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  • Sumanika ~ The Prince's Widowed Bride
    7.3M 929K 92

    He saved me from the burning pyre of my late husband and in exchange I gave him a lifetime of devotion. My marriage with my late husband could not called a marriage for several reasons. Despite managing my single life alone as the head maid of the Suryagarh's Kingdom I had been dragged and tied to a large pile of woo...

    Completed   Mature
    2.4K 116 3

    HEY GUYS...THIS IS NOT BASED ON THE CURRENT TRACK OF KAIRA... NO BABY SWAP TRACK....And rest of you want to know then do read it...😜😋🥰

  • BTS Angst Oneshots
    6.4K 99 8

    [REQUESTS OPEN!] A set of BTS Angst Oneshots with the reader as Y/N My first try and I believe it isn't that good but incase you wanna see what stuff is written inside you can look into this!!! Borahae💜💜

  • His Secret Baby (Story #1 of the Teenage Pregnancy Series)
    1.3M 32.1K 24

    Colton Daniel has it all. Athletic ability, good looks, good grades, and a smoking hot girlfriend. With his future locked and loaded he breezes through senior year. That is, until one January night. One knock will change his life forever. #3 in General Fiction

  • ||The Billionaire's Best Mistake||
    4K 195 3

    Anurag and Prerna....two opposite poles, meet each at a club. One thing leads to another and they end up having a one night stand. The next day, Prerna wakes up naked on the bed and realises that the boy with whom she made love the previous night was already gone. Days pass, and Prerna finds out that she is pregnant...

  • My Little Girl
    107K 3.4K 30

    Mackenzie's hated by least she think she is. Her mother abuses her everyday and tells her that's she worthless, but when her dad comes around one day and finds out about Mackenzie. He takes her away from her abusive mother and let's her live with him and his girlfriend Demi Lovato. Demi has always wante...

    Completed   Mature
    40.9K 2.3K 15

    Kartik and naira are the most popular enemies of St. Stephen's College but that one unfortunate night changed their lives forever. What has the destiny planned for them?

  • Forgive Me
    282K 6.6K 10

    After three long years, finally Christian found Chloe and their son. Will Chloe forgive Christian the father of her son for cheating on her or will the new guy next door could change her heart? ++++++++++++++++++++

  • The Nanny
    39.3K 1.6K 5

    Amanda Larson is a nanny looking for a new job. For a nanny you could call her young or at least that's what Mr. Grayson's daughter thinks. William Grayson is a young successful business man with two kids. One never talks and one never stops talking. His current fiancee is well to put it nicely a complete bitch an...

  • WAQT: race against time
    1.7K 107 2


    358 61 21

    "I will never go to the extent of sacrificing my daughters just for some shitty deal!". He boomed as his voice echoed " Don't you dare raise your voice at me!" His opponent yells "Funny enough,he is all alone,let's just finish him boss" Another says. "Maybe he's really not alone" A familiar voice replies..... Nathan...

  • Being Harry styles daughter
    15.5K 176 32

    This is a squeal to life with Harry styles Brianna is now 16 years old and her life is perfect that's what she thought she's a rebel now and maybe a blast from the pass will come back to haunt her or wrose things will happen to her or she'll go back to her bad habits or do wrost habits. Read to find out what will happ...

  • Rebel Girl (Harry Styles daughter spanking story)
    353K 4.6K 17

    This is the story of Harry Styles' rebel child, Darcy. *******Contains spanking. Don't like don't read.**********

    1.5K 97 8

    I am here to say that, I thought to organize os competition based on Our army, Our navy, air force...

    16.7K 799 17

    "Distance never separates two hearts that really care but silence does." "Separation doesn't end love. It actually creates love."

  • A Billionaire's Family (Completed) Book III
    258K 9.7K 33

    Read Book I and II first. Then come back and read this one

  • Daughter Styles
    63.4K 1.3K 21

    Keela is the daughter of Harry and Jenny Styles. She has two other siblings, Darcy is the oldest and Ross is in the middle. Most people would think it would be the best thing in the world to be Harry Styles's Daughter but it's not when you where an accident, When everyone around ignores you. But Keela has a secret mus...

  • Harry's Styles Daughter
    103K 1.3K 34

    "I was so scared." I whispered. "I'm here now and I will protect you." He whispered back, kissing me softly. Even the kindest of people can turn out to be monster, so be careful for what you wish for.. You never know what could happen.. Check out the sequel called I Lived- Find out what happens...

  • Teen Dad
    216K 5.1K 41

    Hi my name is Dustin. I have the most amazing, beautiful child in the world(in my opinion)I love my baby with all my heart I would never want to loss my child it would kill me. But what you need know I had just turned 18 when My girlfriend Molly at the time got pregnant but didn't want a baby but I did I wasn't going...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's little girl! (COMPLETED)
    69.2K 1.3K 44

    "Hi my name Is April Payne! I'm 7 years old i grew up in the UK with daddy and mummy! I new that after mum died things with me and daddy got really awkward he would bleary look at me,It was clear to see he hated me but i still loved him....And i didn't care what i had to do to make him love me! (COMPLETED) Hi guys its...

  • Pregnant With The Bad Boys Baby
    694K 15.4K 25

    Peyton Carson was an average day girl. She didn't think she was pretty and she didn't believe any guy wanted her. That was until the bad boy moved in next door. Liam Parker is the bad boy in town. He moves in next door to this quiet girl. Her smile brightens up his day whenever he sees it. Of course his bad boy reputa...

  • His Best Mistake (Devils #1)
    33.9M 948K 50

    When a one night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy Sofia Smith doesn't know who to go to. she tried to find the man who got her pregnant but he is nowhere to be found 6 year later, fate brings them together Joe "Devil" Collision is the boss of the biggest dangerous mafia in the world, he has no time for romance...

    Completed   Mature
  • Maliks Daughter
    87.2K 2.3K 86

    Hi my name is Skylar you might know me. Well who am I kidding everyone knows me. Everyone also expects me to be fucking perfect. Ha! Right, never in a million years. I'm my own person and no one's going to change that.

  • The Mafia's Baby Mama (Currently Editing!)
    250K 6.4K 16

    After a night out with her friends Athena decides to let loose for one night and by doing that she spends the night with a man. What Athena didn't know was that there were gonna be consequences afterwards especially when she is staring at a pregnancy test. How do you get in contact with the father when you don't even...

  • The Forgotten Child
    193K 6.8K 22

    Zayn is Harry's son, whether either of the two like it or not.

  • Liam Payne's Daughter(One Direction)
    494K 10.7K 59

    Hi. My name is Evelyn Winter Payne and I am 14 years old. -Quite an odd middle name if you ask me- And I am Liam Paynes Daughter. I have four of the best Uncle...

  • The First Law Of Thermodynamics
    123K 4.3K 22

    Being married for almost four years, Hannah always wanted a child. When she finally gets pregnant with a baby girl, the pregnancy is declared unsafe for her. Though Hannah delivers a healthy baby after a full term, as luck would have it, with the birth of a new life, the old dies. After Losing his lovely wife, Aiden'...

  • George | a harry styles story
    365K 6.7K 29

    In which Harry Styles has son he's never met, named George.

  • Life as the styles family❤️
    2.5K 60 17

    This is a story about harry styles and his wife Alex and 3 kids Sophie carsen and lauren read to find out what their crazy life brings them this is taken place in the year 2029 harry is 29 and Alex is 28.