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  • The Chances of Mary Jane Chaucer
    1M 61.7K 20

    Mary Jane Chaucer hasn't forgotten Seth. Even when the world already has. It's been two years since he left without a trace-turned into no more than a ghost-and Mary Jane knows nothing beyond his first name, the fact that he likes scrambled eggs, and that his heart is kind and Mary Jane owes him. A lot. What are the c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Musical Trials | BanG Dream! x Reader
    22.2K 672 34

    Cover by: @_Yumarine- (I was inspired by many others works to do this.) Y/N L/N, was a person just wanting a part time job like the friends that they had. However, they didn't expect to recieve a job that was up to this calibur. The job opportunity opens when CiRCLE's Marina Tsukishima needs help finding girl bands fo...