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  • It's A Love Story
    5.4K 912 24

    Social media au. Actress Annika and Fanboy Shivaay's shenanigans. A drabble series. Just pure light hearted fluff!

  • • Poisoned •
    62.3K 6.5K 33

    What happened after Shivaay was poisoned by Veer? Completed.

    17.8K 924 21

    This story will starts where Veer gets arrested and the mystery of Kalyani mills begins. But it will be completely different concept and situations from the original story..

  • Eternal Bond[ON HOLD]
    5.4K 474 11

    This story starts from the part where Shivaay meets Sahil and on the way back, gets a heart attack. What if Annika takes Shivaay to the hospital that day? What if there was an outburst in the Oberoi Mansion due to this? This story revolves around these questions!

    49K 4.4K 54

    Life is a matter of choices and every choice makes you. SHIVAAY:- CHOICE TO DISAPPEAR. ANIKA:- CHOICE TO FOLLOW . OM:- CHOICE TO RUN AWAY. GAURI:- CHOICE TO SUBMISSION. RUDRA:- CHOICE TO FORGET. SAUMYA:- CHOICE TO FORGIVE. Every choice comes with consequence. Once you make a choice, you must accept responsibility. Yo...

  • Me and my love a shivika love story
    142K 11.1K 42

    this is a love story ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and the beautiful combination of kids with parents👫👫👨‍👩‍👧👪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Cover credit :::1st @alina 2nd @jazz_rock

  • Shivika: Journey Till Our Hearts
    71.6K 7.4K 53

    The story starts from the time Shivaay and Annika get married the first time. Both Shivaay and Annika are trying to view their relationship from their own lens, but destiny has other plans for them. Situations are different this time though. Dynamics change and the meaning of relationships take a turn. They experie...

  • Shivika Ke Zindagi (OS)
    29K 1.9K 28

    a book of os on shivika's children ansh and shika anshika= ansh+shika their bond with family members and their innocence But later I changed ansh to anaay.

  • We Will Always Come Back......Together
    119K 8.8K 67

    The story starts with the fashion show day. Everything is the same except that Shivaay humiliates Annika more in front of the media and refuses to accept her as his wife. But is that all? Did Shivaay purposely do this or there is more. Read the story to know how Shivaay and Annika's lives change after the incident.

  • Metaphor ||✔
    19.4K 2.3K 27

    •• A single look at the razor blade he knew it won't be effective in cutting a few nerves in his wrist. He strode the length of his room anxiously looking around each corner of the room gawking for a suitable sharp object. His eyes settled on the fruit basket, where a large knife was stuck between the medium-sized app...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life As We Know It
    69.2K 6.3K 26

    Updates on every Wednesdays Omkara Singh Oberoi's life takes a U turn when, his estranged sister and her husband dies in an accident and, he receives the custody of his young niece. The baby being the heir of a fortune, becomes a target for her greedy paternal family. Omkara has only one option. Get married and prov...

  • He Isn't Meant For Me (COMPLETED)
    62.2K 6.2K 25

    "Oh my god! I can't believe you are getting married babe!" I spoke on the phone with my best friend. "It's a destination wedding at Goa and you have to bring Uncle- Aunty and Gauri too!" "Sure but tell me who's the groom?" " know him!" she stammered. "Oh! Vikram? I told you na you two will end up together."...

  • Ishqbaaz: Inseparable
    25.9K 1.6K 20

    Life seems to be back on track for the Oberois after the Kalyani Mills chapter, but when has life been so simple to them. A new storm awaits them. This time testing the sacred and inseparable bond of Shivomru. Will the trust between the brothers withstand the upcoming storm that is caused by them itself and will thei...

    185K 14.9K 52

    Cover Credit- @SwathiV2 Story Credit- @iam_aheli_98 Writers- @VHM1123 @Nilanjana07 "Just go away" Shivay cried as Anika patted his shoulder. "Shi..vv..Shivvaayy" she said stammering holding her belly. Shivay was crying vigorously sitting on the road taking Tia's head on his lap. "Shivay take care of my baby and Anika...

  • Shivika: The last-minute bride
    42.9K 2.8K 17

    The story begins right when Shivaay chooses Tia over Anika after the drunken episode. He chose Naam, Khoon,Kandhan over his emotion. There is no Daksh track. But she is very clear, she liked him and she knew that he liked her but not enough. In this story, Tia is a mere character, not an antagonist. Read the story to...

