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  • [BL]Didn't Love You Enough
    130K 4K 56

    Author : ZuiAiMiaoMiao Status: Complete Status in COO: 56 Chapters (completed) This is the story about the rebirth of a xiao gōng with a sweet steamed bun-like xiao shòu. In the past life, xiao shòu, in order to help xiao gōng block a poisonous blade, ended up dying due to blood loss. After the rebirth of xiao gōng, x...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rebirth of a Cannon Fodder from a Novel
    1.2M 55.4K 130

    As the only girl born in the four generations of the Mo family - a prestigious and powerful family in Hua Xia - Mo Liu Gui has been adored since the day she was born. She is gorgeous, naive and intelligent. Behind her is the noble Mo family and by her side are countless excellent pursuers. Whether in career or relatio...

  • Cannon fodder tore the fake young master Script [MTL]
    773K 24.6K 188

    -----MTL -----FOR ONLINE PURPOSE ONLY Chapters:146 Main + 41 Extras (Completed)=187 Chapters Description: Rong Rong was dead. In order to make money to see a doctor for himself, he painted the exterior wall on the construction site. One day, the safety rope fell off and he fell to his death from the high building. O...

  • Dressed As A Male God's First Love(MTL)
    153K 2.4K 112

    Wen An'an, an otaku suffering from social phobia, woke up and found in horror that she had crossed! She became a little star who just made her debut! And is currently participating in a large star-making show! But the most terrible thing is! What she traversed was actually a dog-blooded girl, the first love of the mai...

  • I Just Crave for Your Pheromones (BL) [Completed]
    254K 11K 79

    **Disclaimer!!** Credits goes to the author and translators!! Not mine!! For offline purposes only!!! If you're the author or translators and want me to take it down, just message me. Please Don't Report!!! Author: 夂槿 Associated names: I'm craving your phermones I'm just greedy for your phermones 我就是馋你信息素[娱乐圈] Status...

  • Married To The Male Lead's Brother
    341K 9.1K 35

    THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I POSTED THIS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES Also not my translation! Source: MTLNovel ~~~~~~~ Novel Summary Ning Zhi transmigrated into a female supporting character who ran away from her wedding. The original novel was a fluffy book on the love between the male and female leads. The cannon fodder...

  • Life Observation Of The Rich Giants (MTL) ✓
    387K 8.8K 81

    NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 豪门生活观察日志 AUTHOR: 十六月西瓜 In the third year of wearing the book, Su Wan became popular. The reason was that she and her wealthy husband merged together for the first time and went on a variety show of a wealthy observers together. In the original plot, she is a tool to set off the heroine's happi...

  • Bark!? (Completed)
    47.7K 2.3K 15

    Description When Su Cheng woke up, he found that he had become the male god's pet toy poodle... His original body was slumped over the computer desk, in deep sleep. Su Cheng realised that before his original body died from starvation, he needs to rescue himself... An even more miserable matter is, the male god wants t...

  • I Married the Male Lead of a CP Free Novel
    262K 6.5K 86

    THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. THIS IS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE ONLY. Author : Ten-tailed Hare Chi Zhengzheng became vegetative, lying on the bed, motionless. A novel without CP appeared in her mind... In the original text, a car accident caused the Chi's daughter to be unconscious. The engagement has to continue, and Ch...

  • The Charming Girl Of Sixties
    363K 8.5K 93

    Title : 六零年代娇娇女 Author : 风轻歌 MTL only This is not my story this is for offline read only 📖

  • Rouged Lips
    4K 172 1

    When they married, he promised to paint her lips with rouge. That year the blossom slowly bloomed. However, over time, blossoms wilt and promises are broken. [It's short but beautifully written. In a simple way it shows the culture and the role in Ancient China. At the same time it also displays how human beings are...

  • Baby's First Revenge
    56.2K 4.1K 7

    When Charlotte is betrayed and killed by the friend she sacrificed everything for, she thought it was the end. Instead, she found herself reborn as a baby, with her killer still enjoying the fame of stealing her work. Now, she's coming after him, and plans to make him pay... But first, nap time.

  • My Heart Hates Me
    663K 29.8K 76

    "When the first snow hits the ground- Your wish will come true" A little girl from a small, unknown village in Germany, a little boy from the huge city of Tokyo in Japan-Their marriage was fixed before they opened their eyes into this world. Tied down to each other, they are each other's prisoners. A prison they can'...

    Completed   Mature
  • [BL] I Picked up a Husband While Trying To Become An Author
    1.1M 55.8K 107

    [Status: COMPLETED; Extras ONHOLD] ============ Ming Yu, a 25 year old who survives through his daily life by doing part time jobs once dreamed of becoming an Author. But due to his lack of self-esteem and motivation he easily gave up and hid his manuscripts away on a drawer. On his way home when he turned into a corn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof
    406K 15.6K 79

    | n o t m i n e | For offline reading purposes only! Support the Translator! ________ High society CEO Big BOSS Lu expresses that he's felt stifled recently. Ever since a woof style creature intruded upon his home, his life has become a complete mess. A slight conflict in opinion and his couch is hijacked, his desk...

