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    After an abusive relationship, Aria's heart is torn as she deems herself unloveable, and as we've all heard: you can't expect someone to love you when you don't even love yourself. Aria was no exception... until Noah. His fight to show Aria what real love is, is one to leave your heart hammering in your chest. ...

  • The Bet (The Badboy's Claim Series #1) ✔️
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    [the first story in the badboy's claim series] It was my turn to smirk. "I wanna make a bet." His smile faltered. "A bet?" "Yep. Were having a test tomorrow and you have to participate." "What does that have to do with the bet?" "If you don't get an A on the test," I paused. "You have to stay out of my life forever." ...

    Completed   Mature
  • How to Love ✔️
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    | hitting bookstores july 12, 2022 with the new title: MEET ME IN THE MIDDLE! | Eden knows she can't love Truman, the boy with the angelic smile and devilish eyes. Why? He's her best friend Katie's older brother, who she strictly promised she'd stay away from. But when a tragic accident strikes, Truman and Eden find t...

  • Finding Ourselves Together
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    "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" His eyes gazed over my face like smooth green emeralds in the darkness, lingering on my ruby lips momentarily before looking back up again. It wasn't an easy question; maybe it was for some people, but not for me. Starting her junior year of high school, seventeen-year-old Li...

  • Forever August ✔️
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    || a featured story || Aurora never planned on spending her final month alive falling in love. When she meets Gus, a curious boy who is all too eager to waste away the days with her, she finds herself trading in her month of solitude for a month with him instead. Under the summer sun, they promise each other a forever...

  • Wild Girl ✔️
    1.2M 83K 29

    || a featured story || After the tragic death of her boyfriend, Rose flees to a cabin in the wild to mend her broken heart. It's there she meets Sebastian, her new neighbour with eyes like a black hole: vast enough to hold thousands of secrets. Rose spends their short time together trying to unravel him, and learns t...

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    There's no denying that April Shelvoy peaked in high school. Dead end jobs, weekly partying and a friend with benefits at her beck and call - she's been living in numb and reckless comfort for years. But with a 10 year high school reunion on the horizon, her carefree life is about to be completely disrupted by all of...

  • The Honeymoon Suite
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    Reid, an antisocial boy who has shut himself out from the world, crosses paths with Nolan, whose outgoing and bubbly personality is radically different from his own. Reid can't help but become fascinated with Nolan's kindness and empathy for others, meanwhile Nolan finds himself struggling with his feelings for Reid a...