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  • Viking Tribute
    7M 273K 56

    At sixteen, Sunngifu is more of a spoiled child than a dignified thane's daughter. She is destined to a life of wealth and power. Until her father fails to pay the Viking's tribute...

  • The King
    455K 13.7K 50

    Yin and Yang, Black and white, and Love and hate. Polar opposites. Both sides with different values and strengths. Bluebell is as white and they get. A healer with a big sympathetic heart that abhors violence. What happens when she attracts the attention of a King that is as black as the darkest pit? Violent and as vi...

  • Babette's Story (Lawless Fanfic)
    170K 4.2K 38

    Babette Darmody a 19 year old girl from New York City moves to Franklin County, Virginia with her father and two older brothers. After suffering a tragic loss the family move to Virginia for a new start and what they think would be a quiet country life... That is until Babette finds herself in the presence of the Bond...

  • The Lighthouse | ARTHUR CURRY: I
    200K 6.6K 30

    BOOK ONE. #WATTYS2019 She only just began to come to terms with someone permanently leaving her life; she wasn't expecting someone to walk in and steal her heart. Her grocery store, mom and dog are the only things she cares about. Her days are long and set in stone: help mom with medication, walk the dog, go to work...

    Completed   Mature