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  • King of The Grimm: Reader x RWBY
    332K 3.9K 28

    Y/N hated the huntsmen and huntresses of Beacon Academy for his whole life. Then one day he discovers something... he has a secret semblance that has been never used. Now he must decide if he is human or is he Grimm? Cover credits to @panlixlovesick go follow them they pretty lit af

  • RWBY x Neglected and Abused male reader
    203K 1.4K 14

    I have read acouple of some neglected male reader inserts and I decided to do one of my own, except in this the Xiao Long/Branwen/Rose family are not the neglectors and abusers. I decided to do a random family to be the neglectors and abusers. So, this is the first time I believe that that family won't be abusing the...

  • Lone Wolf Gamer
    136K 1.9K 7

    Y/N is a guy who preferred to be alone. Because of this, he had few friends. But his mother decided to send him to Koah academy to change that. On the way their he gets a power that changes his life.

  • The First Human Fallen (Male Reader X Destiny Females)
    138K 1.3K 13

    The enemies of the Traveler are seen only as monsters, creatures incapable of kindness. Eliksni fall under this category of 'monsters', but in reality, they are far from what they are seen as.

  • Crimson Pearl - Second Son of Gold D Roger X Female One Piece Ladies
    451K 9.5K 73

    You are the second son of the mighty gold d roger and like him you wanted treasure and sure enough you got it and a huge ship to go with it called the Crimson Pearl. After your father died you took his place of being the pirate king and in time you got yourself a crew of pirates and they were all ladies that you got f...

  • Burning Hatred (Abused and Neglected Male Reader X RWBY)
    443K 3.2K 21

    Pain. Hatred. Insults. This is normal in the life of (Y/N) in the hellhole called 'home' with his 'family'. But what happens when he leaves?

    Completed   Mature
  • Fallout: Born Unto Trouble
    13.6K 472 39

    And with death, new heroines will be reborn; A story about the Lone Wanderer and the Courier

  • Fallout X Reader Imagines
    12K 131 9

    This book is a collection of x readers about characters from fallout 4 and fallout new Vegas! I do take requests, and I'll try my best to get to everyones!

  • Clones of Remnant (RWBY x Star Wars)
    6.2K 70 4

    Like always the title says it all. A clone after a emergency jump to escape capture by separatist scum, lands on a unknown planet

  • The ODST Of Vale. (RWBY X Male ODST Reader) DISCONTINUED
    15.4K 119 11

    During a slipspace malfunction, three Orbital Drop Pods were dropped...the slipsace malfunction tore them from the clasps and into it...and the UNSC Cruiser was pulled in but was torn in half. One half in space the other half ramming into a unknown planet.

  • Male reader x harem (Currently being rebooted)
    267K 3K 87

    After dying, you are offered a contract in which you must killed another and in exchange, you get one wish. Of course you wish for a harem and end up in a world in which you must battle the man you must kill and seduce as many women as you can. Have fun. There will be no more updates. Story is being rebooted

  • Rwby x Big Daddy male reader
    69.7K 704 10

    Torn away from rapture (Y/N) wondered around with his little sister protecting her from any danger until he was taken in by Ruby's mother who wanted someone to protect her daughter from any danger, (Y/N) treats her and Yang like little sisters he protects them, follows them around, and does almost anything they asks h...

  • RWBY x Reader - well done a harem!
    309K 2.7K 18

    You are a young boy entering beacon due to something unexpected happening. (You're the same age as ruby.) And you make loads of new friends. maybe more than friends. find out here. *Caution* Possible lemon!!! Viewer discretion advised.

  • A Clone of Remnant
    13.4K 150 7

    Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars, A Clone Apart, or RWBY.

  • Jaune Arc, aka The New SharkFace
    19.7K 171 6

    Disclaimer: I don't own RvB or RWBY. What if Jaune's father was Sharkface, and he received the same armor as his father's.

