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  • Blood Brothers
    3K 330 28

    "We not gone let nothing or no one get in between us. We brothers y'all. Blood Brothers." Four friends whose lives intertwine and four important questions that need answers. Follow each of them on their journey as they figure out how to heal through trauma, find themselves, chase their dreams, and stick together in a...

  • Power
    3.8K 171 4

    After living a lie for fourteen years and getting adjusted to the new life and family, Jelani is a grown man and getting through his life better than expected. But what happens when he gets handed a power greater than can he can handle?

  • "What's Sacrifice"
    227K 8.8K 10

    Sherrie is engaged to the man she's loved for over a decade. They have a beautiful daughter name Donna. Sherrie spent years trying to adjust to Damon's lifestyle. Eventually it becomes overwhelming. She has to choose if she wants to stay and fall victim to his "WORK" Or leave and start an entire new life without him.

  • Loose Lips
    27.5K 2.1K 22

    Sheltered, quiet and mostly shy is Zela and after being kicked out of her foster home, Zela is out to operate the actual world on her own, but will it just collapse under her? After attending a party, her life is flipped in a switch and she crosses paths with Kane. Will her life become more lonely than before or wil...

  • Sauvignon Blanc
    59 5 2

    Leela has left everything behind to find herself: friends, family, a dream career as the head A&R of Carter-Moore Music Group, and her partner of over 5 years. Granting herself one year to change the trajectory of her life, where will she go? All she know is she hopes it has plenty of bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and cu...

  • Put Your Love On | obj | ✘
    2M 111K 59

    (PREVIOUSLY TITLED SIX INCH HEELS) Remi Simmons has always been a go-getter: independent and thirsty for success. After a dysfunctional family home leaves her to fend for her self, she is adamant that she cannot depend on anyone and will make a way for herself, by herself. Everything seems to be tunnel vision for her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Running The Streets
    128K 8.7K 38

    Sammad Khatri was more than just your neighborhood dealer, he had people eating from the palm of his hands but everything wasn't as perfect as it seems. An heir to the then powerful Indian Mafia, Sammad was born to turn heads and demanded respect. But before he could make a move everything was taken from him from his...

  • Too Good To Be True | COMPLETE
    483K 21.6K 60

    WORK #1 What happens when Kiari meets Jasper a.k.a "Baby Jas," the youngest son of Atlanta's most feared drug lord. Will their love last a lifetime or will outside forces cause them to end? Is it too good to be true? Cover by : @britxcvi

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Under Contract | cb
    499K 35.6K 35

    Bailey Rogers has been sheltered her entire life. With the lifestyle her father lived in the streets, it was crucial that he kept her hidden from the world. Bailey rarely left their gated estate. With a full staff that consisted of a nanny, chef, housekeeper, butler and tutor, Bailey was well taken care of until she b...

    Completed   Mature
  • 30 Flirty, and Dying? |||completed
    69.6K 3.7K 18

    Harper Wilson was never one to party, she's always been an introverted person who likes reading books, chilling with her cats and watching rerun episode's of Martin. She never liked leaving her house, thus the reason she doesn't have a man. Since she found her career at the tender age of 24, she spent majority of her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Homeless and in Love
    167K 13.9K 40

    The Jones had it all until one mistake caused them to lose everything. Living in and out of their cars, they do everything in their power to make it back to the top. A classic story of rags to riches, a re-come up. Cover made by: @lisha-stories

    Completed   Mature
  • Memories Faded
    316K 21.6K 34

    "You know I been gone like way too long Tell me where you been it's been way too long" When I met you ten years ago you were the man of my dreams. Even at the tender age of sixteen I knew that you were the one for me. When I got you there was nothing I wouldn't do to keep you. That high of you lasted a good eight year...

  • Am I Settling?
    832 54 9

    21 year old Xolani Badu, a rising star on YouTube and social media, has just gotten accepted into one of her dream schools. FAMU was everything she wanted and didn't realize she needed. A late blossom to bloom it seems but heartache, fear and uncertainty have all played parts in her journey. She realized she had...

  • Reality Check ✔️
    56.6K 3K 34

    Charisma Williams was like every normal teenager. Her family and friends meant the world to her, but while she was living a picture perfect life, Devin Wilson was sitting back waiting for his turn. He and Charisma were best friends, and they never wanted to blur the lines. Their friendship always worked for Devin beca...

    Completed   Mature
  • Knight & Day
    16.8K 973 24

    Handsome, educated, well-rounded; Tyson Day is everything you want in a man. His silver-spoon upbringing afforded him the resources needed to mold him into a well respected businessman, as well as one of the most sought after eligible bachelors in the country. CEO of the world's leading supplier of luxury imports, Lus...

  • Weird is Love.
    283K 5.6K 36

    She has to run and from the mind of some one so sick that he took her innocence,her mother wants her safe so she has to leave her friends behind and move with family in another state, can she really deal with leaving her mom and friends behind...Read and find...

  • I Don't Know What Love Is.
    1.4M 21.3K 41

    Lisa finds herself between a rock and a Hard place. How do you even know what love is when you are being Raped by your own father. This is nothing like the kids books tell you with hugs and kisses , this was way more touchy. Your Mom doesn't believe you and starts treating you like and outcast. Then You Meet a Boy who...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Diary
    468K 16.7K 29

    Her last year of High School Dream Banks goes through so much. All starting from her mums death.---> Read because if I write any more I'll ruin the story :' D ! Hope you enjoy this .

  • Mafia Prince
    1M 33K 43

    The Mafia, ran by the Mafia King Vinny Klitsir and his right had Ultra Carter, he's more so of a brother to Vinny. This is not about them though, but their past troubles may come to haunt their children. Orion Klitsir, the Mafia Prince. Known around his territory, school and farther then imagined. He's kind of known...

  • Blood Sisters
    127K 1.5K 13

    When Serenity Silver got released from jail, she only had one main priority to get what she lost and with how the game was going now, she needed help from the women who knew her the most, her sisters. As all four women show the life of hard working women, they're are women who lived the past of blood which still holds...

  • His Escort
    1.5M 64.1K 29

    Kara James is a librarian, who seems shy and reserved. She isn't all that shy as people thinks. At the age of twenty-seven she owns her own Escort service. Kara uses the alias, Beauty. As the owner she never is the actual Escort because she has beautiful and educated women on her roster to get the job done. On the sp...

    69.2K 3K 11

    Warning: This is wild from beginning to end.

  • Green eye Monster
    329 16 1

  • Fighting For Love
    50.7K 1.3K 43

    Why fight for someone? Love? Money? Power? Sex? Why live when everything you lived for came crashing down leaving you in the world to feign for yourself? The answer to that remains a question within itself: What happens to someone that's been forced to live it all? Niamha wasn't ever supposed to lose her family, move...

  • Nine Month Plan
    543K 17.8K 40

    My Dream put in story mode

    Completed   Mature
    51.5K 1.6K 15

    Sugar was very conceited, and she sure did have a reason to be. She was 5'3, caramel colored, grey eyes, with curly brown hair, and a beautiful body. Sugar was always envied by other females, and admired by their boyfriends. She couldn't help that she looked damn good, but she loved every bit of the attention she rece...

  • Heart Of Worship.
    2.6K 43 13

    Follow Ki'narla Edwards through her life story. How she went through trials and tribulations but came back stronger. How she lost but yet found love but also never forgetting her first love, God.