When the pressure to become Auradon's royally perfect Lady of the Court becomes too much for (Y/n), she books it back to Isle only to be reunited with some familiar faces and more danger than she can fathom. Disclaimer: I do not own Descendants 2, or any of the characters mentioned in this book. /highest rank #758 in...

  • My Prince • Ben x Reader - Descendants
    355K 5.2K 18

    The Isle wasn't a place where one experienced love. And being the daughter of the most vicious villain of all time, (Y/N) didn't want to feel love. Until she and her friends were invited to Auradon Prep as a part of the Upcoming King's new proclamation. Disclaimer: I do NOT own Descendants or the characters. The origi...