  • Circle Dance
    141K 3.7K 33

    Brenda Barrett is not ready to die yet. There is still so much she wants to experience in life. She wants to grow old with the man who loves her, and have his children, and watch them grow up. Her wish is granted and she is given a second chance at life, but she is unprepared for the consequences. ...

  • Aeternum
    1.9M 72.2K 63

    Zion is an heir of one of the largest corporation in Pine Country because of that he had live a restricted and rule driven life. His father groomed him from the moment he was born and made sure he was the best at everything. He did not enjoy his childhood, when the other kids are playing he was in the mansion studying...

  • RUYI
    21.3M 682K 137

    How can you lose something you never have? When your own mother poisons you to gain pity from others, how should you feel? Why was I, the youngest, being married off? How could I care about something that was never mine? W...

    Completed   Mature
    5.1M 197K 55

    My name is Calla Lind. For 20 years, I have lived within the shadow of my beautiful older sister - chasing and holding onto an illusion of love. A love that will never belong to me... Now with this second chance of life, I won't chase after illusion. I won't rely on someone else for happiness. I will do what I want, e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alienus
    1.5M 77.6K 59

    No one expected that it would happen until it did. Earth was dying. We, the few who survived the disease, were all contained in cells with artificial light and oxygen and food in the form of pills. So when help came in the form of C'Riel, an alien race that lived in a planet called Xe'Krein, many people found...

  • Rebirth as the General's Wife
    6.4M 249K 44

    [Chen Ju Fen] The chrysanthemum fragrant blooms at dawn. At the age of 22, she died by the hands of her so-called husband and at the feet of her 'sworn' sister. Dying regretfully for wasting her life on a man who had thrown her away so easily like an used tissue, she opens her eyes to the familiar sight of her bedroo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Poisonous Love
    731K 31K 68

    Unrealistic and impossible... Rose didn't even believe in God... yet she's experienced a miracle. A second chance. Magic became apart of biology and science. Nobility and politics weaved themselves like grape vines around her world. Rose found herself at the top of society, a perfect story with endless possibilitie...

  • My lady- not!
    1.8M 63.4K 60

    It was funny when I read other novels that portray people getting sucked out in a novel or an otome game. Until that happened to me. I wake up, groggy and feeling a bit heavy. My vision was yet to arrive when a sudden pain came from my stomach. And a child was born. From me. I don't know if I'll freak out and cry or j...

  • Guns and Giggles
    1.8M 62.5K 34

    Completed! Highest ranking: #15 in Humor Ariana Iglesias tends to go to extremes when she's BORED. Being a genius doesn't help either. Her sharp mind mixed with crazy theories she can't wait to try, lands her in a pit full of major events she never thought would be so... EXCITING! Even though there are guns involved w...

  • A Dash of Demise
    5.8M 307K 84

    In the kingdom of Vanderdash, there is no more feared warriors than that of the Scarlet Guard. Protectors of the royal family, skilled assassins trained since childhood, They follow the crown, they enforce the crown. To many, the group cloaked in red is a greater symbol of the royal family's power than the kings crown...

  • The Wife
    4.2M 138K 75

    Hisoka can be a little bit... creepy. At least that's everyone's impression of him. But what happens when they find out that Hisoka's got a family waiting for him? Just who is this crazy woman who married Hisoka? And will she put up with his antics for much longer? Changed and edited from xReader to xOC

    Completed   Mature
  • Kairos - Lust (MxM)| Book 1 | ✅
    1.6M 91.9K 52

    Ah, screw it! I'm not your dog, not your whore, and certainly not your lover. I'm Prof. Steve Finley. I teach English Lit to snot-nosed students. I'm a failed writer - those who cannot do, teach. Don't give me that look, Jack. You're a shady gangster and you don't know anything about writing or about me... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Truly Elemental: And Other Retro Faerie Tales
    165K 7.2K 11

    Now A Wattpad Featured Story... A collection of short stories where faeries good, bad, and just plain scary roam a world of Rock-n-Roll and Marilyn Monroe. ♛ CONTENTS ♛ 1. Truly Elemental // 1957 2. Barren // 1941 3. Red Cap // 1962 4. Dress Up // 1950s 5. Over Your Grave // 1956 6. The Bleeding Boy and the Bruja...

  • Yung Mataba Jan❤
    70 3 1

    Yung Mataba Jan....Mahal Po Kita💕

  • Easy Innocence
    344K 17.5K 56

    How far will teen girls go for approval from their peers? Pretty far, it turns out. When pretty, smart Sara Long is found bludgeoned to death, it's easy to blame the man with the bat. But when Georgia Davis -- former cop and newly-minted PI -- is hired to look into the incident at the behest of the accused's sister, w...