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  • On The Side Of The Devil's (Moriarty's Daughter)
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    Everyone wishes their lives were more exciting, more dangerous, more unpredictable. Well let me tell you, it is not as fun as it sounds. Unless your down for almost dying at least 73 times before you turn 15. Because if you are then you would have a hell of a time in my life.

  • Glass - A Sherlock Fan Fiction
    250K 10.1K 51

    [COMPLETE] Due to recently having my work stolen by another user, I now unfortunately have to include this disclaimer: These works are marked 'all rights reserved'. I do not give anyone permission to repost or redistribute these works on their own platform or anywhere else. If you wish to translate these works then pl...

  • Heart Echo
    587 48 12

    A story about a typical for the first sight case, which is investigated by Sherlock Holmes and his... really good friend John Watson. Each of them faces the danger, but they're not afraid of dying for each other. Characters: • Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes • Martin Freeman as John Watson • Andrew Scott as Ja...

  • Sherlock
    9.1K 183 23

    Short one shots about Johnlock, Mystrade, Sheriaty and Sherlolly

    1K 106 26

    This is something, I did not find. So I did the next best thing. I wrote a fic on it. Imma genius(Joking) So umm... This is a description so a description is what you will get. "The game's on,John." "To aid or not to aid in this madness That is the question." "I have come to bargain." Strange decides to take a break...

  • things only sherlock fans understand
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    everything is in the title

  • Parallel Hearts-the adventures of Jenny Thompson [HIATUS]
    441 57 8

    Jenny was just a girl with a nice family, nice home who loved books. Books, libraries, oh so appealing!! But what happens when Jenny just opens something she shouldn't have? Read more to see what happens to the now not so simple girl, who goes by the name of Jenny Thompson. This storyline is owned by me, so do NOT s...

  • The Case Of The Twin Hoopers
    1.6K 126 11

    Gabriel Hooper, that was her name, Gabe for short. People called her "Londons badass". She was a woman of many secrets. When they talked about her they'd say that she could make spirits salute, Angels bow and Devils kneel, for Gabriel Hooper is a dangerous woman. When the unexpected happens leading her to rent her m...

  • Sherlock Imagines
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    Imagines of the reader and characters from BBCs Sherlock. I don't own Sherlock characters. BBC does.

  • Sherlock One-Shots
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    I have spent so much time on social media where people give their small theories and small scenes and they inspire me to write. So I'm going to write about the all those theories and scenes that inspire me in this book of Sherlock one-shots. (REQUESTS OPEN) disclaimer: the original post of the ideas are not mine unles...

  • Love and Murder (Sherlolly Fan Fiction)
    12.7K 371 9

    Post-Richenbach. When Sherlock hears news of his brother's death, he returns to London to find the killer. Unable to go to John in his time of need, Sherlock goes to the most important person in his life he can think of. Molly Hooper.

  • Sherlock Holmes imagines
    133K 2.2K 25

    English imagines about BBC Sherlock Holmes (mostly Sherlock). Open for requests, don't be scared to ask me to write something! Enjoy xx Highest rank: #24 in fanfiction

  • Lust
    224 21 4

    Rosie should be careful not to reveal secrets She will remember it next time, but what happens when she tells John and Sherlock's secret...with both of them present? (note: The events of TLD and TFP did not happen. Mary gave birth to Rosie 9 months after HLV an then died on TST. Rosie was 1 year old then. In this...

  • The Death of Sherlock Holmes
    328 33 11

    If you are a fan of the TV series Sherlock then you may like this, or want to kill me for putting you through uneccessary trauma. I don't know if anybody will like how this is written but the point of veiw will change multiple times in this story and I'm not going off of the show for this one because I have found that...

  • Revenge //DISCONTINUED//
    2.8K 158 7

    Jim Moriarty has been killed under mysterious circumstances. Sebastian Moran blames Sherlock Holmes. And for Sherlock Holmes, this means trouble.

  • Johnlock One-Shots
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    Can you read the title?😂 Btw I don't own any of the characters they belong to Sir. Arthur Conan Dolye And BBC Sherlock

  • Sherlock Imagines and Preferences
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    Hi, reader! In this book, you will find lots of imagines with the various characters from BBC Sherlock. Most imagines are Sherlock x Reader, but you will also find plenty other imagines with different characters from the show. There are also a few chapters in this book without the Reader character in it, but most will...

  • Crazy or Love? Based on BBC1's Sherlock's Moriarty. Moriartyxreader
    25.7K 1K 26

    The Black Queen. The greatest hacker the world has ever seen, but the world's worst adopted daughter. Your adopted father sent a hit man after you, after you rejected the suitor he chose. But as Moriarty goes to torture you, an American girl about his age, you aren't afraid. You make small talk, and you even sing to p...

  • Sherlock Imagines
    50.6K 1.4K 7

    I'm only writing this because John stole my blasted gun and won't give it back. "You were shooting the wall, Lucinda!" "THE WALL HAD IT COMING JOHN!" "Sherlock I blame your influence." "I don't care." This is my vengeance. Writing fluffy scenarios with Sherlock for you, reader. Thank the wall.

  • High Functioning Hopeless Romantic
    55.2K 2.3K 20

    Sherlock and Abigail, unlikely pair, deadly duo. "Thunder and lightning complete each other, like you complete me." Sherlock/OC

  • Reunited
    166 18 5

    Sherlock Holmes has kept parts of his past hidden from everyone he knows, even his closest friend. He'd come to the conclusion that if he pretended it never happened, none of it would matter. But when a figure from that past shows up needing help, he's forced to face it head on.

  • It's always Been True.
    18.2K 514 35

    After he asked her to say those words she knew that everything would become that much harder to deal with. All those times he would put her down and not realize it , she hoped that behind those insults was compassion . She hoped that he would realize how he treated her and that he would admit how he felt, but she knew...