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  • It's a mad mad world
    105K 2.7K 26

    (Superhero AU) (Superhero AU) Superheroes, supervillians, mad scientists, crazy dragon and whatnot. Come and read about the everyday life of villains as Hiccup and Astrid grow closer. :)

  • A Tale of Two Bars
    2.2K 99 1

    Modern AU/One Shot challenge with Vala 411 Summary: A green-eyed guy is very sad and drunk in Thorstonton Bar in Berk. An equally sad blonde is drunk in a bar in Miami. Coincidence or machination? Ruffnut smells a rat...but playing matchmaker halfway across the country isn't easy-especially with an idiot brother and a...

  • Hiccstrid Oneshots Book 2
    152K 1.9K 50

    Round two! Hope you all enjoy!

  • Last Birthday
    2K 118 1

    Hiccup's birthday isn't going to plan: the weather is lousy and everyone seems to be avoiding him. It's shaping up to be his worst birthday ever... Set between RTTE and HTTYD2 (where Hiccup is described as 'twenty and a Viking'): Hiccup's last birthday with his Dad. How to Train Your Dragon remains the property of Cr...

  • HHH: Prince of Thieves
    69.5K 2.2K 20

    While away fighting wars against the pirates, King Stoick's brother has stolen the throne and his son, Prince Hiccup, is a wanted outlaw with a high price on his head. Can Hiccup and his band of outlaws hide in Raven's Point Forest and protect the people? Can they restore the rightful King or will the evil Sheriff of...

  • Out With The Old-In With The New
    3.9K 123 1

    Modern AU. It's New Year's Eve and Hiccup, heartbroken from the break-up with his almost fiancee, is forced to attend the annual Berk New Year's Party. Can an equally desolate blonde give him hope of a happier New Year? One-shot. I don't own HTTYD. Rights remain with Cressida Cowell and Dreamworks.

  • Berk National High (Editing)
    154K 3.1K 32

    Hiccup and Astrid are living together, not as a couple but complete strangers. Hiccup has a past that prevents him from being in a relationship. Astrid has a past that prevents her from trusting guys. What would happen if the 2 of them fall-in-love? Will they forget the past and Enjoy what's to come? Or Will their...

  • Accidentally in love [{Hiccstrid}]
    69.2K 2.5K 24

    Can the Adam (Hiccup) to our Eve (Astrid) win against the Knight in Shining armor (unknown) that Eve has always dreamed about? "Babe, I will never ever hurt you intentionally. If you choose me, I will make sure to love and care for you like how a princess should be treated." Haiden looked at me with the most sincere...

  • A serpent's first week (HTTYD-oneshot)
    1.7K 89 1

    This story is due to a oneshot challenge with The Dragon1010. The rules are simple: A Teachers AU, MUST be comedy and a maximum of 5000 words.

  • Temporal Mystique (oneshot)
    1.1K 60 1

    A oneshot challenge between RedHawkdude, RedLegomaniac, Dragon1010, Thearizona and I Date: 16th July 2017 Prompt: You are housesitting for your boss who is on vacation. The daily duties are easy. Water the plants- check, successfully receive amazon deliveries- check. Find a semi-conscious woman in the basement? Nope...

  • The Devil's dating dilemma (HTTYD-oneshot)
    4.2K 134 1

    A oneshot challenge between RedHawkdude, RedLegomaniac, Dragon1010, Thearizona and I. Date: May 28 2017 Prompt: I sold my soul to the devil a year ago. He gave it back to me today asking for a favor. Rules: 6000 word limit, the devil needs dating advice Rated T for suggestive themes

  • The Pinata Party Prize (HTTYD-Oneshot)
    1.6K 93 1

    Hiccup thought everyone forgot his birthday. Just wait until he finds out what gift his friends have planned.

  • Don't mess with bunnies (httyd oneshot)
    1K 75 1

    A little oneshot for Easter. I hope you all enjoy XD

  • Memories, Mishaps and Slaps (httyd-oneshot)
    3.3K 115 1

    A oneshot challenge between RedHawkdude, Dragon1010, Thearizona and I Date: 7th May 2017 Prompt: Prom mishaps Rules:4000 word limit, Httyd characters (of course), One cameo, and a twin-prank. Hiccstrid

  • How to swat a Queen bee (httyd-oneshot)
    6.3K 178 1

    If you hit rock bottom, the only place you can go is up. (Modern AU)

  • The Gamble for Love (httyd Oneshot)
    4.6K 108 1

    Being scorned, ridiculed, or betrayed can make a person lose fate. Will they take a chance and gamble for love. (oneshot challenge with RedLegodude, Theme: Gambling)

  • Peering into shadows (Httyd)
    64.9K 1.6K 25

    This is the story of a girl whose life drastically changed, while she found love in the process. (will be updated daily)

  • Cooking with Astrid and Hiccup season 4
    2.8K 142 5

    The last season of Astrid and Hiccup's cooking show.

  • Cooking with Astrid and Hiccup season 3
    2.6K 133 5

    The 3rd season of cooking hilarity and awkward situations with our favorite chefs. (daily updates)

  • Cooking with Astrid and Hiccup Season 2
    3K 152 5

    Season 2 of Astrid and Hiccup having a cooking show. What could go wrong......or better yet what could not go wrong.

  • The ultimate Hiccstrid shipper (one-shot)
    1.2K 75 1

    What would happen when a Hiccstrid shipper get's their hands on Cupid's arrows.

  • A sticky situation (HTTYD oneshot)
    3.2K 147 1

    What happens when you combine a nerd, a cheerleader, and glue? Read and find out.

  • Cooking with Astrid and Hiccup
    6.2K 224 6

    Astrid and Hiccup have a cooking show. What could go wrong.

  • Work excuses (HTTYD oneshot)
    1K 88 1

    Just a little oneshot I came up with while planning another story. Enjoy XD

  • Let sleeping Hiccups lie (Httyd-oneshot)
    4.8K 237 2

    While this term usually applies to dragons, the teens soon find out it applies to Hiccups as well.

  • Into the closet we go (Httyd oneshot)
    1.2K 68 1

    A little inspiration given to me by RedHawkdude. What happens when the ladies decide to cook.

  • Behind the mask
    747K 23.3K 99

    High School student Hiccup is a bad boy, in with the wrong crowd and a pest to those around him. Astrid Hofferson is Class President, cheerleading Captain and most popular girl in school. But neither are what they seem: Astrid's popularity hides a determined but very insecure young woman battling against impossible ex...

  • How Not To Drive Home for Snoggletog
    47.8K 1.5K 11

    Modern AU. Hiccup Haddock left home six years ago immediately after High School...but this Snoggletog, he is finally returning. Unfortunately, fate seem to be conspiring to prevent him going home, starting with an encounter with a fiery blonde... Christmas-themed story. Hiccstrid. Disclaimer: I don't own How To Train...

  • Dragons: Celestine Academy(httyd/hiccstrid)
    180K 7.1K 55

    Astrid Hofferson a young orphan, living in the world of people whom she never understands. A world that she cannot even show who she really are and what she really are, a wold that she cannot find the answers to her questions. But what if she had been sent to a place, were everything was legendary and very magical. An...