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  • Primal.
    500K 15.7K 164

    It's 1989, you are in a highly successful all girl, hard rocking metal band. You're touring the world with a number of bands who don't take you seriously. One of them being Motley Crüe. While most of the bands view you as groupies turned femrockers, Nikki Sixx has decided to take a shine to you. A Nikki Sixx x Reader...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tommy Lee imagines
    4.6K 22 8

    Basically just a bunch of random imagines of my fave rockstar. No smut atm because I don't feel like it but there'll most likely be some innuendos and such.

  • My big brother's a rockstar (Motley Crue)
    52K 1.1K 13

    (a Tommy lee x reader story) your big brother is a rockstar thats so cool right? not if he's nikki sixx. hes so protective, a bit too protective, its annoying. why does he get all the fun? i dont own motley crue bla bla loosley based off the dirt WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE DRUGS ABUSE SUICIDE ALCOHOL YOU'VE BEEN WARNED (...

  • Claimed ↠ Daryl Dixon X Reader
    95.8K 2.5K 16

    Top ranks: #1 in darylxreader #1 in daryldixon #94 in twd WARNING: this story is about to go into MAJOR renovation, which may create some plot holes at first, but it will all be dandy soon enough. "The rules of surviving are 1. Don't fall off of a cliff 2. Don't fall in any holes. 3. Don't Fall into a swarm of walkers...

  • I Do Not Cuddle (Daryl Dixon x Reader)
    136K 3K 6

    This is just another spur-of-the-moment mini fic idea I had so I thought that I may as well write it down! I've got a feeling that maybe sometime in the future I may add to this or build around it in some way, so keep a look out! Hope you enjoy the fic :3

  • Sadness Loves Company (Daryl Dixon X Reader)
    12.1K 390 11

    "I have nothing, they all left this world but that doesn't mean they left my head. I hear the screams, the pleas, I hear my bullet going through their heads. And I'm now forever haunted by the faces of the people I once called family, the family that I had to kill in order to stay alive."

  • TWD: Just Another Reason to Hold On (Daryl x Reader)
    184K 7.5K 65

    "No feelings," you say. "You mustn't have feelings" His ice cold blue eyes, his signature crossbow and his bike. You fear the living and the dead. Especially after you've been captured by dirty, dirty people. Daryl's saved your ass twice already. You need him. One. More. Time. ((Completed and is soon to be edited))

  • Surviving With You (Daryl Dixon x Reader)
    10.9K 363 7

    You find yourself in the middle of the apocalypse and will do whatever to survive, you and your younger brother Sean flee from your home after seeing your parents brutally murdered by the living dead, You and your brother survived in the woods for 3-4 months until you got split up by a group of the dead, you decided t...

  • The Hunter and the Angel (Daryl x reader)
    22.1K 623 10

    "Your properties now belongs to Negan" , After all the crap that happened to Daryl and you, you are caught in the middle of the fight again. What will happens to you now? Are you even going to survive? ( I do not own the walking dead characters) ( the fanfic starts at the end of season 6 episode 8)

  • Maybe This Is The End (Sterek)
    32.9K 1.1K 12

    A twelve-part fan-fiction inspired by The Fault In Our Stars that begins when a suicidal Stiles Stilinski's life is saved by a gorgeous stranger named Derek Hale. Thrust into their own twisted rom-com, they struggle to maintain their once-in-a-lifetime love through many hurdles and a life-threatening diagnosis.