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  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
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    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."

    Completed   Mature
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    I wonder a lot and I usually do it alone, this is my attempt to welcome others to discuss certain idea's with me. Plus I actually wanted to make video essay's but this sounded more fun for now. I hope you also enjoy reading these and debate.

  • Unprogrammed #MidnightSunMovie Contest ✔️
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    It is year 2183 in the futuristic digital city, Sauromano. It is a world where everything is planned and programmed. A world where parents can buy the kind of genes they want their children to inherit. A world where cyborgs and robots can be rented or hired as nannies and babysitters. A world where the human longevity...

  • A Thorn In The Ice
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    "I fully expected you to say that I was the sort of Prince whose story would involve going into cahoots with the dragon, rather than slaying it." Iolas smiled, but their was a level of seriousness to his statement. "That is where you are wrong, dear prince." Adelaide began, "In our story you are the dragon." ______...

  • The Deal:Love isn't loyalty
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    "Max you do this and you get everything,my money,the mansion,half of the company,everything and you get away with it,if you don't we stay together" I say this as I look down and I start to feel dizzy from how high we are and I'm starting to regret why I came up with this stupid idea what if he really drops me. No,no...

  • The Pen & The Sword: A Discussion Book
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    Welcome to your high fantasy haven! Here, you'll find weekly articles designed to help you improve your writing and interact with us and each other. You'll get input on topics, new friends, and the chance to ask for and give writing advice. This isn't something you'll want to miss. Cover by Kerozeo.

  • DESIRED LOVE- Hasratey
    306K 9.7K 26

    There is this plum cute girl called Mahi who has lead an ignorant life but wishes for sum1 who cares 4 her. Will her dreams be dreams only or they would turn to reality? And when dreams come true, do you stop and think 'was this i wanted'? Can love be enough to led a life or one needs more than that? Happy Reading :)

  • Untold desires-kuch unkaha sa
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    Sometimes.. a sngle moment is enough to change a person completely, a betrayal can make sum1 to never fall in love again. Everyone have some untold desires, some broken promises,unsaid feelings and a secret hope that those desires will fulfill someday., evrything will be just alright.

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    Kunti ki kautaneya...Panchali ki Pandavas

    143 26 6

    Emily stone is an average teen who is excited about turning eighteen what happens when on her birthday party a monster emerges from the bermuda triangle and tries to capture her Join Emily and her best friend Justin to unravel the mystery behind this monster and her necklace

  • Love and Language [Completed]
    2.3K 231 6

    Love for a man and Love for a language .... Which one would win ? Which one should win? A fictional Short story of a Princess whose serene life got struck by a whirlwind overnight ... Its just 5 chapters and its completed ! So, read on... what's stopping you? -------------------------------- Winner of "Desi Lihaaz...

  • School The Heavenly Hell
    2.1K 627 41

    #42 in Random (12-02-18) Cover Credit- @Indian_Girl_Rocks Join in the journey of people who are fully experienced in the heavenly hell called school Book idea suggested by #CsPrinnki Book name suggested by #CsPrinnki

  • GOL Marks Song Production
    1.6K 346 24

    #70 in Poetry (24-02-18) Cover Credit-@Vanshikrishna She is also a co-user of our acct This is not just a Song Production but an inspiration for students :P Join us for crazzzzzyyyyy Songs related to student life, exams, books, studies, school, bla bla bla.. Exclusive song collection album songs by @Crazzystudent. Pro...

  • Coffee With #CsTeam
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    #CsTeam's discussions and announcements. #182 in random(20-02-18) Cover credit : @Vanshikrishna Book idea suggested by #CsAnjali Book name suggested by #CsAjeeba

  • Knowing the #CsTeam
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    Wanna know more about us ! And our members !! Then be aure to read this book . This contains tge where abouts of all of our members of #Csteam In simple language :-This book is about our #CsTeam members. Cover by :- @vanshikrishna

  • We The Crazzy Writers
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    Cover Credit- @Vanshikrishna All about Crazzystudent writers Book idea suggested by #CsAnjali Book name suggested by #CsJK

  • Irresistible Attraction
    2.9M 79K 45

    Alexander Rivera, CEO of River Corp. Handsome , cocky , player are just some of the used to describe him . Ruthless as the CEO. But can be sweet for his loved ones. He never experienced love. Sophie Coleman , she is shy , kind , beautiful and mostly innocent. She is like a little ball of sunshine, full of...

