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  • The Forest Prince
    1.2K 123 25

    Updated (weekly? monthly? annually? Eventually.) following chapter 12. Imagine waking up one morning, and realizing you've been imbued with the powers of a god. Cool right? No. Not cool. Apparently being a weapon of war and an omen of imminent destruction isn't all that great. There's a ton of undeserved hate being...

  • Hacking the Sun [Old Version]
    29.3K 2K 51

    [Highest Ranking #49 in Science Fiction] Jessica Leibniz tried being a normal teenager, but unlike most teenagers, she can tell time without a clock. She still wears a watch, but it comes with incriminating A.I. software. It's part of her fashion sense-if you call a mix of 80's nostalgia, geekism, and jagged ha...

  • The Blind Date
    430 45 13

    You always hear of the popular guy falling for the outcast of the school in books and movies. How often is it though that you hear of the "it guy" being with the "it girl"? Erin Danes loves to party, shop, hang out with friends, and thrives in school. Not to mention, she rides her motorcycle everywhere she goes, beca...

  • Echoes Of Silence {EOS}✔ Completed
    11.7K 2.4K 27

    The story centers around a teen boy in a small town of Crow hills, who wakes up without remembering anything and was at the scene of the murders of two people. But When dead bodies starts pilling up with no tangible suspect, the police realized they may be dealing with a serial killer...... And Terrance James realized...

  • burn [unedited]
    1.7K 53 2

    Cora Danvers' perfect idea of senior year is interrupted by a series of murders, which had previously appeared in her dreams. Is she reaching a point of mental collapse, or is she not seeing the bigger picture? (cover by Averysummers)

  • MY BOSS [the Series]
    811K 20.3K 119

    #1 in The Boss series WARNING! This is not your typical boss-meets-P.A-and-falls-in-love- with-P.A story. .......................................................... Not all things in life come on a platter of gold, including love and the safety of your loved ones. My name is Florence Steel and you're about to underta...

  • The Killer Secret
    182 25 7

    Everyone has secrets, but it's rare for a lot of them to be deadly. Aria finds herself caught in a love triangle, after 2 years with mysterious bad boy Shawn and handsome golden boy Blake. Aria faces a series of deadly twists and turns causing her whole world to be flipped. We knew secrets can destroy people but no...

  • B.O.N.D.E.D.
    2.4K 330 16

    Highest rank: #47 in urban fantasy Have you ever wanted to change the world? If so, have you ever felt too powerless to do so? Trust Bonding was a newly discovered power that allowed mankind to gain absolute control over any solid objects, or even other humans. The owners of this power, appropriately named "Bonders,"...

  • Away
    161 29 7

    Sometimes surviving is only an option. When the leaders of The Resistance, triplets Grayson, Ryder and Rowan get kidnapped, they fear the worst. Until they escape, taking one of their captors with them. Now they race through time, hoping to get home before they get caught.

  • unknown ✅
    16.2K 3.4K 22

    An innocent seventeen year old gets a text from unknown but then she suddenly disappears afterwards; what happened? __________ Started: June 7, 2017 Completed: July 21, 2017 Revised: June 19, 2018 Cover by: @visenyatargaryen_12 ___________ Alejandro Silva FanFiction. Musically: alejandrosilvva __________ Highest Ran...

    316K 15.3K 64

    " I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe " In which a trickster and an enchantress try to find their place in the galaxy. marvel | loki book 1 of the harbinger Series pre-thor - pre-avengers

  • The Space Between
    277 52 5

    Amelia Green is your average suicidal teenager, except she has no memory of it. After waking up in a hospital with a five month gap in her memory, Amelia is left to pick up the pieces. This story handles many themes of mental health and disorder, so please be careful when reading.

  • Dream
    4.3K 911 22

    Can she stand up to her mother and everyone else, to find her happily ever after? A story of gaining courage and discovering the cruel truth that her mother hid her from.- combination of The Selection, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Snow White. Category: Fantasy, fan fiction, and romance. Highest ranking: #...

  • Three Years Later...
    534 136 6

    "Running from your problems is a race you'll never win." Emma Marrone spent three years running away from the horrors of her past. Immersing herself in new friends, books and high school, she thought she'd escaped her fears for good. So when one of her friends, Lynn, met a guy online, she thought nothing of it. Not ti...