  • Male!Reader X Tohru (Dragon Maid)
    76.9K 766 12

    Yup.. I got into another Anime, anyway this is an Idea I came up with after finishing the series... It takes place 150 years later after the original story, after Miss Kobayashi had passed away, the earth hasn't changed that much except medical advances, like theres Broken Leg serum. The story starts with the reader...

  • Male Reader x Harem (COMPLETED)
    323K 3.5K 14

    (Y/n) gets transferred to a new school with his best friend, who is secretly in love with him. He quickly makes a lot of friends, and seems to have a harem. DISCLAIMER: THERE IS SOME LANGUAGE NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN! IF YOU AREN'T OLD ENOUGH FOR THAT SORT OF LANGUAGE, PLEASE DON'T READ!

    Completed   Mature
  • I will Love you, Forever
    106K 1.2K 17

    "I love you, Please be mine" "I don't want to lose you, please don't leave me" "You're in my heart, hopefully I am in yours as well" A 300 followers special... WARNING: There will be incest here Disclaimer: I do not own any media contents, You belong to yourself

  • Female Jurassic World Dinos x Male Human! Reader (+18) [Discontinued]
    256K 1.9K 8

    During the events of what happening in Jurassic World, a group of female like dinosaurs (who now roam freely) start to have strong feelings for you directly. You try to avoid each of them, but they'll always know where to find you...cause they have your scent. (May have lemons)

    Completed   Mature
  • -RWBY Codename: Remnant 47 ( RWBY X Male Hitman Readers)-
    66.8K 542 64

    HitmanRWBYProduction presents: RWBY Codename: Remnant 47 A RWBY X Hitman Male Readers Novel (An Alternate RWBY Universe) Featuring: Quark Quartz as Agent R47 Ruby Rose Weiss Schnee Blake Belladonna Jaune Arc Pyrrha Nikos Nora Valkyrie Lie Ren And many others Dedicated to all RWBY fans, Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum Enjo...

  • RWBY Harem x Male Reader
    166K 1K 23

    this is kind of ripping off someone from Quotev, so i give them full credit for the idea,and that person is the writer of the GF scenarios or RWBY, by the way, I'm taking requests for where you would like the story to go, and/or any characters you want me to put in. By the way, I am planning on making this a straight...

  • Other Worldly Harem X Sensitive Male Fox Reader
    101K 1.1K 12

    A boy who was abandoned by his parents and everyone he knew because he was the only survivor to an airplane incident on his flight home, earning him the Nickname"Death". Death and his only friend are transported to another world where Death's friend dies and he is surrounded by girls as he hides his depression.

  • Mario girls x shy guy reader
    105K 1K 7

    Who says girls don't like "Shy" guys See what i did there?

  • Skullgirls harem x male reader
    206K 2.3K 29

    A guy named (Y/N) finds himself in a strange new world littered with women. What could possibly go wrong?

  • War of life (PanzerMadels)
    1.5K 12 4

    So I heard about a game called PanzerMadels dating simulator game. And thought I could start a book about the girls and my OC, I don't have a solid plan about how the book will go, but maybe it will have some adult content. All rights go to the respected owners, this includes pictures, the game and so on. Enjoy.

  • Armoured help (Girls und Panzers fanfic)
    6.2K 128 13

    This is a story about my version of Girls undo panzers, I don't own anything but the story, and this is set in An other world, in a war with north vs south, east and west, Leave any suggestions in the comments, and let's see how a boy helps the team when a war breaks out, WW2 style. the names have been changed but th...

  • Highschool dxd x male reader lemon
    148K 686 7

    When a young boy called (y/n) gets kidnapped by fallen angels they turn him to an ultimate weapon to kill demons and devils when he refuses read on to find out

  • Devil Slayer (Devil May Cry x High school dxd)
    727K 7.7K 41

    You are Dante's son and you both moved to Japan for better demon jobs. What adventures will (Y/N) seek. I don't own DMC or Highschool dxd