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  • Fire and Ice (Book 2)
    43.8K 1.5K 35

    Rose and Scorpius have been through it all. Breakups, a mass azkaban outbreak, torture, heart break, and loss. But through it all they've had each other. Now that they're living in the real world free of Hogwarts protective walls, what will happen? As Lucius continues to rise to power their love for each other is put...

  • Brave { Neville Longbottom}
    7.4M 502K 180

    Long before she was sorted into the Gryffindor house, Kefira Walsh was known as the "little lion" in her family. The youngest of the four Walsh girls, Kefira wasn't supposed to survive long after birth, but as she celebrates her eleventh birthday, the girl has already proven that she is a warrior. With her fearless...

  • Know Thy Enemy - Harry Potter, Next Generation
    2K 59 4

    The Potters, Malfoys, and Weasleys are all beginning their fourth, fifth, and sixth years. A cluster of Slytherins, Gryffindors, and Ravenclaws, they will get into all sorts of trouble this year. Little do they know, though, that Hogwarts is no longer safe—not with a new enemy attending the school and with Lily Luna P...

  • Inbetween (A Harry Potter Next Generation Fanfic)
    152K 4.1K 27

    My name is Perenelle Holland, but I'd prefer it if you'd call me Elle. Now this isn't a normal story about how two people meet at school and fall in love instantly because trust me, it didn't happen like that. This is my very own story about how I fought for what was right, even if it had consequences. This is my stor...

  • Harry Potter: 19 Years Later
    370K 13.7K 86

    Even though Harry Potter's journey alongside his friends at Hogwarts is over, his story continues with his children, as well as his friends' children, as they attend Hogwarts! It's the first year of Hogwarts for Albus Potter, Rose Weasley, Holly Longbottom, and even Scorpius Malfoy. Just like the well-known members of...

  • ruins ; harry potter [1]
    5.6M 209K 48

    ❝There's a darkness on the edge of town...❞ There was a darkness coming. A war to end all wars, an evil that was rising with nothing that could stop it. The Order of the Phoenix was reassembling, and this time, they have a weapon far greater than anything they could've produced; a weapon that would defeat Lord Voldemo...

  • Rose Weasley and the Time Turner
    22.4K 595 46

    Generations after the Dark Lord were meant to be peaceful...but as the Potter and the Weasley families meet yet again in Hogwarts ground...another dark and shocking adventure unfolds. Has the dark lord returned? Or has another evil been born? Who is going to be the hero this time...and whom the villain? Sacrifices...

  • That moment when...
    211K 20.5K 68

    That moment when you clicked "read"

  • Imperio ⇢ D.M
    4.7M 152K 84

    " do you have me under a curse, diggory? " " no, what makes you say that? " " i feel completely under your control, and i can't stop it. " ~ The younger sister of Cedric Diggory, Arden, is a Slytherin who doesn't fit in. Draco Malfoy, a wealthy Slytherin bully. The two come together, and Arden...

  • Leave Out All The Rest
    182K 6.2K 39

    Decades after the Golden Trio attended Hogwarts, their children are now on their way to make memories of their own. They will come to realize that Hogwarts is not just a place to learn how to use their magic, but where adventure, teenage hormones, and misfortune awaits. Next Generation Fanfic.

  • Can't It Be Everyone's Fault?
    167K 4.2K 15

    James Sirius Potter, the eldest son of Harry Potter and the grandson of James Potter. He's a descendent of a Marauder. He has trouble in his blood. So, what happens when James finds a time turner locked in his father's drawer? What destruction will follow if he accidentally sends him and his family to his parent's tim...

  • Travel Through Time
    284K 6.3K 24

    A classic plot line. You know the story: When James Potter steals a time turner from his dad, Harry Potter's office, and breaks it, he send himself, Lily, Albus, Victorie, Rose and Hugo back to 1995. With the next generation meeting their young parents and all the people who died, what will happen? Just how exactly do...

  • James Did It! (A HP Fanfic)
    258K 8.2K 30

    In the summer of 2019, James Sirius Potter knocks over a magical hourglass that sends himself, his cousins, and his siblings back in time to 1996, Harry Potter's sixth year. That was a pretty large mistake to go into his father's study, because Lord Voldemort takes full advantage and takes Lily Luna and Nymphadora Ton...

  • Through the Fabric of Time
    28.4K 765 7

    James Potter has broken Lily Evan's Time-turner. James Potter II has lived up to his namesake and broken his father's. The adults from the future have found a way to get back, but at what cost?

