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  • Gutters
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    Belongs to glassamilk on

    Completed   Mature
  • Taken (Boyxboy) {Book 5: Blue Moon Series}
    430K 18.9K 25

    [WARNING: There is boyxboy action so if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] As a boy Lakota was dropped off at the Syrith's door forced into a life full of despair and pain. But he had escaped all that with Kyle who he helped along the way and now he is happily living his life with Cyrus, his new companion. And from the...

  • Hetalia Daddy-Daughter Preferences (#2)
    21K 471 4

    Characters including.... -Romano Vargas (Southern Italy) -Vash Zwingli (Switzerland) -Heracles Karpusi (Greece) -Sadik Adnan (Turkey)

  • Child!2p!F.A.C.E x Reader - Family Of Kids
    28.4K 1.1K 7

    Like all days. Morning, people leave & night, people return. Everyday,everytime it's all the same. But. Meeting them that one day, one night was the biggest thing that came into my life.

  • Hetalia x Reader Oneshots!
    581K 11.4K 68

    What can happen in Hetalia? Maybe you're stuck on an island with America and find yourself a new best friend, Spain throws you one of his legendary fiestas, or Germany confesses to you?? Pack your bags, and explore the entire world! If you want some one shots to make you laugh, cry or a little bit of both then you've...

  • ✔ Masquerade | England [EDITING]
    285K 12K 49

    In which the cold Commander with an iron heart falls in love with you. [This book is currently being edited, so if there's any mismatch or incongruity, please excuse it! It will be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you!]

  • You're A Hetalia Fan If...
    1.6M 112K 170

    The title is pretty self explanatory I guess. Welcome to my trashcan. I'm sorry but it appears you're 100% Hetalian. There's no turning back now Hetalia: Countries have never been so different

  • Nordic Crack
    252K 12.7K 150

    Tittles and nipples have some pineapples

  • The Boss (2P!Italy x Reader)
    18.5K 888 19

    Synopsis: Coming from a working class family and having planned out your future long ago, it was a shock to everyone when you end up attending medical school in Florence instead of London. However, life takes yet another unexpected turn when a single visit to a bar ends with you meeting one of Italy's soon-to-be mos...

  • Love Is More Than A Dream (PruCan)
    1.8K 99 7

    Love comes in all forms, in all shapes, and all sizes. It comes at just the right moment, or at the least expected, and yet comes, no matter how long the wait. But in the end, it is all worth it, for love is like a dream. A beautiful, sweet dream that seems to defy reality. That is the very nature of sweetest, fairest...

  • Hetalia Randomness/Crack
    22K 764 61

    Basically what the title says like random facts, one shots, my opinions, little role-plays, ship things and such! By the way, I'm a multishipper so you'll see pretty much everything eventually [DISCLAIMER] None of the art is mine nor does Hetalia belong to me!

  • Hetalia x Reader one shots
    169K 3.2K 42

    ~Requests are open, comment or message me~ What the title says, different hetalia x reader oneshots! Different stories, and different countries! MAY CONTAIN LEMON- JUST WARNING!

  • Beyond the Crosshair (Hitman!Jones x Reader)
    58.1K 2.6K 47

    After witnessing the horrible shooting of a high official from the underground, you are marked for death with your head prized at 10 million dollars. Contract killers from different corners of the globe fly to New York to claim their prize, one of which just happens to be the former charge of your neighbor... DISCLA...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Little Killer ( Hitman Jones x male oc x Assassin Kirkland )
    314 4 3

    Meet Rizu Mikito, a world wide killer who goes by the name ' Shadow Storm ' or ' SS '. What happens when he runs into Hitman Jones and Assassin Kirkland on one of his killing sprees?

  • 『The New Bonnie & Clyde』『Hitman Jones X Mafia Leader!Reader』
    231 8 1

    [First Name] [Last Name] is the leader of an underground mafia, she is nicknamed "Reina," which means Queen in Spanish. In her mafia, there are many different types of races and ethnicities. But, there is a solo criminal slowly on the rise- He goes by the name, Hitman Jones. The chaos those two will bring when they jo...

