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  • Broken Luna
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    Alexandria is a werewolf with an unfortunate past that has kept her wolf weak and fragile. Now she is twenty-one and unmated all because her inner wolf is too afraid to find her mate. Werewolves tipicaly find their mate at he ages of 16 to 19 and if real unlucky 20. To be unmated at 21 is unheard of unless your mate h...

  • The Adventures of Oreos and Skittles (1D fan fiction) SLOW UPDATES
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    Kiki has finally got enough money for a holiday in America but first she wants to go to Texas to meet a Wattpad friend of hers named April. It is highly unlikely that they will ever get to meet but why not try and have fun while there. While there she or they will get to meet a special someone's they have been writing...