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  • Your my crybaby~Melanie martinez x reader
    1.3K 24 2

    Y/N loves Melanie Martinez. Y/N soon finds out that she will be going to Melanie's concert and meet her. Will this be the best thing to happen to her or will this cause trouble in her life? Read to find out more

  • New Student |Melanie Martinez x reader|
    53.6K 1.3K 35

    Y/N moved from the UK to NY. She moves to a new school where she meets and makes many new close friends, one of which may be Y/N's potential girlfriend. This potential girlfriend is no other than Melanie Martinez, a shy, cute girl who Y/N befriends in the first day of school. However, they must go through the ups and...

  • Lips Like Sugar Melanie Martinez/You
    2K 88 1

    This is a sequel to Chocolate Milk. After getting in trouble for defending you at school, Melanie decides to take you out. Welcome to tag, sugary sweets and kisses everywhere you go!

  • Chocolate Milk Melanie Martinez\You
    1.8K 85 1

    Melanie is the new girl. She's innocent yet a badass. You two meet and sparks fly. Fluff and kisses.

    Completed   Mature
  • Mel ✨ lesbian
    14.1K 316 16

    I saw that new girl, Melanie Martinez, walking into my first lesson and I couldn't help but fall in love with her.

  • We're all mad here~ (Melanie Martinez x Fem! Reader)~Has a lil lemon in there~
    19.9K 409 7

    I publish one or two times a day so more will come tomorrow guys eue

  • UnVoiced (Melanie Martinez x Reader) DISCONTINUED
    2.2K 58 3

    - - - - - A young girl, known as Y/N is an 8th grade student. She has moved from ____ to Baldwin New York, where she meets someone who becomes very important to her. That girls name is Melanie Adele Martinez. - - - - - This story is dedicated to my very close friend @hxppyhowell - - THIS BOOK IS A GIRL X GIRL TYPE...

  • Milk and cookies (Melanie Martinez) *on hold*
    1.7K 41 5


  • Melanie Martinez Zodiacs
    55.8K 4.2K 70

    highest rank: #1 in melanie martinez zodiacs

  • Melanie Martinez Zodiacs
    6.3K 257 14

    This book is for all you Cry Babies out there!

  • Adopted by Melanie Martinez
    14.1K 211 20

    Jazmine lived in an abusive foster home where everyone hated her. One day, her life changed forever. WARNING! THIS BOOk CONTAINS SMUT AND VERY MATURE CONTENT! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

  • Snapchat /Melanie Martinez X reader\
    27.5K 836 10

    Littlebodybigheart added you! Littlebodybigheart sent a photo! Y/n: OMG WHAT? Littlebodybigheart: omg I'm so sorry I thought you were someone else hi I'm Melanie Martinez Y/N: I know who you are I like luv you! My name is y/n Littlebodybigheart: nice to meetcha!

  • My Cry Baby Tour Experience
    12.8K 822 4

    this is what happened at the cry baby tour philly

    63K 2.9K 32

    Melanie is life if you agree this book is for you ♡

  • ♡ Melanie Martinez ♡ | Preferences
    3.5K 61 3

    I'm bad at descriptions. This is basically a book on Melanie Martinez preferences/ oneshots. BTW I AM TAKING IN REQUESTS.

  • Melanie Martinez one shots
    4.7K 75 2

    Basically you/melanie shot stories

  • Adopted by a singer!
    575 21 6

    Kristen always wanted to meet her favorite singer. She was abandoned by her mom at 5 years old. She's 14, and is a goth/punk girl.

  • Hey girl, open the walls (ADOPTED BY MELANIE MARTINEZ)
    107 6 1

    Y/N hasn't had the most perfect life. She started writing in a diary, it keeps her sane. She has been listening to Melanie Martinez lately, her songs have a deep meaning. Some may be a little deep but, they relate to her. She feels as if the songs were made for her. Melanie is looking for a child to adopt, she ge...

  • Adopted By Melanie
    269 8 4

    Maya lives a pretty average life, she was put up for adoption when she was 2. But what happens when Melanie Martinez comes to her adoption centre looking to adopt?

  • My crybaby (Melanie X Fem!Reader)
    3.7K 78 2

    "I love everything you do, when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do~!"

  • When your a Melanie Martinez fan girl
    23.7K 1.7K 30

    This is a story every cry baby can relate to whether you're sipping from a sippy cup or eating milk and cookies.

  • Crybaby | Melanie Martinez
    158K 9.5K 36

    "I guess she really was a crybaby" - She was a girl who loved a boy, He was the boy who didn't want to be loved by her.