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  • Various females x male reader (a lot of animes, videogames, movies etc)
    1.1M 5.9K 100

    This is my own book of one-shots/stories and its rare i take reguests

  • RWBY x Male!Reader
    55.7K 451 8

    Beacon Academy. A facility for training teams of fighters, both males and females to become Hunters/Huntress to slay the various monsters that plague Remnant. One particular male got accepted to Beacon and is now prepared for an adventure of action and some romance~. And that male, is you... ((Welcome Reader to your o...

  • Infinite Fallout
    411 12 1

    A crossover between Infinite Stratos and Fallout.... If that wasn't obvious... :D

  • Life with yandere sisters
    9.2K 68 5

    This is my first story and will be a reader insert (Y/N) is a 16 year old who is popular in school for his looks. Ever since (Y/N)'s parents passed away him and his three sisters grew closer and eventually becom yandere's WARNING MAY BE LEMONS

  • Danganronpa x male reader (ON HOLD)
    71.5K 743 9

    Sixteen student are trapped within the confines of the world's most prestigious schools and are forced to live inside together for the remainder of their days. There is a way out though, kill someone and get away with it, then you'll be able to leave. Will they live with hope and survive or give into despair and kill...

  • Akame Ga Kill X Male Reader
    1.9K 47 1

    (Name) is a newly freed slave, who accompanies Tatsumi on his journey into the Capitol. Eventually they are recruited into Night Raid, an organization meant to bring down the Capitol's corrupt power. Over time, the people around (Name) may realize he is much more skilled at killing than a slave should be.

  • The Dark Swordsman (Sword Art Online x Reader) (ON HIATUS)
    18K 220 7

    (Y/n) gets trapped in a MMORPG, and if you die, you die in real life. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online is owned by: Reki Kawahara, Aniplex USA, and A-1 Pictures.

  • Attack on Titan X Male Reader
    250K 4.2K 16

    You were abandoned, alone. Everyone you knew was dead, slain by yourself. The only creature more terrifying in this world than Titans, is you. The perfect predator. Will you be mankinds savior? Or will you crush them for their horrible evil? The future is still unclear. The military you joined has no idea who or what...

  • The Elemental Dragonslayer (Fairy Tail M!ReaderxRWBY)
    28K 341 8

    This is my first story so please leave feedback. You are an Elemental Dragonslayer, the most powerful dragonslayer ever. You entered through a mysterious portal while wandering through a forest near magnolia and ended up in the emerald forest on the world of remnant. Also you are 16 years old. In this story you will b...

  • Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2
    3.3M 16.3K 200

    the first book ran out of space so I had to make a second one. XD

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragon ball Abridged x Male Rayquaza Reader [Male Reader insert]
    463K 6.4K 119

    you were a man with a special ability to turn into the legendary Pokémon, Rayquaza. but when the world is in danger of destruction from threats like the saiyans, frieza, cella, Majin buu and other troubles to come. it's up to you and the z warriors to defend it.

  • monster monsume x male reader
    564K 6.1K 66

    you are a normal boy who lives in a house with monster girls what will turn out the adventure

    Completed   Mature
  • Overwatch / The Champion of hell (new version changed into male reader)
    54.5K 608 11

    The world always needs more hero's (Y/n) always dreamed of becoming one but sadly he lives in reality but everything changes when he is kidnapped to fight for a crazy lunatic that enjoys the bloodbad but after a deal with a dark god he finds himself in a other world the world of overwatch.

  • Male Reader x Harem (COMPLETED)
    323K 3.5K 14

    (Y/n) gets transferred to a new school with his best friend, who is secretly in love with him. He quickly makes a lot of friends, and seems to have a harem. DISCLAIMER: THERE IS SOME LANGUAGE NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN! IF YOU AREN'T OLD ENOUGH FOR THAT SORT OF LANGUAGE, PLEASE DON'T READ!

    Completed   Mature
  • The True Ruler
    114K 1.8K 27

    I don't own Highschool Dxd

  • Doom slayer!Mreader x RWBY
    3.2K 31 2

    Iv'e been neglecting to make this anyway you have all the guns and the suit of course.

  • Red eyes
    36.6K 775 10

    When a certain male is saved by a woman with the most amazing eyes that he had ever seen, he finds himself being drawn towards her in an elaborate twist of fate.

  • The New Blood
    34.7K 523 17

    (Bloodborne reader x RWBY crossover) Your hole life you spent in Yharnam hunting beasts and slaying them easily. But a new challange is awaited for you as you slay the nightmare it is time for you to leave the hunters dream but instead you are transported to a new strange world called Remnant and the beasts here.... n...

  • The Secret She Kept (Raven Branwen x Male Reader) *Being Rewritten*
    184K 2.1K 26

    Raven Branwen and (Y/n) Rose have been together since their time at Beacon Academy. They even got married and had a child together, Yang. They lived a comfortable life together. Until when Yang turned sixteen years old. Raven left without a word. No one heard anything about her since her disappearance. Raven has a sec...

  • An affliction of the heart
    2.2K 46 2

    This a RWBY fanfic told second person and is Cinder x Male Reader fair warning the story is set in the real world. You are Y/N you were literally no one in the world and you were recently adopted by a woman named Salem who has a daughter who is quiet fond of you named...Cinder.

  • Crimson Steel
    23K 395 27

    my grammar is shit so if you find a mistake please leave a comment and this is my first story

  • Knight Male Reader X For Honor
    95.2K 1K 17

    (Name) Jonathan was born in a large kingdom life was peaceful until a legion in black attack it destroying everything and everyone he love. Now he shall search for the person who rain terror on his kingdom.

  • RWBY: Creation and Destruction
    2.1K 67 3

    It's finally your time to shine! You're going to show everyone that you're fit to graduate from Signal Academy! But... maybe not in the way you intended to. (Ambiguous Reader)

  • Fires Spectrum (RWBY m!reader insert)
    118K 1.4K 24

    this is my first story I hope you enjoy I'll try to keep it insteresing inspired by vantals tale of the hellrider (I don't own you or RWBY)

  • Yang Xiao Long & Ruby Rose X Male Reader [On Hold]
    238K 1.5K 16

    You, the reader got adopted into a lovely family when you were still a small kid. This family had 2 daughters... Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose. And these sisters took you as their real brother and they always took good care of you... Especially Yang, because she's the oldest Now that you just turned 16, these sisters...

  • Vamp RWBY X Mreader
    5.2K 122 3

    This was an old story I tried in the past so I thought I would try rewriting it. I dont know how often this will be updated as my main focus is my FemCP x Mreader story but like my other rwby story I wanted to get this out there and see what sort of reponse I get. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Medieval Harem x Male Reader
    128K 1K 9

    A bunch of girls from medieval times fall in love with you