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  • Game on Sunshine
    385K 12.3K 14

    Nico DiAngelo probably has a crush on Will Will totally has one So...Game on, Sunshine?

  • You Make Me Okay (phan)
    123K 5.8K 22

    Dan Howell is just a boy in his school; nothing more, but he's seen as less, and feels like less, until one day there's a new kid in town; Phil Lester. And what are the odds that Dan might talk to Phil? Slim. But of course, Phil ends up sitting next to Dan, starting something without knowing; an unbreakable friendship...

  • Mon Cheri (Solangelo AU)
    352K 11.3K 19

    DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN. Nico's the new boy in boarding school. Will takes an interest in him. (A/N: I have no clue what else to say)

  • [Medical Reasons?] Solangelo Fanfiction
    147K 2.8K 19

    After three days in the infirmary, Will and Nico uncover feelings for each other. Told by Will and Nico themselves. tw// self harm, depression, idk tbh i don't remember what's in this someone dies uh maybe suicide?? idk i was goin through it when i wrote this like THREE FUCKING YEARS AGO JESUS

  • Shadow Travels (A Pjo, HoO, & Solangelo Fanfiction) ✅
    165K 4.8K 43

    Nico Di Angelo didn't mean to do this. He didn't mean to shadow travel into Will Solace's arms. . . Neither did he mean to fall in love with him. Or get into this, mildly confusing, mess. Cover by @Ghostkitty11

  • Always and Forever ( Haruhi x Hikaru )
    72.2K 2.1K 38

    The Ouran Fair had just ended, everything was back to normal. The host club was running smoothly, it was more popular than ever, and everyone was happy. That is until, love got in the way of life.

  • Outcast ✧ Phan
    1.2M 60.2K 23

    Dan Howell has telekinesis - a power just like out of a comic book. Yet instead of protecting the universe as a brave superhero, he hides. He hides his power and himself, fearing nothing more than getting attached to somebody and dragging them down. Of course, Phil Lester, the new kid in school, just had to come waltz...

  • safe in my arms | solangelo au | under editing
    1.2M 52.4K 65

    Nico hasn't had an easy life. His father abandoned him, his mother died, and then his sister met the same fate. However, things have recently gotten worse: his boyfriend has turned abusive. Nico lives in constant fear. Then Nico meets Will. Will helps Nico, and shows him that his life doesn't have to be a living hell...

  • Late At Night (Horror One-Shots)
    20 3 1

    I've been watching some creepypasta videos, and it inspired me to write my own little horror stories. Be warned, I may add my own comedic touch to some of them, but probably not that many. (It's called "late at night" 'cause that's when I wrote these... late at night)

  • Shadowed Light (Solangelo)
    7.5K 515 27

    Not all light is from a ray of artificial light or the Sun. Some lights, are made of their opposite. In the case a shadowed heart must be healed - light made from shadows is the only way. -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- My friend wanted to do a competition, so we each chose a ship and we're seeing who gets the most votes/views/fol...

  • A Switch Of Twins (Sequel to Shadowed Light)
    2.4K 170 22

    Everything was going good since Will's shadow coma. Nico and Will's relationship was thriving, until one day Will disappears from his bed. In Will's place is a daughter of Apollo who looks a lot like Will and is his age. Who is this girl? ------- (When it doesn't say a POV it is Nico) Please read Shadowed Light before...

  • My Art Book ✳️
    925 54 38

    This is a book full of my crappy sketches, drawings, and paintings. It's basically a gallery of me trying too hard. Enjoy!

  • Stars (Thalianca Fanfiction) ✅
    3.9K 147 14

    Note: THIS WAS MADE A YEAR AGO WHEN I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE!! BEWARE!!!! Thalia looked up at the stars in the sky. A tear ran down her face, the other hunters where long asleep. "I miss you Bia." Thalia whispered, trying not to cry. After all it was her death anniversary, Nico had been comforted by Will Solace- his...

  • Light Bender (A Solangelo, Pjo, & HoO Fanfiction) ✳️
    14.8K 497 29

    SEQUEL TO SHADOW TRAVELS Will and Nico fell in love. Well, that was how the story goes. . . After a lot of schist was thrown at them. Here's what happened AFTER Will kissed Nico!

  • solangelo prompts
    1.5K 90 9

    I suck at writing, but I still get some good ideas. feel free to use any of the prompts in this book.

  • Solangelo Short Stories
    9.1K 228 25

    Funny, adorable, NO SMUT (because I'm bad at it), Solangelo short stories. P.S. These stories are not AUs and the drawing isn't mine.

