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  • The Mob Character Shouldn't Have A Yandere Harem?!
    1M 41.4K 125

    The Mob Character Shouldn't Have A Yandere Harem?! 50 years ago, rifts started to open around the world. Portals to other dimensions. And with their appearance, so did the fantastical monsters that lived within them, led by the ruthless Demon King. Unprepared for them, millions died. But not only did monsters come thr...

    67.5K 3.8K 21

    A young boy get's transmigrated into a game-like world, ingrained with challenges and pain. Can this boy, named Sin by this worlds people, come out sane? Or, "How the hell am I so damn OP!?"

  • The Apocalypse's Great Merchant
    19.8K 545 14

    After her previous life, Lan Ke luckily received an universal trade system, and also a ruthless food waster. After initializing the universal trade, becoming a universe merchant, it was the good days of breezing disasters, face-hitting, embracing handsome men! Though as she got stronger and stronger, she stumbled upon...

  • Everyone is Secretly in Love with Me
    15.8K 777 19

    Disclaimer this is not my story. For offline purposes only. (The moment I saw this book, I wanted to share with others) Lin Zhizhi, the proud son of a cultivation family, accidentally obtained a system that can check the favorability of others. With a single glance, not only does he discover that his best friend want...

  • The Shewolf Within Me | BxB
    2.2M 90K 70

    Pyro is a werewolf with a dark secret, he was born as an female wolf side. A all white wolf which is a prize to male werewolves to have as their mate. When his family becomes apart of a pack, he does his best hiding it from them. With the pack thinking his sister is the one with the white wolf. Attention rasie for he...

  • leech and mutt (BoyXBoy) - A Jakeward Fanfiction
    163K 4.9K 41

    "How many times have I told you to stay away from Bella?" "Jacob why are you being difficult?" "I hate you leech just stay away from her. She'll be mine and I don't want to have your foul stench all over her." "Jacob just put the hate aside for once so we can negotiate..." ******************************************* I...

  • Supporting Role's Aura 配角光环 (穿书)
    337K 11.6K 52

    Disclaimer: I am NOT the author of this book! I'm just a translator who love to read Danmei and happened to be this author's fan! The real author is: 作者:橘子舟 Author : Tangerine Boats Please support them in the original site! TQ 🙏 Plot: Ye You was one idle rich second generation, with good appearance and a large numb...

  • Rebirth: TMD pregnant again
    259K 9.7K 84

    Title: Rebirth: Fucking pregnant again (他妈的又怀上了[重生]) Author: Xiao Zui (小最) Status: Completed Length: 64 chapters Raws: Summary: This is a special forces reborn in the body of a pregnant teenager. Ling Fangping blocked the gun while rescuing the ab...

  • Exchanging Villainy Into Love System [BL]
    391K 17.4K 30

    Bai An Cheng was a mercenary-for-hire in the modern era of advanced technology. He's a bio-engineered human thrown away in an orphanage for reasons still unknown. There, he learned how to be a mother, a big brother, and a protector for his younger 'siblings'. After an attempted kidnapping of his siblings which resulte...

  • Making A Better Protagonist
    148K 6.6K 19

    He always thought that he would sit alone reading novels .... Go to college, doze off , eat and then head back to his empty home to read. Who would have thought he would meet a crazy spirit? A transmigrater and an bastard husband meet ... (all images included are from google and not works of the author)

  • 古董下山 (ENGLISH: Old Fogey Goes Down The Mountain)
    68.8K 2.2K 35

    We are fan translators! Please be nice in comments for the community :) Original Author: 缘何故 Yuán hégù In the great and mighty and advanced 21st century, an old fogey who's stayed up in the mountains for an unknown number of years borrows a body, carrying pocketfuls of silver dollars, heads down into the city for the...

  • My Adopted Cat Is A God!
    18.2K 1.1K 25

    THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WORK NOT A TRANSLATION. NO COPY/TRANSLATION IS ALLOWED. THIEF WILL BE REPORTED. One night, Huang Mao found an injured stray cat and decided to adopt the cat. A pure black cat. He took care of it and let it stay at his house. It was a proud and arrogant cat. It wouldn't eat anything besides fish. A...

  • Qingge
    169K 5.4K 122

    **Story not mine, for offline reading purposes only.** PLEASE DON'T VOTE, JUST READ ONLY. Thanks. #completed Lin Qingge's body was pathetically weak, so weak that just taking a few steps would make him gasp for breath. His own family treated him like he didn't exist. His birth mother died when he was young and his fa...

  • Worldly
    56K 2.8K 24

    Wang Shu, a senior disciple whose only focus in life is the martial way, died of heavenly tribulations when attempting to break through to the nascent soul stage. He woke up in a magical feudal world with a flawed body.

  • [BL] Making my Naive Master Love only me
    322K 15.8K 60

    Liang Fei is an avid reader, hardworking man and a loyal brother. So why is he forced to play the role of a villain in a novel he never even read!? After being killed and transmigrated into his younger sisters favorite novel, Liang Fei finds himself in the tough situation of surviving in a novel he's never read and a...

