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  • Not Just An Experiment
    216K 6.8K 94

    It is a new age where human experimentation has started running rampant. The government blatantly turns away as kids and adults alike are taken from their homes and put through horrific tests, all for the sake of science. But Kaira never thought she would be one of them. She never thought that she would lose everythin...

  • Infected
    17.8K 1.1K 20

    It wasn't bad enough that Ben was homeless. Having a dead family nearly killed him before. Until he learned to live alone on the docks and streets, scavenging for food and supplies just to stay alive. He was actually doing well. Then, he saw the bodies washed up on the beach. All were dead except for one: a young boy...

  • A Pirate in Time (Completed)
    3M 155K 50

    After finally graduating high school, eighteen year old Elizabeth Proctor is pressured into a party at sea. When things go wrong, she finds herself thrown into an entirely different world. Waking up on a pirate ship that sailed hundreds of years before her time, Elizabeth must figure out how to adjust to her new life...

  • The Hacker
    7.6K 375 1

    A short romance with twists and turns. I absolutely refuse to apologize for the pun that found its way into the story. It made me laugh, so it stays. Romance for mature readers. Complete Novelette - 17,000 words Warning: This story contains mature content

  • Level One
    163 26 8

    Is it possible to steal valuable classified data from the most highly guarded research facility in the country? One person manages to do it, but then finds herself on the run from deadly international killers.

  • Cold Spot
    253 36 8

    Sequel to "Top Secret". A secret futuristic deadly weapon kept under lock and key for 40 years is now in the hands of a group of dangerous men. A man and a woman are tasked with the job to track down and destroy the weapon before it is used to cause death and destruction.

  • Time Shift
    266 38 4

    An explosion in a laboratory kills several scientists and sends a man back two months in time where he tries desperately to prevent the disaster from happening. No one believes him except his beautiful new girlfriend. Now it's a race against time for the two of them to change the events leading up to the moment of the...

  • Movement
    204 13 8

    After several sightings on a barren plain on the moon, the staff of a nearby research base become increasingly worried. Could there be something alive out there watching them? But how could anything live on the lunar surface without air? Was it dangerous and what did it want? Two people venture out into the trackless...

  • Death Watch - A Horror Short Story
    276 14 1

    Verne's Momma had one rule which could never be broken. He could not reveal to any outsider what went on within their house. Verne knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that to violate that rule was to bring unholy tortures down onto his head. And so not a word passed his lips. Not during the twenty-five years he lived i...

  • Chakras In Yoga Meditation and Stress Relief
    16.9K 309 7

    Chakras. The name conjures up an image of a human body with seven swirling energy points along the spine, each one of the colors of the rainbow. But what are chakras all about? What do they represent? How does one work with them? This book starts from the beginning and goes step by step, chakra by chakra, through the...

  • Baby Race
    11 4 1

    In a desperately overpopulated future, having a child is a privilege, not a right. 2255 words

  • The North (#wattys2016)
    184K 7.9K 35

    Breakout. Escape The City. Stay Alive. Sixteen-year-old David Simmons is on a mission to save his eight-year-old sister. In a smoldering world infested with walking cadavers, the survivors of Simmons infantry reserve unit are going hatches down in a pair of armored personnel carriers and everyone knows that it's only...

  • Do you practice Positive Thinking?
    54 2 1

    Do you know how to control your own mind? Do you allow social media to influence your moods and emotions? Would you like to learn more about mindfulness?

  • Birth
    21.4K 204 8

    Humans have no known predators, this is thanks to their evolved minds that can adapt to anything leading to the success of humanity. Human intelligence was the reason for success, but also their eventual downfall. A meteor falls from the heavens, containing what seems like the remains of an embryo of an unknown spec...

  • After Earth's Fall | ✔ UNDERGOING CONSTRUCTION
    123K 7.5K 65

    "Humanity's pride and greed will be the death of us" In 2025 B.E.F that saying couldn't have been more than true. After a devastating nuclear explosion had scorched one side of the world, people were forced to leave their home planet to Mars. A few millenniums after the global crisis, an ambitious girl, Nila, aspires...