  • [How Titans Curse Should've Ended] One Shot AU
    203 7 1

    I was reading this solangelo fanfic where Bianca is alive, and watching HISHE and i thought, "in every other timeline in the junkyard, Bianca was NOT an idiot and decided to take the figure thingy from the gods junkyard", so i came up with this and it's probably not accurate at all but idrc.

  • The New Life
    157 11 5

    Solangelo, characters are not mine, they are Rick's. The stories are a mish mash of things I've read on Pinterest, and things I've heard friends talk about and my own dreams. Also I suck at drawing, so I added a cover that is not mine.

  • [Demigods Quest to Hogwarts] PJO and HP Crossover
    195K 3K 23

    Nico, Percy, and Thalia are given a quest that only children of the Big Three can complete... together. They must go, to Hogwarts. (takes place in The Dark Prophecy) I got bored of all of the other nonaccurate Demigods go to Hogwarts and the only good one I found was updated 2 years ago so I figured I'd write my own

  • Speak [ phan ]
    1.7M 98.9K 32

    " we're friends right? well, you can't really tell me otherwise anyway, which is probably why we're friends. " Or the story of an overenthusiastic boy called Phil, who has trouble shutting up, and a reluctantly mute boy called Dan, who's life is falling apart, and how they both come to realise that sometimes - actions...

  • Solangelo Onshots/Short Stories
    68K 1.7K 60

    Solangelo. Prepare to cry. Oh and there will be death- lots of death. Ok fine I'll do some cute ones no matter how fun it is to make you people mad at me. ---- All characters belong to Rick Riordan.

  • Percy Jackson The Bane Of Olympus
    6.1K 104 8

    Percy Jackson is dead.... Not really he was given an option between being the son of Chaos and Order or die. He chose both.... How? Well, the old Percy Jackson is dead and a new, colder, hardened, emotionless Percy. He is now Heir to both Chaos and Order. The most powerful being in the universe. He is also known as Vo...

  • The One From Nowhere
    351 67 20

    Everyone comes from somewhere, Right? Wrong. Infern is 1/4 Cat, 1/4 Pheniox, 1/4 Human, and 1/4 Unknown. One day she just appeared out of Nowhere on Earth, lost. A man found her and took her in, now she is ready to find herself, and her home. How will this journey end? Will Infern find herself or end up destroying eve...

  • [boyxboy one shots]Solangelo, Snowbaz, Phan, Jercy, and Klance Angst One-Shots
    13.4K 280 18

    We got Solangelo, Person (commonly known as Jercy), Klance, Phan, and Snowbaz. Boom. I've also got angst meters and short chapter summaries. TRIGGER WARNINGS!!!! - self harm - suicide - bullimia - anorexia - rape - killing - depression

  • Solangelo One shots
    16.4K 194 10

    Just cute Solangelo stuff .... All characters belong to Rick Riordan (unless I make characters up) yeah that's about it.

  • [After All These Years...] Solangelo Fanfiction
    1.9K 83 7

    [discontinued unless enough people want me to continue] On their one year anniversary, Nico di Angelo runs out on Will Solace. Nico knows what's happening, but to everyone else, Nico's disappearance is a mystery.

  • Pretty Things (A Pjo, HoO, & A Valdangelo Fanfic) ✅
    46.5K 2.1K 45

    Leo really liked pretty things. He liked glitters and sparkles, stars and constellations, and he liked frilly dresses and nail polish. However, from a young age, he learned that boys couldn't like pretty things. And that they couldn't like what he liked. So naturally, he "didn't like" flowers, or even certain colors. ...

  • My Last, And Only, Patient (A Pjo/HoO Fanfic) ✅
    163 12 1

    Percy Jackson- my first patient as a therapist. . . His story made him be my last. . . Basically, everyone died in the end of BoO. Percy gets super depressed, and finds a therapist. Better than put here! Oneshot

  • Boxes (A Harry Potter & Frarry Fanfiction) ✳️
    37.8K 1.2K 26

    Boxes from the Christmas Fred missed. All the boxes he prepared. (Or money he had in storage prepared) One for Ron, his mom, Ginny, Hermione, Percy, Charlie, Bill, George, his dad. And even his past lover. He would never forget about Harry after all. Frarry = Fred Weasley x Harry Potter

  • Nightmares (Jercy Oneshot(s)) ✳️
    326K 8.6K 119

    Percy's screams woke the crew on the Argo II. And Jason was the only one who actually calmed him. Both boys felt something. Pipers dirty little secret comes out. And the boys have the best kisses of their lives. That's the first one-shot. In this book- but there will be more as I go. Just Jercy Oneshots (as the title...