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  • #Madhouse
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    #MadHouse is a place where the party never ends. Fun for fans and maybe more ;) The beautiful cover was made by the amazing @xxRazmatazxx.

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    Welcome, all Walking Dead lovers! Do you want your fanfiction to be discovered? Do you want more reads on your book? Would you like the chance for your work to be in the limelight? Are you looking for feedback and critique to become a better writer, and do the same for other's? Then this club is for you, we aspire to...

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    Encyclopedia of The Walking Dead characters, funfacts, pictures and more...

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    A collection of the top moments of The Walking Dead picked by you.

  • Wattpad's Got Talent
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    Calling all lovers of the auditory arts! If you've been yearning for the spotlight, the Music & Audio profile has the contest for you! Showcase your performance talent in the very first season of what is sure to become a Wattpad sensation! Fantastic prizes are up for grabs! Welcome to Wattpad's Got Talent!

  • Guidebook - Horns & Halos
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    Hello and Welcome to all those that had fallen or risen, This profile is dedicated to Angels, Demons, and Nephilim. Be it a fantastical and mythical warfare between two opposing powers, a forbidden romance between mortal and the fallen, or the tale of a rebellious prince of the underground - this profile will feature...

  • BTVS: Conversations with Di & Em
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    Yes, we know you've seen all the seasons, all the episodes (or at the very least most of them) but it never hurts to do a little recap! Let's dive in the Buffyverse together and go over what happened in which season, which baddies Buffy and the scoobies fought against and when was which character introduced.