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  • Hurtful Love (Rokka no Yuusha-Hans/Adlet)
    1.2K 57 1

    Playing with love is fun. But that only applies to the player. Hans/Adlet, Hans centric, boy/boy, boy/girl love included

  • Hollow and Heart (Bleach)
    2.9K 80 6

    Visiting Hueco Mundo, Orihime succeeds in seeing the one man who died while holding her heart. Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or its characters.

  • New Emotions (Sort of an UlquiHime Oneshot)
    2.4K 52 1

    Kind of an UlquiHime...focusing on Ulquiorra's interception and capture of Orihime, and the meeting that happens when she first arrives.

  • A Timeless Love
    282 0 10

    Frey finally confesses her feelings to Leon. Who unknown to her has his heart bound to "her". Will he be able to unbind his heart and be present with Frey? Just a cute little LeonxFrey story.

  • Forgotten Promise
    47 2 2

    Could the heart remember what the mind forgot? Frey and Lest are about to start their life together when things started to fall apart. Frey, who went to Selphia on a mission, had an accident that made her forget. Lest, left with their earthmate brethen, is being hunted by the mad king of the Sechs. Will they be togeth...

  • I'll Do Anything For You (OHSHC/Hell Girl)
    506 10 7

    Ouran High School Host Club & Hell Girl Crossover In this story everyone now knows about Haruhi being a girl not only that but Haruhi and Hikaru are dating. Haruhi has been bullied lately by girls just because she's dating Hikaru. But Hikaru has been noticing Haruhi wounds...

  • Can You Fix My Broken Heart ? ( Yumeiro Patissiere crossover Shokugeki No Soma )
    37.5K 611 14

    A new student arrives to St. Marie and she slowly gotten everyone attention especially Ichigo's friends . Day by Day Ichigo is slowly forgotten by her friends and teammates , but before the day Group A could replace Ichigo . She suddenly left St. Marie Academy and transfer to a culinary school in Tokyo. What would ha...

  • The Shy Girl And The Gentlemen (TsugumixAkane Fanfiction)
    307 10 1

    Tsugumi Harudori is an average 14-year-old girl who is currently starting her first year of high school. In love with love, she seeks for a boy that would want to be her boyfriend. Unfortunately, high school boys aren't as easy going as middle school boys. Then she meets Akane Hoshi, a junior year student. Though it w...

  • Cakes = Dates ? :)
    2.9K 124 7

    Its Valentines Day! Nanami Haruka wants to give everyone a gift, and so she makes a cake that's good for everyone! Now the members of STARISH take this as an opportunity to have a lovely date with their dear composer whom they are all in love with... Will Haruka be able to keep up with the one-day-date-with-everyone...

  • Future Children ( UtaPri )
    5K 113 4

    While Nanami Haruka was composing, many children suddenly appear with the smoke. The children was slightly familiar looks like Starish, Quartet Night and her. What she was surprised was, the children say Nanami was their mother but their father was different. How will Starish, Quartet Night and Nanami Haruka handle th...

  • Anime
    3.6K 49 7

  • I'm Sorry, I Promise I Didn't Mean It
    1.8K 41 5

    So I have no idea where I'm going with this. But basically this is a Durarara fan fiction where Mikado gets kidnapped by a gang, at first the gang thinks hes Izaya, but then realize they messed up. The rest I'm just winging. . . . . . . Enjoy! P.S There is violence! Don't say I didn't warn you!

  • The Morose Mononokean Oneshots (Mainly Abeshiya)-Warning
    11.6K 410 31

    One is stoic, the other is childish, yet the two aren't killing each other for their personalities. The vast majority of these will contain Abeshiya. Sorry to those who dislike the ship, but some of them do not all contain shipping. Cover is not mine. I took it from the internet so whoever the original artist was tell...

  • Together | Abeno Haruitsuki x Hanae Ashiya | The Morose Mononokean
    1.1K 25 2

    I love this ship so I'm writing a fanfiction about it UwU

  • When He Fell
    13.8K 587 9

    Abeno attempts to pinpoint when he fell in love, and what exactly he should do next.

