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  • Raabta #TGA
    24.6K 1.5K 55

    This is story of two strangers yet known to each other. To know how keep reading. Cover credit : @GS_stella

  • A Love-Hate Story
    292 18 2

    Swara made mistake, she fallen for the man she distrusted, in denial and wanted to use to ruin her father family. Swara Malik fallen hard for Sanskar Maheshwari. It is biggest mistake in her best laid plan. She hated this love. But Fate have other plan when Sanskar Maheshwari is hell bent on chasing her in his hate!

  • Lust to love
    1.1K 35 2

    Sanskar met Swara Gadodia when he was nineteen and she was seventeen. When he was in weird relationship with Kavita Gadodia who gave him second chance from the cold blood soldier life. The Gadodia family who are agents welcome Sanskar in thier family. It was Lust. When Swara declared wanting to marry someone else. ...

  • AUR PYAAR HO GAYA [#watty2017] [Completed]
    131K 7.1K 86

    💓💓 Won First Prize at New Author Awards in Romance 💓💓 Highest Ranked as #34 in Romance As On 11 March 2017 Hola Frnds !! A Fiction on Swara n Sanskaar Where he is ruler of millions of hearts cz he is a hot n handsome Rockstar ! And Swara a simple collage gal who is in final year of B.Com ! They meet vi...

    8.3K 473 35

    The journey of two soul who cross the all hurdles in the way of love ♥️ How they become soulmate?? To know this start a Beautiful journey with this story 🤗

  • Your Touch changed me
    3.2K 197 11

    A journey of a love story where the love birds accidentally fall in love with each other by a touch,,, A touch connects their hearts though they were belonging with different personalities... Their hearts connected and the two souls fall in love♥️

  • Love ❤️Blossoms Again 💕 (#Swasan FF)
    2.9K 146 9

    Love is not a thing,, it's a feeling and it's flawless..💕

    1.6K 95 5

    A girl who never wanted to fall in love and a boy who is in search of true love meets in the city of romance. Though they had a nok jok wala relation at the beginning they eventually fall in love without realising it. But when they were realised they were about to get married according to their parents . So what th...

  • Love do anything
    13.9K 596 7

    story about swara and sanskar when laksh missing swara choose Ragini over sanskar.

  • Because of you
    7.3K 515 19

    it's about teenage love of swara and sanskar.. what happens when they both fell in love at teenage.. will their dreams come in their path of love? or will they be together forver??

  • Flashes Of Your Love
    4.4K 338 10

    #2- Sanskaar 28/7/18 What goes through the mind of a woman who is on the road of rediscovery? Swara has lost her memory, forgotten most painful part of her life alongside her time full of love. This story features her thoughts in the form of diary entry addressed to Sanskaar. She doesn't remember him but it is always...

  • When The World Is Against You
    4.5K 269 6

    Family means nothing to them... He is surrounded by wolves in sheep's skin... And she is the only ally in the hoard of enemies...

  • I Will Wait
    3.9K 297 9

    #688-Sanskaar 15/10/18 What goes through the mind of a man when his world is at most fragile state. Swara doesn't remember and he feels lost. But he determined to win her back with his subtle, gentle but true love. The story features his thoughts in a form of diary entry addressed to her, specifically after he reads h...

  • A Disaster Love Story 😜😜 by Swasan Writer
    824 69 2

    A new story from me😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  • New swasan ff season 3
    13.3K 781 12

    SwaSan story

  • New SwaSan ff season 2
    12.8K 791 15

    Hey guys SammieR here I am here with a new story of swasan Scene 1 A girl is sleeping peacefully with her children... Suddenly she got a nightmare and woke up she look at the time and caressed her children hair and went to freshen up Scene 2 Same girl is waiting for her chance (she has came for interview) Her turn cam...

  • Swara : My life
    17.6K 1K 11

    A track from where Jhanki fell from the stairs with off course a twist

  • SWASAN journey of love (On Hold)
    2.4K 133 11

    Story about two people who keep on meeting due to their destiny , eventually falls in love and face lot of hurdles in their this journey of love. A simple story of two souls. Story of swara and sanskar, story of their journey of love

    32.4K 1.2K 30

    Sanskar Maheshwari- India's top businessman Swara Sanskar Maheshwari- (mysterious character) wife of Sanskar and heart of his life After the arrival of the swara the life of Sanskar got changed. So peep into the story and find out how Swara changed Sanskar life and why she is mysterious....

  • SwaSan - Darmiyaa
    179K 7.4K 41

    It Starts from were Laksh Ragini ND Swara to get married to Sharmishta ND Shekhar against all Society ND Laksh started to fall for Swara but going engaged to Ragini

  • Swasan : The Untold Story (Discontinued)
    86.8K 2.9K 32

    It's a story after 6 months leap... here sanskar asks divorce from swara for leaving him alone six months ago.... She agree for divorce and left mm and gf and went away.... Here come the twist, there is something about swara which mm and gf dont know except one person.... but it's not him.....

  • Maligned
    1.2K 74 9

    Story of 4 lives (sanskar, Eva ,swara, Neil ) entangled with relationship still unknown to their existence. A man who is a famous rockstar has left out his life drowning himself in Unwanted addictions. Name, fame, all riches are under his feet still he is deprived of everything. He is surviving for a promise to safeg...

  • Once Upon a Heart
    13.4K 1.7K 22

    Stories straight from the heart. Traces of thoughts left on paper, of rainbows after rainfall, smiles after heartbreaks - happy endings and ever afters!

  • Intertwined by a Promise
    3.6K 260 11

    Did you ever wonder what could happen if you fell in love...? How it would feel to be in love yet to be so far away. ...? What if your only goal was to fulfil a promise but a truth of your past made you walk away...? Come fall in love with Swara and Sanskaar all over again.....As they teach us that love can overcome a...

    770 99 1

    Swara a fairyland princess descends to Earth because of her small mistake and she is intrigued by the way human behave on Earth! Here she meets a young and dashing professor who is single for a reason! Swara know he is her life partner on beforehand! How will a princess fall in love with a human ? Will sanskar lov...

  • SwaSan ! I Love You !!
    1.1K 86 4

    "All of ME " "Loves" "All of YOU"

  • Swasan:Exhilarating Thriller
    5.1K 379 14

    Swasan Exhilarating Thriller is a Mystery/Thriller story. ________________ "" Move, move. Plzz move aside. We are police. Come-on plzz move from here"said the police officer. Clearing the front area of the hotel room. He went towards a lady of mid 50's. "Ma'am did you call us" Lady: Yes sir. Officer:...

  • Swasan:- The Mischievous Diva
    1.9K 137 4

    An swasan SS. This story is all about a fashion designer, owner of fashion industry Swara Gadodia/ Aisha Raichand. She will do all kinds of mischief to break her marriage with the business tycoon, Sanskar Maheswari. Now the question is:-- How will they get married? Whether there will be love or not?? How swara's truth...

  • Together for Forever
    4.4K 512 7

    *discontinued* Set in mid 90's ,This story would focus on SwaSan's arranged marriage. Cover credit: mahi016 Its a collab work by @VanishaaR and @soumyavk. Hope you would like it...

  • Scars of Betrayal (On Hold)
    3.9K 449 4

    A mistaken identity. An act of mismatched revenge. Four life's entangled in a web of lies and deception. Hearts bled, tears flowed. Love changed its course and hatred ruled, but will the tide turn around? Because some wounds run very deep, some scars never heal when they are...Scars of Betrayal.