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  • Lego House (Camren Short Story)
    17.2K 467 2

    The extended version of House of Memories. Has 3 parts.

  • Let Her Go (A Camren One Shot)
    11.1K 461 1

    *NEW COVER ART* Lauren Jauregui fell in love with a girl she barely knew. A beautiful brown eyed brunette named Camila. She fell in love with her voice and her charm. She fell for her more, each time they met in the music room. One day, Camila started acting strange. She would disappear for a long period of time, only...

  • soon to be forgotten (camren oneshot)
    2.1K 77 1

    i remember you. but you're slowly slipping away. it's too late. lower case intended.

    Completed   Mature