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  • Most Prized Possesion (Rumbelle)
    64.7K 2.5K 44

    Rumple is safely back with Belle, with Zelena gone and Rumples dagger back they had nothing to fear, or so they thought. Rumple keeps getting mysterious notes, but from who? They say that they will take his most prised possesion. His dagger? The villagers of Storybrooke help him protect his dagger, but is that what th...

  • Rumple x reader
    17.7K 576 10

    You just moved into a apartment complex and soon meet the man everyone in this town fears Why is he feared he seems nice just flawed! (May contain words not for dem youngins!) Anyways read for a story to get to know more about the mysterious Mr.Gold!

  • Remember Me
    1.3K 89 8

    {What would've happen if the evil queen never kindapped Belle? The story starts in Storybrooke a normal day as always. We find Lacey working at Grannys, a normal girl like everyone nothing really special on her. She feels invisible with no purpouse in her life until she gets to meet Mr Gold.}

  • Her Name Shall be Belle (on hold)
    3.4K 243 22

    Delving into the mysterious past of Storybrooke's very own, Belle French. It isn't her official past, it is just a fan fiction version, but it's my first wattpad entry. Soooo... hope you like it!

  • 50 Shades Of Gold
    633 31 2

    Belle French regrettably took an interview with a powerful business man Mr. Gold, for her friend who couldn't make it. Things take an unexpected turn and now she finds that the mysterious and ruthless Mr. Gold, has an attraction towards her. This story is loosely based off the novel 50 Shades Of Grey, however I have...

  • Finding Rumpelstiltskin-A Rumbelle Fanfiction
    973 12 4

    This story is about after Rumple crosses the town line. Belle realizes that making him cross was a mistake. She will do whatever it takes to get him back, no matter what the price.

  • Rumple x Reader (IM BACK BEECH!!!)
    17.6K 551 33

    Your new in town it's been a week and your already getting board in the small town! Nothing new! You are walking down the sidewalk. It's cold and your tired, all you want to do is get home. You close your eyes then open them as you open them you run into a mans chest "IM SO SO S........S.......sssss, sorry sir" you l...

  • The Black Lake •Rumbelle•
    676 15 8

    Wonder what happens if Belle turns dark? Can Rumple save her or is it to late? Can true love really break any curse?

  • The price of love (ouat Rumbelle fanfic)
    1.3K 46 7

    Belle has been engaged to Gaston since birth, but she doesn't like him at all; he is a terrible show off, and he will never ever let her be alone for one moment. He never stops fighting for her, and tells her father lies, such as Belle saying she loves him, but Belle would never love a man like Gaston. She also dreams...