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  • Kiribaku One-Shots (smut)
    66.6K 893 16

    A series, chapter by chapter, of Kirishima and Bakugou fucking. That's it. Chapters are labeled at the beginning as Bakutop or Bakubottom. Read this if you're horny. NOTE: - All characters are 18+ - Some content is Fluff or other. Those will be labeled. - There is a threesome in part 8. By all means, if that's not wha...

  • Some Gay Anime One-Shots
    15.2K 238 29

    Highest Ranking: 1 in SouMako A series of one-shots from Free! All of it will be smut just a fair warning to those who aren't okay with smut. SHIPS INCLUDE: SouMako, RinHaru, Reigisa, Momotori.