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  • The A-Z of You and Me
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    Enoch O'Connor x Reader drabble series not chronological // may contain au completed ✨ -*-*-*-*- if you read (SAMPLE) in my Enoch O'Connor (Moments) book, this is the Acceptance short, which is part of a bigger scene which is whERE YOU ARE NOW HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE A-Z OF YOU AND ME

  • Out of all the Moments..
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    ..these are my favorites. SPONTANEOUS UPDATES *-*-*-* request some more in the comments (or DM them) with a prompt! (i can do fluff, angst, au, etc.!) This boy is like 117-118 and physically 12 I think if I did smut, he'd break a hip (pls no smut unless its au thank u)

  • sexual. || Enoch O'Connor (completed)
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    ( C O M P L E T E D ) sex·u·al ˈsekSH(o͞o)əl/ adjective relating to the instincts, physiological processes, and activities connected with physical attraction or intimate physical contact between individuals. -- M A T U R E "T H E M E S" W A R N I N G: strong language used throughout the story. possibly hurtful...

    Completed   Mature
  • SNOW WHITE, enoch o'connor (rewriting)
    258K 6.8K 24

    lips red as rose. hair black as ebony. skin white as snow, they call her snow white enoch o'connor x fem!oc miss. peregrines home for peculiar children ©janesives;2016

  • SPARK // Enoch O'Connor
    630K 19.6K 38

    COMPLETED 2016-2017 • • Book One in the SPARK duology • • "Hey wait there a second, invisible boy. I never said I had feelings for Enoch." "Oh please," he scoffed. "The romantic connection between the two of you is so excruciatingly considerable that it blinds me." • Adeira Langston has struggled with her past and p...

  • The Colour of Your Aura (Enoch O'Connor)
    164K 3.5K 17

    Victoria Burnett was never normal. Not in the way that she read strange books or styled her hair differently than what was declared the norm. No, she was different because she could see things that no one else could see. She could read Auras and this is her story in which her peculiarity whisks her off into a new worl...

  • Eyes ~ e. o'connor
    84.1K 2.3K 23

    "never make a promise you can't keep" Mae was no ordinary girl, she was peculiar. Often referred to as an open book; her eyes being a dead giveaway to show whatever she was feeling. Her deep dark personality had always gotten the better of her; that was until she came across a certain mysterious boy. - Stay Peculiar

  • Something Peculiar (Enoch O'Connor)
    142K 3.9K 20

    peculiar - (adj.) strange or odd; unusual "There are two things more Peculiar than anything I've ever seen. The first is time. It goes by so fast, we take it for granted, don't even think about it, really. But you, Antonia, you're the second one. You really are something Peculiar." Antonia Somnusson was, like her...

  • Strange Worlds [Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children] Enoch O'Connor
    378K 8.8K 42

    What if Jacob Portman was born a twin. A twin which was stronger than him in both peculiar and physical ways. Join Sophia Portman along with her twin Jacob through a story of unknown capabilities while they face new challenges that don't classify as 'normal'. * Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children *

  • Odd (an Enoch o'connor fanfiction)
    40.9K 1K 26

    Boring girl Boring life Never exciting At least it wasn't until Enoch o'connor came into it. He was odd, but incredibly intriguing, will he help her find herself or get her even more lost? Read to find out. It's the movie version so fin plays Enoch. A lot of the characters are original(: enjoy

  • King of Hearts (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children)
    82.9K 2.4K 30

    Mary Apiston is an adventurer. After leaving the Peregrine household and traveling safely in loops during her time period, she has decided to come back to reunite with her brother- Hugh. However, there have been some new additions to the home since she last lived there; including a ruggedly handsome Londoner who can...

  • You're Peculiar (Enoch O'connor X Reader)
    74.7K 1.3K 13

    From the whole existence of having no beliefs in her peculiarity... Based on Miss Peregrine Home For Peculiar Children film...