  • Slit
    12.6K 613 1

    "It's like Bloody Mary...only her name is Clara." New school, new friends...and a new game not very many are willing to play. Alex's first week at Ashworth, a boarding school in upstate New York, was something he was slowly getting used to. A school filled with history that still haunted the place...along with the...

  • Expiration Date | ✓
    3.6K 215 13

    ★On the 4/5/18 Mae is supposed to die.★ It's written in black ink on her arm. The day of her death passes and she faces the impossible, she's still alive; she's expired. The government has made a system where dates are shuffled randomly and given to a newborn child. These dates are when the child is destined to die...

  • The Expired Mother
    268 20 1

    The fighting was over. Erik had moved on from Iris, while Jonas was finally able to date and marry her While she experiences pregnancy issues with her first daughter, she feels complete and meets her spiritual parents and friends. Her second child, a son, helps her realize that a broken family divided by beliefs of th...

  • Wishtester
    37.1K 3K 12

    Wishtesters are the lowest of the low, the most pitiful beggars and crooks living on the fringes of society. And Faruq is itching to become one. Asking a wish of the Djinn, powerful beings who can grant almost anything the heart desires, is a privilege normally reserved for the exceedingly wealthy. But wishtesters may...

  • The Tattoo
    4.1K 154 16

    In the mysterious town of Glassgate, everyone is born with a tattoo of what their soul mate will first say to them. This is Crystal's story of how she met her soul mate. What she didn't expect is everything that happened after she met him. - - - - - - - - - - [READ AT YOUR OWN RISK]

  • Single-Use Mermaid
    67 18 1

    This was my entry for the #PlanetOrPlastic competition 2018. We abuse single-use plastic every day. Many of us do not see the effects firsthand. Instead we live in a blissful ignorance. But, our planet is not a single-use object to be abused. Planet or Plastic? You decide.

  • Behind The Bars [Short Story] ✅
    23.9K 1.4K 6

    A young wizard has been sentenced to prison for a crime he has somewhat, yet unintentionally, commited. He thinks he deserves it.

  • Laser Light
    541 107 9

    Is it possible to travel faster than light? A scientist prepares to test a device which will send a laser beam into space faster than light, unaware of the deadly consequences if he is successful.

  • Basement B3
    518 58 7

    In a secret basement laboratory two scientists examine a mysterious artifact from the moon. But they die in a car accident and their lab is sealed. Now 16 years later something strange is going on in the deserted and closed off basement level B3. Could something be alive and dangerous down there after all these years?

  • The Dragonwalk Highway: The Fellowship of Thirteen
    365 71 31

    In this comedic fantasy epic, a young princess, Zelda Dragonwalk, teams up with a not-so-lovable rogue, his goat sidekick, and ten other expendable companions to traverse the treacherous Dragonwalk Highway in hopes of finding a cure for her dying father. Their journey is complicated by angry wood elves, snooty bird pe...

  • Snake Oil Lullabies and other ways to faint the belle: A Short Story Collection
    1.2K 181 10

    Step right up and see the miraculous cure for what haunts you! The short story collection featuring a mysterious carnival ride, romantic cannibalism, a ghostly hitman, a vengeful voodoo priestess, and a new twist on a Mexican urban legend. Includes contest winners and previous anthology exclusives such as: The Marbury...

  • The Cloud Reader
    889 137 15

    Two families, battling two different life changing dilemmas, come together through the introduction of a mysterious stranger not everyone can see.

  • Room with a View
    4K 629 27

    When Miller Hunt lands at his all expense paid, dream vacation resort it quickly turns to a chaotic nightmare of confusion and misadventure involving swindlers, cheaters, killers and a frustrating romance. An adventure/mystery/comedy

  • The Customs Agent
    1.3K 231 19

    #6 in gunfighters January 8, 2022. An undercover customs agent gets involved with the human trafficking rings in San Francisco after the gold rush of 1849

  • Stockholm Syndrome
    458K 11.2K 75

    I didn't want to. I wouldn't. I won't. But suddenly I was doing it. I didn't even register my feet hitting the fourteen steps it took to get up the stairs. My brain ignored the ninth step and how creaky and loud it was. And then I was there. Finding a towel and a change of clothes. All because he had told me to.