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  • Hidden love
    13K 211 6

    When mal is kidnapped by uma and her gang she begins to develop feelings for one of the villains. Who is it? What will happen between her and Ben? Sorry that this story isn't very good this is my first whatpadd story.

  • Mal+Harry Hook: Chillin Like a Villain
    48.3K 1K 18

    She was back. Years after her marriage. She was actually back in the Isle. My first love. I was back. Banished from Auradon. My friends betrayed me. My husband betrayed me. This is a tale about Harry Hook, son of Captain Hook, and Mal, daughter of Maleficent. Warning: this story isn't mature but isn't for younger r...

  • Mal X Harry: Love
    71.6K 1.4K 23

    This is a love story between Mal and Harry. This takes place after Descendants 2. I don't own Descendants or the characters!

  • Treat You Better
    24.9K 447 16

    It has been awhile since everything has happened. Ben has been monitoring the other VKs on the Isle of the Lost to see who could be fit to come to Auradon. Harry has been trying to get sent to Auradon so he can see Mal. Mal has been keeping secrets from Ben and with his new ability will he find out? As things began t...

  • Hook Charm - Descendants
    35.5K 1.1K 19

    When Mal returns to the Isle because she feels too pressured to be something she's not, she sees someone there who changes her perspective on things. Harry Hook. What happens when Harry casts his Hook charm on her? What happens when his magical Hook, the only magic on the entire Isle, puts her under a spell? A love sp...

  • Was it love?
    8K 205 12

    When the conversation at Dizzy's goes a bit different than it should of, Mal is forced to face the fact that what she needs has been there a along. Meanwhile Harry is starting to doubt getting involved with Uma and her crew.

    Completed   Mature
  • -on hold- Well, Well, Well.
    2.6K 73 3

    i'm sorry to put this on hold i have not been writing content for this for a while now "Well, well, well, what is the pretty little princess doing back on the Isle, again." The characters belong to Disney! I'll say it if I create a new one. This is purely fanfiction, but my brain made the storyline up by itself, if it...

  • Distant Friends (Harry Hook X Mal )
    33.3K 729 10

    When Harry Decides To Try To Become Good And Moves To Auridorn Prep, And Starts To Give Mal Attention, Will Their Friendship Turn Into Something More (!) DISCLAIMER (!) Nothing in this story belongs to me (other than the plot) all rights belong to Disney and the descendants cast and creators. Sequel (Hooked Love) is...