  • 100 Harry Potter Facts
    63.1K 2.3K 36

    I have created a book of lots of different Harry Potter facts that you may or may not have seen before. Most of the fact will be related to the films but some may be related to the book series. Hope you enjoy!!!

  • 500 Harry Potter Facts
    99.1K 3.9K 50

    Here are 500 facts about the amazing Harry Potter series for all you Potterheads out there! Test your knowledge and see how many facts you knew!

  • The Perks of Being A Potterhead
    38.8K 2.8K 5

    The Perks of Being a Potterhead - we can all relate somehow. If you can't, there's something siriusly ron with you. By the way, I tried to think of more Harry Potter puns, but there vernon.

  • Victoire Weasley
    12.9K 416 19

    When Voldemort died, people were convinced he would be gone forever. They were wrong, but only partially. This time, Voldemort isn't the one with the horocrux, but rather, his faithful follower Bellatrix Lestrange is. Nearly seventeen years after her death, she has finally managed to get a hold of a decent body tha...

  • #1 Realm of Magic
    888 121 120

    What will happen to the next generation of students at Hogwarts when Voldemort returns? Finn, Ezmerelda, and August have to save them! A surprising Harry Potter Fanfiction/Spinoff with friendship, loyalty, comedy, magic, and maybe even a little bit of love? i wrote this in 6th grade pls be gentle, my heart can't take...

  • Harry Potter Next Generation - Character Description
    14.4K 119 17

    I personally find it a bit annoying when people write fanfics and they don't know the ages or details about the characters so I've just put this guide together about the characters interests, looks, house and age (if more stuff gets confirmed by JK or by any official sites (pottermore ect..) Feel free to comment and I...

  • Lily Potter and Foundation's Fall
    12.6K 805 14

    Finally, Lily Luna Potter's third Hogwarts letter has arrived in the post along with a ticket to the Hogwarts Express for August 1st, and though suspicious, she is whisked away to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardy a month earlier than most of her peers. Upon arrival, she discovers that she has been selected t...

  • Lily Potter and the Shadows' Misfortune
    77.5K 4.5K 47

    Finally, summer has met its end, and Lily Luna Potter is whisked away for their second year of magical schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, true to her surname, she's stumbled upon trouble as the mysterious Sanger twins take up a residency in her room, sacred magical objects are being stol...

  • Lily Potter and Neoma's Trance
    153K 6.7K 45

    Finally age eleven, Lily Luna Potter has received a coveted letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy and is whisked away for her first year of magical schooling. However, true to her surname, she's stumbled upon trouble as older students begin disappearing and whispers of a revolution float through the ha...

  • Those 19 years: A Harry Potter fanfiction
    2.3M 47.4K 104

    *Warning* It starts out kinda cheesy. I'm sorry about that but when I started I wasn't the best writer. But the story gets much, much better once you push through those bad, awkward chapters. This takes place right after the defeat of Voldemort, Harry and Ginny are together, so are Ron and Hermione. I noticed that a...

  • Last First Kiss {HP Next Generation}
    1.7M 148K 91

    *Warning: If you haven't read the books of the Tightly Knit series, do not read this! Read those first!* Behind every kiss lies a story. In the case of Hope Weasley and Henry Black, the two shared their first kiss with each other when they were five years old when Hope was set out to prove that girls didn't have cooti...

  • Harry Potter Next Generation Time Travel: Book 2
    81.5K 1.9K 17

    "This siriusly can't be happening again!" says a now 12 year old Lily Luna Potter who is annoyed on how stupid this situation can be. The next generation of the Potter-Weasley clan travels back in time AGAIN to a different era, to be more specific the MARAUDERS era. Which leads to more confusion MORE explaining and m...

  • Harry Potter Next-Generation: Time Travel
    267K 6.1K 18

    "JAMES POTTER WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" screams Lily. The next generation of Harry Potter travels back in time to harry's 5th year where they meet the younger versions of their parents and others to which they have not met. Will they find a way back? or stay in the past forever. Please note this was my first book and was w...

  • Journey to the past (Harry Potter Next Generation Fanfiction)
    116K 2.4K 21

    What happens when Harry receives a birthday present that never gets to him, but his children and niece and nephew? When him, Ginny, Hermione and Ron run into a room after hearing a commotion from inside, to find a large sand cloud covering their children, before they disappeared? You'll have to find out.

  • Other Side | editing
    66.4K 1.9K 26

    "My normal, awake self would say to just ignore it, but my tired, three am self says you need to shag him." -famous words from dear Albus Potter *I don't own anything from the Harry Potter universe--all credit goes to JK Rowling. **Completed. ***This book is a mess tbh. IMPORTANT NOTE: This story is under maj...