  • Play Date (Hitman Jones x Reader)
    3.8K 128 3

    Alfred has never wanted to impress anyone more than you. He'll even practice for you~ Warning: Contains gore and foul language

  • ~Guns & Roses~ Hitman Jones! X reader
    9.1K 245 15

    After being kidnapped, and held captive for 2 months, Y/N finds herself under the influence of her rescuers - a top spy agency, called S.H.E.L.D.O.N. She becomes one of the top spy's in the world known for capturing the worst of criminals, and terrorists. Yet, what happens when S.H.E.L.D.O.N. clashes with the most no...

  • Diaries Of A Ghost ~ Hetalia Highschool AU
    2K 149 5

    Alfred died in the 1900s, though he still hangs around school. He likes to observe people, people have changed a lot over the years. One day he notices that a boy can see him, and that the boy is dead. His name was Gilbert. The next day another boy died. He was named Lovino. Alfred found out that they were both mur...

  • The Long Way Home (FrUk)
    11.8K 807 8

    Ranked #2 In Overall FrUk Fanfictions When Arthur Kirkland becomes unwillingly involved in a serious accident, he is rushed to a nearby hospital, where he falls into a coma. He wakes a few days later with little knowledge of who he is. In the midst of catastrophe and crisis, can love be found? Or will Arthur lose the...

  • Cancelled - Who Are You? (A Hetalia Fanfiction)
    8.7K 390 15

    Growing up with his father, Alfred F. Kirkland is a typical 16 year old high school student. But when a new kid shows up who bears a striking resemblance to him, things won't be the same for either of them. (Warning: Characters may be a bit OOC)

  • A Hero Without Flaws {Hetalia}
    25.3K 689 7

    America - The bubbly, happy, hamburger loving nation. A guy like him can never be upset or down... Right? It's hard to be happy when everybody is against that. It's also hard to love yourself when it seems like nobody else loves you. {Note: **TRIGGER WARNING!!! There is a lot of stuff dealing with eating disorders, p...

  • Meeting on Hamburger Street (America X Reader)
    19.3K 1K 45

    [COMPLETED] "A normal and fluffy fanfiction with the Hero." Or so you thought it was... Read about a story of fate, one with many adventures and twists that eventual always lead you back to the road you started with. The road with Alfred F. Jones... - 『Part 1 of 2 of the Meeting On Hamburger Street books』

  • Hitman Jones at your service~ (Hitman Jones x Assassin!reader)
    9.6K 260 5

    For the people who love Hitman Jones *cough cough* @Ismellboysbeinggay @NekoBlossom *cough cough*

  • My Little Sunflower [RusAme]
    73.4K 2.4K 12

    I'm not all that great at descriptions ;A; I just hope you enjoy my fan fiction~ It has several tidbits of other ships as well~ There is also some sexual themes in the chapters, so if you are not comfortable with it, please do not read! ^J^

  • || A Bright Sun || Hetalia/ England x Abused! Child! reader [FINISHED]
    14.8K 326 17

    [EDITED] Every single day was total agony for me. My father will hit me everyday even without a reason. I was just his worthless punching bag, only to be useful for buying beer. My mom, she died from a sickness a year ago. Without her to protect me from father's rage. So I have no one to rely on nor to comfort and pro...

  • Fake (Hetalia: FrUkUs)
    54.8K 2K 42

    I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me. ~S.E. Hinton It's so easy. To be fake. It's as easy as One, Two, Three, A, B, C. (RATED MATURE FOR SENSITIVE MATERIAL) HUMAN AU

  • Breaking point (F.A.C.E) [Under Editing]
    85.1K 3.7K 34

    Arthur and Francis were never good at making the right decision, so when they adopt two sons, well...their rhode become a bit more bumpy. But with the power of love and true strength nothing is impossible to accomplish, because nothing is stronger than a family's love.

  • Arttastic world 11
    348K 53.8K 198

    normally id say something questioning why i bother to stay on this site but im obviously still here so

  • Unmarred Interminably (2p Hetalia - Parent Scenarios)
    16.8K 399 21

    [ mostly male reader ] What exactly would the 2ps be like parents? Headcannons, scenarios and more explaining what I think. Updates: Chapters; Saturday Headcannons; Sunday (AUSSIE TIME) [ REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE please make requests on the disclaimers chapter ]