  • My happy place
    49.2K 5.3K 44

    Hey guys... this is my first ff... just give it a try and feel free to suggest 🤗 It is a beautiful story of a young businessman and a simple living girl who brings back his happiness under one roof

    33.7K 2.1K 15

    This is a story based on recent plot of ishqbaaaz. Where Tej does the shraad of Gauri.. What if Omkara was not allowed to leave with Gauri. What would they both do without each other. The separation track with intensity... #537 in Fanfiction (February 19, 2018) #488 in Fanfiction (February 24, 2018) #447 in Fanfiction...

  • Suffering Baby✅
    29.1K 3.2K 31

    Suffering Baby Is Story Of Anika & Shivaay's Baby Who Just Born and Baby Is Facing So Many Problems Remembering The Flashback Shivika Gets More Depressed When Anika Faced Miscarriage For 2 Times , Shivaay and Anika Both are Having Tough Time Let's Peep In The Story About How & What Happened In Those Years How They St...

  • Unrequited
    82.1K 8.5K 17

    Unrequited. Maybe or maybe not. What is assured is: - a few lies, sweet, sour and a bit of spice. - adorable devars who make their brother jealous. He doesn't accept it but we all know. - a Cupid in the form of Dadi - hugs, kisses with a sprinkle of tadi - an ex who doesn't lie. How interesting. So when Shivaay meets...

  • Ishqbaaaz : Family?!
    30.7K 1.6K 36

    Could Saumya really harm the people who were more than her family ?? How did Svetlana persuade her ? How are Oberois feeling after that betrayal ? who is Saumya ? Rudra's best friend and well-wisher ? or Omkara's rakhi sister ? or Dadi's friend grandaughter ? or svetlana's and Tia's sister ? Ishana made it out of...

  • You Are My Everything
    35.4K 1.7K 7

    Life of Obros who got separated. Peep into know more...

  • Different Forms of Love
    20.9K 1.2K 20

    Highest #41 in general fiction and #290 in fanfiction It's a story of how 8 completely different individual find solace with their soulmates and how their love stories are so different from each other but still connected. How Shivaay, an arrogant rich businessman who values bloodline and lineage, falls in love with A...

  • Shivika Redux SS: Kaise Bataye...(Completed)
    103K 8.4K 28

    A Shivika SS that deals with the the story of Shivaay and Annika right after the Forced Marriage.... This is a story where Annika finds her identity on her own...And stands strong against the people who have wronged her.... A story where Shivaay realizes the consequences of his actions on the person he had wrongly a...

    5.6K 550 11

    Saumya came to Oberoi Mansion and won everyone's heart. Heartbreak she got back. She had faith over her bhaiyaas and didi, they too showed their back. She went away, far away from them to forget them and their memories but destiny wanted her back, destiny wanted her to stand for her. She came back, she turned THE VILL...

  • 😎😎😎😌😳Will We Remember Again😂😂😂😈
    14.3K 928 14

    it is about reincarnation of obros....and their love

  • Life Found Love Once Again (UNDER EDITING) #IBB AWARDS 2018
    62.9K 3.4K 139

    This FF is mainly on IshKara... But other characters will play important roles too... Cover credit @Jaanavi He has lost his wife who was pregnant in an accident... He is completely shattered but stayed strong for the promise he has given to his wife and for his family who love him more than anything... *********** She...

  • Never Turn back ANIKA
    148K 10.6K 40

    This story concentrates on shivaay and anika separation track where shivaay came to know that HARSHAVARTHAN TRIVEDI is not anika's dad. its the trick of roop bua to cover anika and to roast her against oberois. little knowledge about anything anika absconded and the story continues after 6 years of separation where sh...

    2.7K 281 3

    A Short story of Shivika. A beautiful love story An innocent love of a student. A love that he craved for. But will the society let them live in peace. Will the love fight and win over the norms of the so called society.

  • Shivika's Happiness ✔(Completed) ✔
    35.7K 1.6K 19

    This is a Shivika pregnancy scene were Shivaay Singh Oberoi takes care of his wife Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi during the pregnancy phase. Started: Jan 19, 2020 Finished: Oct 31, 2020