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  • Witch's wolves
    1.3K 158 42

    Book 1 in the ancient series Being heavily edited so it will change. An age-old battle with a wolf almost as old as time itself brings a bigger card to the table that threatens Humans and magical creatures alike. It makes protecting everyone for the Alpha King and his red guard impossible. A break in what really is h...

    Completed   Mature
    103 11 11

    Since I decided to live I will do my best , In my own way and the rest should come after . Is life truly defined by choices or is fate unchangable ? Maybe I can find the anwser someday .

  • Wolven
    173K 3.6K 13

    Jade Wise has always loved being a care-free teenager. Sure, with no plans for the future and no motivation to find one, she's nothing like her perfect sister, but she's happy and to her that's what matters. But when she ends up in bed with a totally new face, her whole life turns around- especially when she finds out...

  • Who I Am
    1.5K 38 10

    (Original story) Logan Mackavoy is the son of an Alpha and one of the most powerful Werewolves and he lives in a community where being different could get you killed. Logan's been hiding his secret for a long time, but a lot changes when he's asked to stay with the German pack and meets the man of his soul. A coming...

  • Between Mountains
    77.2K 1.5K 7

    WEREWOLF NOVEL °°°°° The Crescent Eclipse Pack lived between the mountains. They're an isolated pack. Strong, independent, mysterious, and primitive. Living by their old traditional ways. A strong bloodline pack. When an intruder is found on their land, they had no idea what to do with the appearance of the unknown s...

    109K 3.5K 37

    "We might be mates but this thing we have cannot even be described as a relationship. I am tired of you yelling at me, I am tired of you act like I don't exist. I was willing to wait until you were comfortable with me but I simply had enough. I am your mate, you might have had one but I didn't and to be honest I want...

    Completed   Mature
  • Resurgence
    8.8K 604 18

    ~Highest Ranking #574 in Werewolf~ ~Third Place Genre Winner in Galaxy Book Contest!~ ~54 in Development~ Maya Ivory has been sick for as long as she can remember. In the 19 years of her life, it's only been getting worse. Doctors have been left baffled, unable to figure out the cause for her weak body riddled with...

  • The Luna & The Loser
    58.4K 1K 9

    Zander James is a human. Cara Blane is a werewolf. When Cara is handed the role of the Luna of her pack, she realizes that she has to find her mate sooner or later. The sooner the better. Turns out, she finds him a lot sooner than expected. And he's not like anything she imagined. He's human. ----- This...

  • We, As Monsters
    58 8 4

    In the beginning, it was all harmless fun: Chase was a rambunctious runt of a girl who ran with the boys and dreamt of growing into a noble Akecheta warrior. Then that summer came; the summer when the coming storm stripped away the surface of her carefully-threaded world and bared her secret to all, morphing her into...

  • Dream-Mate
    3 0 1

    She is Bubbly, cheery, happy, Brave and loving. She loves everyone especially animals held a special place in her heart. But wolves are her favorite. She is a normal human but is much different from others. She wants an adventurous life where all the mythological characters she have heard of are real. Every night she...

  • Golden (Book 1 of the Golden Series)
    1.3M 68.4K 82

    "The Japanese have this saying; Koi No Yokan," he mumbles, his thumb gently touching my bottom lip, "It is a phrase which describes the sudden knowledge upon meeting someone that the two of you are destined to fall in love." For Annabelle Williams her perfection is survival. With a spotless image and a doting boyfrie...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ripped Jeans and Werewolf Kisses
    114K 5.4K 47

    "I am visiting under unusual circumstances. I won't bore you with the details but I have lost something of mine and I was hoping you could help me find it." " I'm sure I can help you find whatever you need." He was slightly confused. "But what exactly have you lost?" "My mate." Silence. "Does she know you are lookin...

  • The Shadow Alpha [SAMPLE ONLY]
    519K 13K 62

    NOW AVAILABLE ON GoodNovel BOOK 2 The Moon Goddess' Mate available on GoodNovel Highest Ranking #5 in love of 1.97 million stories on 13/11/2019 #36 in Werewolf of 25.7 thousand stories on 30/11/2018 #38 in Romance of 1.53 million stories on 19/12/2019 "Welcome to the Blue Moon Pack." He grasped my hand and shock...

    Completed   Mature
  • Moonlight Swindler
    546 37 28

    Isabella Farawn was your everyday female wolf, neither fated for glory nor shame. She didn't have much expectation for the annual mating ceremony, where males would choose their partners. However, a certain incident gained her the attention of Arishte Shepherd, the newly-elected Alpha of the weakest pack in the contin...

  • When Worlds Collide ~ Alpha Olive
    1.5K 158 22

    * WARNING MATURE CONTENT * • 🐺 BOOK ONE 🐺 • Then she looked straight at me. Our eyes locked and everything else around me faded away. The look of shock on her face, mirroring my own expression. At that moment I knew what she was to me and she knew it too. She was my mate... about to be mated to another. • 🦊 • Ki...

