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  • Untold desires-kuch unkaha sa
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    Sometimes.. a sngle moment is enough to change a person completely, a betrayal can make sum1 to never fall in love again. Everyone have some untold desires, some broken promises,unsaid feelings and a secret hope that those desires will fulfill someday., evrything will be just alright.

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    The life of Siachen soldiers

  • Rambha And Urvashi :The Dance-Off...
    302 32 1

    A one-shot poem on the Dance-Off between apsaras Rambha and Urvashi, the celestial dancers. Who will emerge victor in their face off? Please leave your comments and votes! - Padmasani

  • Reunited Bond (On-hold /𝐌𝐚𝐣𝐨𝐫 𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠)
    1.4K 700 46

    Angelina and Anna are 8 year olds who lived seperate lives but undergoes the same problem-fear of being betrayed and used by their friends. It all changed when Angelina's father, Hugo Jason offered to tutor Anna as she was the daughter of Clare Lincoln who was his best friend. This story revolves around the friendship...

  • Questions in Anamika's Mind 【Completed】
    209 72 7

    It's a story of two best friends one who always ask questions and other who always have a positive answer to that question. Anamika and Vedehi. It just contain the same content which was in Unexpressed just an edited version.. © All rights are reserved Don't copy or republish cover credits to : @Iamkrishnolic

  • King's Love (Slow Updates Till Completion Of IB)
    2.1K 113 7

    King Andrik Wolt He is not a good person nor bad person... If he is good with you, you are lucky... If he is bad with you, that means no in the world can be unlucky as you... He hates poor people, but he helps them. He has given his heart already to someone, but she is not with him so finding his love, his princess.. ...

  • Letters
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    A young housewife lives in Calcutta ,India.Her husband is a Commander in Her Majesty's Army.She eagerly waits the homecomming of her husband .But someone is already dead before the meeting .Is it true?? WHO?? This is my first story in wattpad ..if there is any mistakes please forgive..☺ @Sraddharai13

  • Pen Friends
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    Ranked #1 in Letter category (11-May-2018) Ranked #22 on (11-05-2018). Ever wondered in this 21st century where everything is so modern and high-tech and where people make so many unknown friends on social media without even seeing them, can any one have a true pen friend. Yes, Nicole Anderson a socially active girl...

  • Between The Pages
    9K 1.8K 34

    Natasha had always been a reader. And it didn't take her long to discover an absorbing world of wattpad. Flooding with stories, it was just the heaven she always dreamed of. Tanmay wasn't out there just to write, he wished to make a place in the reader's heart. But more than that, he wanted his characters to become im...

  • He Didn't Notice
    52.3K 1.4K 1

    When a husband spends time with another women other than his wife, the wife does something the husband regrets.

  • Chain Smoker
    1.6K 577 17

    Poems and thoughts from high school and college. Now Complete!

  • A Love Story-A ChanDhara SS (On Hold)
    3.1K 227 9

    Chandragupta Maurya is regarded as one of the most powerful and important rulers in the history of Ancient India. This short story revolves around Chandragupta's early life as well as Dhurdhara,his lady love.

  • Unexpressed 【COMPLETED】
    887 241 22

    Highest #5 in Nonfiction Some unexpressed sentences which are in my minds ..... but I never said anyone .... To each of one there are some things which He/she never expressed... search your feeling out of these ..... short but meaningful.. © All rights are reserved (Don't copy or republish ) Cover credits to @Krishn...

  • My scribblings!!
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    As the title goes, these are my short, crazy thoughts that I pen down everytime and save it in drafts. Today I've decided to put it up on the wall. Warning: They can be insane, crazy,funny,thoughtful, beautiful,etc etc! Coz my brain is a kind of indescribable package. Read at your own risk!! Constructive comments...