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    𝙩𝙝𝙚 100 𝙜𝙞𝙛 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙨. the ground that's the dream

  • Love Always Finds A Way / Clexa ( Editing)
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    Clarke Griffin is the new girl in town.She moved in with her friend Raven Reyes.They go out one night and Clarke's life changes. Lexa Woods is the big shot in town.She lives in a penthouse and works at polis capital.Her and her friends go out one night and it changed her life. What happens when the two girls meet an...

  • Without You // Clexa
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    Broken hearts and inner demons; not even all the pain and hearthache of the world can tear them apart.

  • Confused Lexa
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    bunch of iconic tweets from the @confusedlexa on twitter (sadly they won't be continuing the account)

  • Your Daughter Calls Me Daddy Too {Clexa AU}
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    A Fine Stud! Lexa Fanfiction. Girl x Girl. Clexa. Clarke x Lexa. Lexa is a rich business woman. She works hard at her job, which means overtime, sometimes night shift. She does her best to stay fit and healthy, and dresses in blazers and dress pants most of the time, with her high heels of course, but when she lounges...

  • Lost and Insecure
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    Modern-day Clexa au: Clarke Griffin has an almost perfect life. She gets good grades, has great friends, loves her job, and seems to be heading in the right direction. Except, something seems to be missing. She just isn't able to figure out what. Until one day she stumbles into a mysterious girl named Lexa, who unknow...

  • The Divide
    8.5K 371 7

    DISCLAIMER: This IS a Clexa fanfiction, even though it starts out as Bellarke. •••••••••••••••••••••••• "If you weren't in either clique, you were just a drifter lying in between the two massive conflicts. It made Clarke's head hurt, she didn't understand why they couldn't both just coexist. That was her wishful think...

  • A Commander and a Princess
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    What would have happened if Lexa had met Clarke before she sent her warriors to kill the 100? Highest rank: #40 in Fanfiction (5/24/16)

  • Coffee ☸ Clexa AU [DISCONTINUED]
    62.8K 1.7K 17

    lexa, a failing college student who gets drunk every night; clarke, the friendly barista with an engulfing secret; what a chance that they would meet?

  • The Roommate
    7.4K 215 4

    Clarke and lexa are roomates.

  • Clexa AU Broken
    58.7K 1.6K 27

    a modern day Clexa story Lexa returns to school after the death of her lover and best friend a year after the incident ,things have changed since she left ,now that she is back she cant seem to stay away from new comer Clarke,she helps Lexa heal her broken soul .

  • On Thin Ice
    7.9K 149 9

    Lexa is a kick-ass hockey player that moves into town and joins the Arkers, an elite hockey team. Clarke Griffin, Raven and Octavia just happen to be part of the team as well. What can I say? I love Clexa and I love hockey. (this is posted on AO3 as well)

  • Clexa- Rainy
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    Lexa is spotted by Clarke in a park on a cloudy day, Clarke builds up the character to speak to her and ask do paint her and her dog Bernie, it starts to rain and Lexa invited Clarke to spend the night. They start of as friends during the night and will it lead to more?

  • With You (Clexa High School AU)
    63K 2K 24

    Clarke, an aspiring art student, is tired of the mundane routine her life has become; high school an establishment she wants to desperately break out of. However, when Lexa, a mystery she's yet to solve, comes along everything she's ever envisioned for herself is drastically flipped upside down and it becomes a matter...

  • Make a bet on my tender heart
    7.6K 249 4

    On the first day of college Clarke immediately notice that it's somewhat different from her previous high school experience. Here, there's no jocks, no geeks and no one seems more important than the other, even though it's different there's one thing that she's more interested about and more curious about, and that's...

  • Story of Dreams // Clexa fanfic
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    ''On the night of your 17th birthday, you dream the most special dream ever. You dream the Dream. The Dream shows you a little bit of your future. It can be of something that will happen very soon, or something that will happen in a couple of years,'' the father tells his young daughter. The daughter whose biggest dre...

  • Clexa AU// I WOULD - oneshot
    6.7K 233 2

    Australia. What a place. Clarke bought Lexa a vacation in Sydney - Lexa's dream city. Short, sweet oneshot. Freely continuing my first fanfiction - Circumstances.

  • Whenever You're Ready (Clexa AU)
    63.2K 1.9K 14

    Clarke is an art major struggling to find a job that satisfies her. Lexa on the other hand is the big time business owner of trikru Inc.

  • NEW HEIGHTS | A Clexa Tale
    169K 6.2K 32

    Two girls. New Heights. Clarke is a regular student at an art University and is struggling to pursue her artistic dreams. She is a self-taught, simple, talented, and a bit of an awkward person. What will happen when the new girl catches her eye? Lexa is a new student, enrolling in a photography major to achieve al...

  • Mystery Girl (clexa)
    118K 3.3K 18

    Clarke comes back from high school from the holidays, but when she get back the is a new group of teens the At have joined the school but there is one girl who stands out, the one who is centre of the group.

  • Changed. (Modern Day CLEXA AU)
    508K 14.4K 36

    Clarke Griffin is starting her freshman year in college. She is attending NYU for her Doctors degree. She is so excited to start her new life away from her home which all she can see is bad memories like her dad dying and her ex boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She just wants to forget and she feels col...

  • You're a Dork- Clexa College AU
    59.3K 1.8K 19

    Lexa and Clarke had gotten along like wildfire from the moment they met. And they continue to go out, get to know each other and do everything couples do- except, neither of them really make it official, and for a while they are stuck in that place between friends, and something more. But when they do finally get t...

  • Clexa
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    Clexa AU present day. Clarke and Lexa are new students at the same university.

    Completed   Mature
  • home. | clexa {a short story} ✔️
    14.9K 686 13

    smol and shy!lexa :.: sometimes when you text, you fake what you feel. -a short story--lowercase intended-

  • Love And Lust (The 100-Clexa)
    93K 2.4K 21

    Clarke Griffin is a small town girl, moving to the large crazy city known as L.A. Attending college for pre med, Clarke is just hoping she won't get lost in the big city. She was never thinking about what would happen when a girl nuzzled her way into her life. Clarke has never had any feelings like this, but she reall...

  • "Clexa" || Clexa AU
    12.5K 579 19

    [DISCONTINUED] - sorry xx Lexa, a huge YouTube star with over ten million subscribers and a hurricane of a personality. Clarke, the superfan who has wanted to meet Lexa since she began her channel six years ago. Octavia, the Lexa superfan and part time stalker... Raven, the biggest female YouTuber worldwide, the best...

  • We're the Same (A The 100/Clexa Au) (On Hold)
    6.5K 67 24

    Destiny has a plan for everyone. For 18 year old runaway Clarke Griffin, a normal life is just a fantasy for her now. Abandoning her hometown wasn't something she wanted to do. However after the atrocity she committed, it was necessary. It was also necessary if she wanted to find her place in the world. Even if the wo...

  • Clexa AU °Safe Haven° [#Wattys2016]
    289K 11.3K 26

    ~My name's Lexa, as all of you probably know now. I'm eighteen but still don't have driving license. I honestly feel like I'm a newborn here. And I am in some way. I was dead just a few days ago. Now I got to have a second chance and be born again. It's different now but I think I can be happy again. I'm finding mysel...

  • The Week Of 365 Days // Clexa AU
    7.6K 259 10

    Clarke Griffin, owner of 'Clarke's Paradise', a small flower shop in one of New Yorks many busy streets. Lexa Woods, owner of a travel blog, who planned to stay in New York for a week. Things don't always go as planned.