  • Rejected and Loved
    5.9K 156 17

    Syera was the one thing she hated the most: a werewolf. And also was her mate. ----- "Syera Anghel, I reject you as my mate." I stared at him with nothing but relieve in my eyes. Adrian didn't know he was, in fact, helping me. "I accept your rejection." Syera Anghel was a witch that lived in the woods. She was an orph...

  • They Wait in the Woods
    517 42 15

    The woods are lovely, dark and deep. Four university buddies go out to the Lewis family cabin near Tahoe for a few days of outdoor sports and hard partying. The stay has a horrible end, however, when three of the young men are found brutally murdered while the last one of the party has gone missing, presumed to be res...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yellow
    134 13 2

    "Don't ever let them see the colour of your eyes..." In the world of werewolves, your eye colour determines your talent. Your talent determines your place. Your place defines you. After refusing to reveal her wolf form to the pack on the day of her first shift, ten-year-old Iandara is forced out of her pack and reloca...

  • The MOON Prince
    16.8K 704 25

    (Girl x Girl Story) Logan - Stunning in a masculine way; the heir to the Northern Kingdom. Rejected and broken, she turns her attention to human. Marissa - Piercing blue eyes beauty of a foreign princess who came and gotten enraptured at the gorgeous stranger. Can fate bring them together? Or is fate the one responsib...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lone Wolf
    6.6K 349 19

    Amelia was merely expecting to enjoy her date night when she went to one of Utah's great desert parks after closing, not thinking of what lurks behind the shadows when no human is supposed to be out and about. To her surprise, Amelia's date night ended with her date being mauled to death and her almost following him t...

  • Midnight Light
    25.6K 732 36

    His face drew near as the beat of my heart pounded against my chest. Hot breath fanning my lips as they slowly crept closer to mine. At the moment my eyes fluttered close a howl struck our ears. Adelaide Wayder lived a simple life. School, work, friends. That was her schedule when a light blue-eyed beauty interrupted...

  • Terra (The Vulgari Hybrids, #1) ✔
    645K 40.4K 50

    COMPLETED ღ (MATURE) Highest Rank: #3 in Werewolf, #25 in Fantasy ❧ What if you were someone who's not supposed to exist? What if everything you love had been taken away from you? You'd lived your whole life with only one goal, revenge. But then you see him... And everything falls apart. He's a full-blooded wolf. She...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eres Mia [Terminada]
    414K 27.6K 51

    Cuando era pequeña, Camila, conoció a un chico. Él siempre estaba ahí para ella, asegurándose que sonriera y que nadie la molestara. Estaban tan aferrados el uno al otro que cuando se fue, Camila quedó a la deriva. Años después el regresó, pero al igual que cuando se fue, el misterio sigue a su alrededor. Fueron...

  • The enthroner
    5K 308 20

    "Mine!" He says with those luscious lips as he makes his way across the room not once breaking eye contact. "Mate!!" the word falls out of my mouth before I can register the situation. I look into his blue eyes getting lost into their depths. That's the last thing I remember before I black out. ...

  • Promise
    888K 25.6K 25

    In a freezing cold winter day, Promise never thought that she would end up having her car tire pop right outside her old pack's border line. She would never imagined that she would once again see the people who have caused so much pain and sadness in her. She would never imagined that her parents and siblings would fa...

  • Werewolf in Japan
    32.8K 3.2K 26

    Francesca, she prefers Frankie, is a lycan and is being sent to Japan to visit a cousin pack and spend time there. She is a tomboy and being dropped in the deep end of Japanese culture and is trying to fit it for the time she's there. Her father told her she was going to be there for the next school year. Follow th...

  • The Guardian
    22.9K 1.6K 23

    A murder. A conspiracy. A scandal. And the man holding the key long dead. *** Alpha Xanor's rule is calm, peaceful, and prosperous. The realm is happy, the people content. Never has the werewolf kingdom experienced such harmony. Perhaps it is time for the wolv...

  • Love Bites (Crescent City Werewolves: The Short Stories)
    41.2K 2K 14

    A collection of stories all connected by one thing: Crescent City, the domain of werewolves. Slip through the streets of this city of magic and luxury, and you'll see alpha-kings with scars beneath their suits and blood staining the diamonds worn by their queens. Humans may be found there, too, scraping out a life in...

  • Wolf's Bane (Monstrous Hearts #2)
    405K 21.3K 24

    In the months since escaping an abusive relationship, Alice has sought peace living in the wilderness with Colton, her mysterious lover who shifts from man to wolf at will. There in the shadows of the woods, she hopes to lick her wounds and rebuild her life. But ghosts have a way of stirring from their graves, and Ali...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wolf's Wife (Monstrous Hearts #1)
    505K 19.4K 10

    Alice is twenty-four, far old enough to know that a change of scenery can't repair the cracks in a relationship long strained. But when her lover insists on a trip to a remote cabin to get away and recharge, Alice agrees... and discovers that among the beasts of the forest, there is one that shouldn't exist and yet d...

    Completed   Mature