  • Tattoo of Ysabel
    286 43 11

    "I can't promise much but I can promise your deaths won't be in vain" There used to be female fighters, that's until males saw them as useless in war. Only to be good for the things only females should do. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of children. Females having enough of being played as weak decide to band toget...

  • Kissing Strangers
    924 93 13

    "Falling in love with you was the last thing on my mind..." he found himself pouring out his heart to her. "So what? You just wanted to smash and run?" Kina asked, eyes brimming with warm tears. "Kina," Jeff's voice was low and serious, his eyes full of uncertain intensity. "I love you. I'm not letting you go." ...

  • Family Code
    83.9K 2.5K 12

    "Just remember, no matter were you go, no matter what you choose to do you are a Giovanni and a member of the Tosseti family. That is not something you can run from. Once a Tosseti always a Tosseti. Never forget that. Arianna Maroni. A renounced photographer, she has traveled the world, found love, but she has a secre...

  • we are wнo we are: тнe ғυcĸed υp ғaмιly ѕerιeѕ вooĸ 1
    27.1K 2.4K 34

    "I am the girl who lived in a house with an abusive fuck. The person who people never cared to listen too. The girl that guys never looked at, and girls laughed at. I've come a long way from struggle and hardship. I am who I am, because of the shit I've been through. We are who we are." All rights reserved. Published...

    Completed   Mature
  • Austen & Adventures
    3.1K 134 13

    Hopeless romantic and self-certified Jane Austen fanatic, Rosalie Knight is a bookworm not afraid to speak her mind. Waiting for her Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightley, or Captain Wentworth, she's stuck in a daydream with no way out for now. Covered in tattoos, Declan Steele definitely DID NOT pop out of an Austen novel and ha...

  • Afterlife
    1.6K 317 19

    Ana is your average almost 18-year-old. The only difference? She's dead. And now is spending her time in hell (or as they like to call it - the underworld). That doesn't stop her from going on a chase to catch her mystery murderer along with her new dead friend who might feel like more than just a friend. ------- Hig...

  • Things That Look Like Poems
    1.2K 764 9

    Highest Ranking #44 AHA2017. A lazy attempt at entering into the world of poetry. Poems on food, death and so much more.

  • Underneath
    1.2K 126 8

    Two misfits, Delilah and Hunter, find their way to each other and fall crazily in love. However, Delilah is a drug dealer and with the cops monitoring her every move and with the the odds against them, will her and Hunter find a way to make it work?

  • Papers for Roses
    2.2M 66.3K 49

    She craves for love while he only wants a deal, what happens when he serves her with Papers for Roses? • • • Megan Carmichael was living an independent life away from the chaos of her broken family. Kept as a secret growing up because of the danger of being a senator's daughter, she vowed to live her life to the fulle...

  • White Lies in Black Town
    1.1K 361 7

    HIGHEST RANK - #259 IN MYSTERY/THRILLER It is Black Town, a place where nothing spectacular ever happens. Until the disease. Life becomes harsh for the residents and even more cruel when they become trapped, with only a slight possibility of escape. But... There is a couple, willing to do anything to raise their fa...

  • Two Worlds
    644 138 9

    About a decade ago the world was together as one, as Terrania. Humans and mages-the ones who have the power to control elements, lived together in harmony. Then one day a war broke out, it was a long battle which finally came to an end. Sadly in the process, the two worlds were separated into two, Pinrith the land of...

  • Love Heptagon |BTS FF
    230 67 6

    Kim Eun Jung A simple girl. Not really that simple. She loves music, she loves playing otome games. A game that you had to choose a guy, a guy that'll date you. But in Eun Jung's case.. She have to choose between 6 Guys. FOR REAL. NOT JUST A GAME.But this time, she shouldn't be careless. We're talking about life...

  • Psychopath
    31.8K 946 28

    What would happen if you received an anonymous message or phone call, not knowing who sent? What would happen if they continuously text and call you, and it begins turning into a daily routine for the remainder of your life? Well that's what happens to Annie Smith, an ordinary 17 year old girl living with her aunt and...

  • Me and You {Finished}
    3.4K 115 29

    What happens when the love of your life becomes your worst nightmare? Emily and Jasper have been married for almost two years, but will it last? Or will they betray each other? ~~~ They have a son who is seven named Kaden, who they love dearly. Emily is still traumatized by that day; the day Mr. Harmon took her in, t...

  • The down-and-out
    1.1K 472 8

    #AAA2017 A good man who did all things wrong for good reasons. Edited by: @mishmerised