  • Space and Rebirth: The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman (Book 1)
    784K 23.3K 200

    This is the first 200 chapters of TFG. Chinese Title: 空间重生:盛宠神医商女 Author: 年小华 In her past life, she had no one to rely on and died alone in jail. But now, she has been reborn, given a second chance. Got an heirloom. Activated a mystical Space Dimension. Studied medicine and became a genius doctor. Opened a clinic. F...

    Completed   Mature
  • RWSB
    849K 27.4K 149

    Genre: Modern Rebirth source: Original Translator Helli. All credits to them. Offline purposes. Note : The 'Silkpants' part means mean a rich and hedonistic son.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Host's Luck Is Too Unbelievable!
    314K 11.5K 21

    The story where the Host only have to do little scheming and hugs his lover's golden thighs, Host just sits around, his lover doing all the missions. The system wants to puke blood, seeing the Host's lover pamper him too much. Host : "I don't like that girl ah!" Lover : "Mmn." System got a notification, [The Female L...

  • System, are you messing with me?
    318K 14.7K 39

    A shameless and sometimes even sadistic beauty. That's how the people would describe Shu Ning. He was very popular with men and woman equally but of course there were also those who were jealous of the attention he received. That's how he found himself being pushed over the railing of a bridge by some women he didn't...

  • Transmigated as a senior brother
    120K 4.4K 24

    Lang Li had died with 1 regret in his previous life. He had died from an accident but was then transmigated into a different world. A world of cultivation what happens when he meets the protagonist and villan of the novel he was transmigated in will he change his destiny. Will he have more the just a master disciple...

  • The Crimson Tyrant {Rewrite}
    49.4K 2.2K 12

    Mike always wanted to be and act like a normal person. His parents were old fashioned rich people. When I say old fashioned I mean they were still living like royalty still existed. Mike learned etiquette, swordsmanship, and horseback riding. He soon killed himself after learning he would be sold to the government...

  • A Darkening World And A Sleepy Protagonist
    231K 11.9K 25

    It all started with a murder. Neal Lixen has dealt with many things in his life, but he never expected having to deal with the fact his best friend is a murderer. Not even the biggest issue in his life when suddenly he wakes up in another world that has begun to be taken over by demons, never enough time to peacefull...

  • [BL] DEATHBLADE; The Emperor's Blood Pledged Shadow Guard
    1.3M 78K 86

    ---NOT A TRANSLATION!!!!-- (be aware of this before you proceed and thought of this as a translated novel.) NOT PURE CHINESE k~😌cause I'm not good with Chinese... This is not pure. Note that. The gore of shadows, The blade of death slayed more than enough soul. Each edges is as sharp as the senses of the bloodthi...

  • Transmigration: Save My Chastity!
    1.1M 54.9K 76

    THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WORK NOT A TRANSLATION. NO COPY/TRANSLATION IS ALLOWED EXCEPT FOR THOSE THREE IN MY PROFILE PAGE. THIEF WILL BE REPORTED. This is a world of Ger. There is no woman, only males exist and categorise into two, Man and Ger. The Ger can give birth to a child. And... This is the kind of world that Zhan...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Turned into a Little White Face After I Returned From the Apocalypse
    75.2K 1.5K 23

    [Disclaimer: This novel is not mine. It is the English translation of a Chinese novel written by 某片叶子 ] Summary: Su An has been struggling in the last days for more than a decade, and a death as a hero after taking down the Zombie Emperor is quite good, thus Su An intends to close his eyes and rest in peace. Rest in p...

  • [Rebirth] Birth of a Wealthy Heir, I Swelled
    308K 10.3K 67

    In the fifteenth year after being wrongly held, Yi Wei returned to his biological parents. He is not regarded as a treasure by his parents, his elder brother like younger brother, and his fiance's heart is not him. As long as he didn't care, he could live well, but he did something stupid because he cared too much, le...

  • Hurts so good
    1.9M 48.5K 63

    "I could give you what you want, what you crave" he whispered in my ear and I shivered as I felt his hand slide into my shirt. "How do you even know what I -uhhhh" he pinched the skin just above My belly button and I swear I could just melt right here right now surrounded by three god looking men one whose hands was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reincarnated as a Yandere Villain [BL]
    1.6M 85.4K 35

    [Historical Reincarnation Series : Book 1] ※THIS IS AN ORIGINAL STORY. #RAYV: About a gentle kindergarten employee that was reincarnated in a mysterious book as its Yandere villain, and his quest to eliminate his death flags along the way by befriending the novel's characters who were supposed to lead him to his death...

  • I Got Reincarnated As The Psychotic Villain In A Novel
    2.5M 137K 44

    A story about an idol who died and got reincarnated in a body of a psychotic villain from the novel. Adrien Waterston was a popular idol who was admired by a lot of people. Because of his unique voice, he became one of the most famous artists. But things weren't going really well in his life. He's actually facing a l...