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  • •• Savagely Mine || Sangwoo •• ✨HEAVY EDITING✨
    381K 11.6K 38

    Oh Sangwoo appeared to be the ideal husband on the outside, but... On the inside he was your perfect Accomplice~ ••Rated M for Mature Content. ••This story does not follow the original story, Stalking Killing, whatsoever. So please do not feel the need to compare, just enjoy and give me your feedback. ••Everything us...

  • Secrets Behind Scars (Male!Yandere!xReader)
    400K 16.4K 27

    You were the younger twin of a Marquis. Your skin was marred with scars but your sister was fair. Growing up, your sister was given first priority in everything and you were always a last minute thought. You had been nicknamed 'Scar face' as a way to show you were inferior to your beloved sister who was considered th...

  • Violently Sweet -||- Yandere! Childhood Teddy Bear! X Reader
    132K 4.5K 12

    Your bear was your most treasured item since your parents left. They gave it to you in replacement for their absence. You were closely attached with your stuffed toy. And that you always brought him with you whenever you go. One day some bullies discovered you secret, and because they were bullies, they bullied y...

  • Yandere! Dazai Osamu x Reader (Series)(Smut/Lemon)
    853K 15.1K 26

    You signed up to become a part time intern at the Armed Detective Agency and it looks like your coworker, Dazai, instantly became interested in you. He volunteers to help you out as much as he can and you notice that he's getting increasingly protective of you. You feel that it's sweet but it seems like there's always...

  • Corrupted (Yandere Levi x reader) - Lemon
    565K 12.5K 38

    Her dreams of a quiet life within the walls were shattered, when she met Corporal Levi. She never wanted to join the Survey corps, since her wings were broken long ago. This is my first time writing something like this. Hope you guys enjoy it :) English is not my native language, so I warmly welcome corrections.

  • Sweet as Cake
    116K 5.1K 19

    Cake, a sweet desert meant to be devoured and loved by all, but what if someone doesn't want to share? Terrance is a peculiar boy, one who's quiet and shy, yet bright and colorful. He'd make himself sick and drive himself mad to get the girl of his dreams. He will do anything to have his cake and keep it clos...

  • Mr. Normal
    89.1K 4.2K 15

    Yep! Everything's normal! Nothing to worry about here and nothing to see! It's just Mr. Normal desiring the girl next door. My, what a darling, little thing she is. He's sure she's an absolutely perfect fit for him. Too bad imperfections tend to cross her path and lead her astray, but that's okay! He'll be sure to tak...