  • Finally, She Got MARRIED [#YourStoryIndia]
    176K 5.5K 14

    An Indian wedding is like a festival celebrated to begin a new life, to celebrate union of heart and soul, handsomeness and beauty, its where two different families merge and become a community....but how can it get completed without tragedy? An attempt to capture the beautiful colors of Indian wedding... The bea...

  • Bhalladeva's love story
    23.9K 715 21

    #1 in Rana daggubati. this story is about the great bahubali villain bhalladeva and his lover.

  • The Girl With A Dream | ✔
    166K 9.6K 40

    【E D I T I N G】 ❝ Never let go off your DREAM ❞ "The Girl With A Dream" is a book about Anika and Nirav. It is a simple story of two ambitious youngsters who end up getting married because of family insistence. Both, Nirav and Anika who have their own dreams and goals for their life, but the thing called marriage be...

  • A POETRY between Depressed and Anointed girl
    2.1K 929 43

    Are the Depressed or the Anointed one ?? [948 in poetry]- 2/14/18 [968 in poetry]- 2/28/18 [445 in poetry]- 3/5/18 [385 in poetry]-3/6/18 [376 in poetry]- 3/7/18 [502 in poetry]-3/8/18 [731 in poetry]-3/9/18

  • 'The Crazziest Wins' Awards (CLOSED)
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    #47 in Random(13-03-18) ●An award contest for you to test your amazing writing skills! Do participate, you can be the next winner ! (Closed) ●We ae back again !! WITH A NEW COMPETITION!! Check the new book in the account soon (coming soon) •Amazing Cover by @Vanshikrishna •Book idea suggested by @OneIndianWriter •Book...

  • Yes, to be his ( Summer Secrets - 1 Summer Engagement)- on hold
    50.7K 2.2K 23

    "so, what have you decided?" my mother enquired. Her lips pressed in a thin line, her face emotionless, her eyes focused on me with anticipation. She impatiently waited for my answer. And I gave her what she wanted, "yes, I will marry him", I said looking directly into her eyes that were brimming with joy. _________...

  • Once someone said..
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    I'm introvert minded with thousands of thoughts running in my mind! Sometimes I write quotes and theories about life and truth according to my observations which I have shared in this book.

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    [# 88 in TEEN FICTION on 14/3/18.] [#5 in angerissues on 10/05/2018] COMPLETED!!! No matter where you come from, your dreams are always valid. RULE 1: Never let anyone under estimate the power of your dreams. RULE 2: Always follow rule one. These were the only principles little Ria lived by. Her devoting and protectiv...

  • Treasure Re-found
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    #6 in software 3/10/18 #3 in mutual feelings 17/5/18 #9 in mutual feelings 15/5/18 Winner of Literary Vlog Awards 2018 Runner up of The Sooketh Awards Sharvika's visa is processed. She hope to leave her country and her past behind for a new life. Will her plans work out, especially when Vidhyuth storms back in her lif...

  • My Guiding Star
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    #4 in untold love - 26/6/18 Niranjana is coming home after 6 years. Her sister Sanjana is getting married, and that should make her happy. But, can she be, with Ranjan's presence for her peace of mind? Even worse, he have shifted opposite to her house. Will she survive another heart break, especially after that fatef...

  • The Girl In The Station- And Many More Short Stories
    87 23 1

    The Girl: Shira was late for the Christmas gathering at her mother's house. She was supposed to be there before her annoying siblings did. But thanks to an episode with her cheating boyfriend she's here at the railway station in the night alone. She was bored waiting for the train to arrive .... until she introduced h...

  • A Loan Of Five Rupees
    109K 9.8K 22

    Book 2 of "Destined To Be" [Winner Of Tweet Your Story India] In the hustle-bustle of the Twenty-First Century, where everyone forgets about themself, two people experience their most beautiful encounter with each other. But, is this encounter enough to spark something between them? What'll happen when they meet back...

  • I won't break...
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    Bullying exists in all forms. Cyber bullying or otherwise. Here is what Shiny did to overcome it.