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  • The Plague Doctor's Daughter
    76K 7.5K 40

    Commoner Giovanna teams up with nobleman Matteo to save a friend from an arranged marriage, but they stumble into a sinister plot that could have victims of Venice's Black Death rising from their graves. * * * As a child, Giovanna Visconti learned the arts of bloodletting and elixir brewing from her father with an int...

  • The Widow Melody Scott
    30.3K 4.8K 36

    A criminal mastermind makes a bold move against a wealthy client to put himself in a position to retire in comfort. He has no idea what he's up against when a young widow, desperate to make ends meet, sets her eyes on earning the bounty set on his head. *** Newly widowed housewife Melody Scott needs to earn some major...

  • A Viking, Willa, Josiah And His Lamb In A Truck | ✔
    17.7K 2.1K 35

    {Wattpad Editor's Choice : May & June} (Featured by Wattpadshortstory and Humor) Willa Morris, a nearly sixteen-year-old, has bullied her mother all her life. Her mother exhausted by this reckless spawn of satan abandons her at her grumpy uncle's shabby cottage. There she finds herself in the ruthless torment of hea...

  • 1.4 | If The Shoe Fits ✓
    300K 20.3K 11

    Nine times Nala Mitchell gets caught in an embarrassing situation by her ultimate crush Kim Seung Jae. And one time he gets caught by her. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2018 by Noelle N.

  • Lydia
    210K 2.7K 7

    In small town Hendersonville, North Carolina, there's a time and a place for women to open their mouths. Lydia Grace Abney doesn't care to wait on that time or that place. She walks through life without any shoes on, dirt on her skin, and wind-blown hair. Some might say she gets her classless qualities from being rais...

  • The House Guest (Unedited)
    111K 7.4K 20

    When Helene Lovell finds herself a penniless orphan, she is swept into the world of manners, money, and etiquette, where her cruel Aunt Lady Dorothea is the ringmaster, and never ceases to remind her of her burdensome existence. The only consolation is Henry, who shows Helene friendship and kindness in a place of sadn...

  • The Golden Girl (#2 in the GOLDEN series)
    438K 31.9K 85

    Marguerite, the former Duchess of Torrinni, receives two letters that will change the course of her life forever; and that will impact young Céleste Richel's life too, in more ways than one. ***** When Marguerite is forced to return to Torrinni court--that she fled almost three years prior--to witness Prince Sébastien...

  • The Golden Flower (#1 in the GOLDEN series) ✔
    521K 25.3K 42

    Living in royalty can't be so bad, right? But... what if you're not technically royal? ***** In late eighteenth century Europe, nestled in eastern France, is a peaceful kingdom called Totresia. A carriage wreck disturbs that peace when found by Totresian King Edouard and his wife, Queen Clémentine. The accident's sign...

  • The Baby Project
    2.4M 67.5K 10

    Avery and Andrew have been best friends since middle school; they're close. But they're about to get a whole lot closer when paired up for the project like no other: the baby project.

  • Silhouette
    19.1M 708K 56

    Now available as Audiobook on Audible India. Moving back to her old school, Alana befriends the arrogant Xavier. Underneath his scars are feelings for her, feelings neither of them can deny. ***** Moving back to her hometown after six years away, Al...

  • Daughters of the King (Completed)
    591K 34.3K 36

    {WATTYS 2020 WINNER} {FEATURED BOOK} Paris, 1663. 500 girls selected by King Louis XIV embark on a journey across the seas from their homeland. Each is given a dowry, and the expectation that they are to marry a French settler, in order to increase the population of New France. They are the historic Daughters of the K...

  • High School Hit List (CLIQUE BAIT)
    20.4M 1M 60

    **Officially published as Clique Bait with HarperTeen!** Payment is usually a part of a basic transaction. You give and then you take. But, at Arlington Preparatory, people take at their leisure. They take their entertainment in the form of humiliation. They get what they want at the expense of their pawns. But they n...

  • Tuesday & Max
    823K 52.6K 50

    Tuesday lives with her aunt after the death of her mother in a car accident following remission from cancer. Angry at the world, she rebels against her guardian, her education and her nervous peers, and it isn't until she meets Max (with his own burdens to bear) that she begins to learn how to navigate the tumultuous...

  • Longhand Letters
    716K 40.2K 200

    Love is a messy kind of art.

  • A Guide on How to Love Jules Everett
    75.4K 6K 35

    ❝I have here a guide on how to love Jules Everett. If you're desperate, I don't mind sharing it with you for a small fee.❞ ♔ ♔ ♔ Jules Everett had always been rather picky with love. There were too many rules set when searching for her 'ideal other half'. Hence, it wasn't a surprise when the school's troublemaker conf...

  • The King's Choice
    2.2M 87.9K 27

    Years after a brutal war left humanity subjugated by vampires, King Nathaniel Bryce seeks to find his Queen among one hundred human girls through an elaborate and expensive pageant. The prize? Immortality. Avery Crawford doesn't care about being immortal, and she certainly doesn't want to marry King Nathaniel, handso...

