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  • Curly friends [Izuku x Mina]
    61.1K 645 3

    I finally have an idea for how this should all start and possibly end so finally the Izuku x Mina story Also I changed up then writing style only for this story though Enjoy;-)

  • Curiosity - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | Izuku x Nejire
    231K 3.5K 21

    She is a super curious person, one of the Big Three and a senior in U.A. What happens when she finds herself more curious of a certain green-haired boy who didn't use his quirk during most of the Sports Festival?

  • The Boy Who Could
    221K 2.9K 24

    Izuku Midoriya is your typical student at U.A, sort of... His Quirk One For All is powerful but comes at a cost if he uses it without limits, yet he's the top prospect out of the freshman. One day when he's getting lectured for fighting he meets one of the big 3 eventually showing off his abilities, and why he's the N...

  • The Underground
    138K 4.2K 12

    Because of his quirk, Izuku Midoriya had been abandoned by his father. His mother, who still believes him stayed by his side. Until a tragic incident happen. After that, Midoriya travel into the underground life. Doing everything he could to survive. Either stealing, fighting or even killing. After he gets caught, the...

  • Be There (Awaiting Re-Write)
    31.8K 507 5

    Izuku inherited his quirk at a very young age. Izuku loved his quirk and with it he would become the greatest hero ever! Until one day everything in his life fell apart, Kacchan who he had always had a great friendship with was seriously injured. There were so many heroes on the seen and yet they did nothing, not even...

  • The Tremor Through his Heart
    229K 4.5K 23

    Izuku Midoriya was a special case, he didn't inherit a combination of his parents Quirks or even one of theirs... instead Midoriya is born with the Quirk Collapse. This Quirk allows seismic waves to be released from his body, unfortunately when his Quirk develops Izuku causes a 8.5 Earthquake that causes the death of...

  • The outcast hero
    39.4K 1K 21

    I'm going to write this only because as far as I've read there isn't a story which makes midoriya izuku an "outcast" because of his quirk, in this story izuku will have a quirk since the beginning but an "unique" one, Shiragaki Tomura's quirk. As the story goes on I will explain all the changes I made and I'm not goin...

  • Condemned to Exile
    53.4K 2.3K 11

    As a child, there are asked many things you don't dare to think twice about, like your favourite colour, sweet, parent (or guardian), most of the times you're laughed at or encouraged to love and follow through with them... ...then there's what you aspire to be, your dreams, goal and desire, but when you suggest thing...

  • Determination - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | IzuOcha (Complete)
    139K 2.5K 28

    [3rd place BNHA Wattys 2017] (COMPLETED) - The 1-A class is having tournaments to test their own abilities, but little do they know that the League of Villains is planning something. Between epic battles and fluffy romance, this fanfiction has both. So embark on this adventure, and follow Izuku as he discovers that On...

  • Serena X Miette
    2.5K 6 2

    Don't hate me for this. I think this is a better ship than Amourshipping. Serena has always had a crush on Ash and she has even considered Miette a rival. But when they are alone, Miette shows her true feelings. Pokemon and all its characters belong to the original creators. I own nothing but the plot. Warning: there...

  • Rumor Has It
    2K 30 6

    [FondantShipping] When a busybody journalist spreads a rumor about two rising star performers, Serena's life is changed forever. According to the paper, she and Miette are in a relationship... and the worst part is, everyone believes it! How will Serena react as the world around her pushes her toward her rival... and...

  • My Hero
    1.8K 52 1

    Our two lovable greenies are in love with each other, but she isn't sure about him and he's too shy and awkward to admit his feelings to her. But when a symbiote abomination captures her in threats of killing her, Izuku pulls his act together and goes after her even though it meant he was going to get expelled from U...

    Completed   Mature
  • One For All (Villain!Deku AU)
    25.8K 757 8

    A distraught Midoriya Izuku strived to become a hero... Only to question himself on the very first day of school at U.A. High. Will he keep going towards the path of being a hero? Or will he be caught up in his own doubts and turn to the path of becoming the most feared villain that the world has ever known?

  • The Dark Side of Deku (Psycho!DekuAU)
    64.2K 965 19

    AU of BNHA. Izuku's mom dies from a car accident and Izuku goes mental because of it. Join Izuku for his trip through insanity, with a certain chestnut haired girl there to save him. I wont spoil too much of the story. P.S. I'm new to this fanfiction thing(Izuku X Ochako) I DO NOT OWN THE ART, I JUST EDITED IT IN A CR...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dense in more than one thing
    6.4K 171 3

    I'm not a great shipper of IzukuxMei but I thought of a great idea for this fanfic! For the first time I will add a little summary (it will only have the main thing of the story) *ahem* Midoriya Izuku looks normal but the greater change is that he is a dense one and that not only refers to love, this fact is seen by...

  • Froppy's Love (Izuku x Tsuyu)
    116K 1K 12

    It's my first time making a story. I hope you like it! : ) So here goes..... It's the story of Deku yearning to be the number 1 hero. He's really not into love and other stuff until a certain girl leaped into his everyday life. What happens in the future life of Deku? Let's find out..... It might contain might matu...

  • My Mechanical Romance (Izuku Midoriya X Mei Hatsume Fanfic)
    20.6K 220 1

    This is a one-shot of Izuku X Hatsume. Izuku had time off after the Sports Festival ended, when suddenly he received an unknown text that wanted to meet him someplace, having something important. When he gets there, he re-joins the mechanical hero herself, Mei Hatsume. What was at first a harmless visit just to catch...

  • The Shy Rockstar(awaiting re-write)
    162K 2.7K 19

    [1st place BNHA Wattys Izuku fanfics category] Izuku gives up becoming a hero and decides on becoming a musician. Little did he know that one of his loyal fans would start falling in love with him. This is a izukuxjirou fanfic

  • One in a million
    148K 2.4K 19

    He never really knew he had a quirk or two for that matter, it was activated when he attacked his childhood friend out of rage, soon a black demon speaks with him showing no threats and also giving him a hero like quirk and another one that was filled with dark energy and marked him with an ancient symbol that signifi...

    Completed   Mature