  • Couldn't Be Better ~Amuto Oneshot~
    504 28 1

    The day after he asked amu to marry him ikuto was in an accident that put him into a coma. Amu is afraid to visit him so she tries to live normally. Though almost one year old Ikuya doesn't exactly help. one shot

  • Find your way home
    5.1K 159 7

    Sequel to nobodies home. For years Ikuto has been searching the world for Amu and finally he's close. But when he finds her will Amu be willing to return with him. Decided to finally get the sequel switched over. Sorry for any grammer mistakes. I wrote this a few years ago as well.

  • Nobody's Home
    17.4K 620 18

    Amu, lost her three best friends ran miki and suu in a car accident in her freshmen year of high school. now she is completely hidden behind a wall. no longer noticed by anyone she goes on with her life on auto pilot. can ikuto save her. This story is mine. I wrote it several years ago and had it posted on Fanfiction...

  • Betrayed
    104K 2.5K 14

    After seirin won the winter cup everyone (not the GoM) thought it was the best idea to kick out kuroko since he was "weak". Kuroko and the rest of the GoM decided to be in a team again and defeat Seirin Contains Boyxboy Fluff Against

  • AOHARU x KIKANJUU [Hotaru Harem]
    2.9K 104 3

    This proceeds after Hotaru came back from America. Toy⭐Gun Gun is trailled to have her back, that way they can play together again, but there's another secret reason...But what is it ? And why is Toy⭐Gun Gun meeting Hoshishiro more often ?! More importantly why is Midori keep on pestering Hotaru ?! What is the same...

  • MidorixTachibana Little Kitten
    986 17 3

    While practicing for the up coming TGC, Tachibana caused an serious injury but little did she know that that injury would cause much more than pain

  • Love Isn't Looks (Saiki Kusuo x Makoto Teruhashi) (HIATUS)
    50.9K 1.3K 7

    Saiki was walking down the street when he bumped into a random stranger passing by and his glasses break. Saiki has to avoid eye contact from everyone while he makes a dash for his home. The only replacement he had were contacts, and I guess Saiki's eyes can enchant anyone, even more so than Teruhashi. Saiki then runs...

  • Saiki K : Baby Troubles
    129K 3.6K 22

    Saiki kusou always been a kid wanting to be average but it seems like he is a magnet to the werid and strange. What can you do when you are a psychic.

  • CFV One-Shots [ON HOLD]
    11.2K 213 24

    Bunch of One-Shots!

  • Cardfight Vanguard One-shots
    30.6K 322 28

    a collection of one-shots from the anime Cardfight Vanguard along with G Canon x OC Canon x Canon X readers (for now) Request status ⬜ Open ⬜ On hold ◻ Closed ✔ Closed Permanantly Disclaimer: I don't own cardfight vanguard, but the one-shot plots belong to me!

  • Cardfight!! Vanguard G: THE NEW GENERATION Arc 1 - Stand Up To The Victory!
    10.5K 156 57

    20 years after the events of the Gyze incident, a new kid named Kouichi Sendou takes his adventure to become a Cardfighter just like his father. But there will be challenges and obstacles along the way. Join Kouichi as he embarks this journey and his way of taking the legacy of his father!

  • Words Hurt Servamp
    6.3K 162 7

    This is a short story of KuroMahi and LawLicht Mahiru and Licht both get into a terrible arguments with their Servamps. Mahiru and Kuro say terrible things to each other that costed them to not wanting to be close to each other. Licht and Hyde always argued and physical but this time this went out of hand for both en...

  • Tokyo Ravens 2
    93 0 2

    I wanted to place authors note her: I don't own the rights to Tokyo Ravens, its characters, or any and all likeness. I just had a dream thought I would write it out! Ps: I also have not read the manga (had a hard time finding it) so I am basing my novel off of the anime. PPS: I also write scenes depicting blood, viole...

  • Mikado's Ordeal Durarara!! Fanfic (BoyxBoy)
    20.7K 755 10

    Mikado Ryugamine is relentlessly harassed everyday by the infamous Izaya Orihara. One time, Whilst Mikado was running away from the info broker, he ran into Shizuo Heiwajima, who seemed like his one and only savior at the current moment. Although Mikado was intimidated by him, he asked for his help...probably not the...

  • Twisted Love. (DRRR!! FF)
    7.9K 220 20

    A love born from such twisted circumstances was never going to be an easy one. Izado. Durarara!! FF

    Completed   Mature