  • How I Fell For Death (Myths Finding Love #2)
    7.3M 361K 46

    [COMPLETED!] (Sequel to How to be a Queen) Aerith and Hades already have their fairytale ending. They've also been blessed with twins: Aidon and Aurea. I'm Aurea by the way and this is my story. When I was born, the Fates declared that me and my brother will live a difficult life. And I guess they were right for we we...

  • Ties That Bind
    282K 25.6K 53

    "Madison Knight is a tough, sassy, and intelligent detective. She is a straight shooter and takes no crap." -My Blissful Books The hunt for a serial killer begins... Detective Madison Knight concluded the case of a strangled woman an isolated incident. But when another woman's body is found in a park killed with th...

  • Captured Hearts Book 1 in the Heart Series - Wattys 2015 Winner
    3.6M 218K 56

    Jenna Yousuf has everything all girls envy. A mansion, fancy cars, diamonds and jewels, closets filled with clothes, shoes and purses. A hot husband. But she isn't happy. Who could be when you were forced to marry a man you don't love just to save your family? She doesn't want to give him a chance, nor does she want t...

  • Verath the Red (Dragonwall Series #3)
    2.1M 163K 55

    Claire fights to prepare herself to fulfill an Unbreakable Promise made in the heat of the moment. A spontaneous adventure north, a catastrophic attack upon Dragonwall, and a surprising realization, all culminate into the perfect storm, bringing Claire and Talon together under unexpected circumstances. When Claire an...

  • Reyr the Gold (Dragonwall Series # 2)
    3M 238K 60

    After fulfilling an Unbreakable Promise, Claire finally accepts her new life in Dragonwall. She has discovered a new purpose--one she created for herself to save Dragonwall. It is her destiny to defeat Kane, that much is certain. What isn't certain, is how she will achieve this end. Powerful magic courses through her...

  • Talon the Black (Dragonwall Series # 1)
    6.3M 402K 66

    When a wounded dragon falls from the sky, Claire Evans runs into a cornfield to rescue it. This isn't just any dragon, he's a shifter, one of six royal protectors, and helping him has consequences. Claire finds herself traipsing--or rather, flying--across the kingdom of Dragonwall. She must face Dragonwall's king. Kin...

  • How To Be A Queen (Myths Finding Love #1)
    15.2M 277K 18

    What if Hades never met Persephone? What if he has been alone for millennia now, lonely and ruling the underworld on his own? What if since the dawn of time the god of the Underworld still hasn't discovered love? Well, that's where I come in. The three Fates wove it into their looms for me to be born destined as his q...

  • How to Fall in Love ✔
    16M 560K 58

    They're worlds apart, and this isn't high school, so how the hell did a homeless female writer end up renting a billionaire's mansion? And - hold your breath - becoming his fake girlfriend? ➳ full blurb inside ➳ first reached #1 in humor on july 6, 2015 ➳ first reached #1 in business on a...

  • Jennifer Two
    45.1K 2.7K 41

    [WINNER OF A WATTY AWARD 2019 IN THE LITERARY FICTION CATEGORY!!!!] "We always want to know what the dead would tell us if they could tell us anything at all. We invent ghosts. Ouija boards. We make mediums and psychics stinking rich, getting them to talk to those who aren't around anymore. I could just play that game...

    Completed   Mature
  • UYAI ✔️
    78.6K 12.5K 39

    Uyai(Beauty) had always been ashamed of her gangly figure, she was too tall for her age with no curves whatsoever and in a village where curvy was considered beautiful and skinny ugly, she has to face the brunt of being the only lady in her village with no meat on her bones, something her sister Affiong was richly ble...

  • Inside the Beast's Castle
    2.5M 144K 50

    "As soon as you believe you are a monster is when you become one." After many years of war, the kingdom of Edria is finally in an era of peace--peace obtained by one thing and one thing only. A deal. King Regol has made a deal with the devil, or rather, a beast. A monster. Or so he claims. When he uses the deal fo...

  • The Pental Pal (Completed)
    2.3M 159K 72

    Pental Pal (noun) - one who exchanges letters to one another as pen pals. But uses the same writing utensil, in this case, a pentel pencil. They never wanted to do this from the start. The thought of writing to a complete stranger. Never seeing whose handwriting is in the letter you're reading. Someone who could be mi...

  • I Wish I May {Publishing June, 25}
    1.6M 2.9K 2

    [Story removed for querying and publishing] Fairy Godmother in training, Zelda Ravensdale is starting her fourth and final year at Madame LeBleu's school for godmothers. She hopes to earn the title of First Fairy and graduate at the top of her class, but there are forces working against her. With a prince in distress...

  • FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1
    19.1M 619K 72

    "*Completed*"I froze the first boy I ever kissed. And I don't mean he got cold feet..." Megan is pretty unhappy when she's forced to move to a tiny, freezing town in Canada. It's going to be totally boring, right? Things heat up when she discovers that she possesses a growing power that's becoming more and more diffic...