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    CLOSED FOREVER BUBBLEGUM BITCH ━━ ★ covers! ★ I'll chew you up and I'll spit you out ★ In which I display my mediocre graphic skills and potentially make graphics for you to use! ★ cause that's what young love is all about★ !! I make anime graphics !!

  • celestial graphics | closed forever
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    VOLUME II OPEN ON MY PROFILE celestial (a) belonging or relating to heaven ; something heavenly a cover shop. closed forever. [ ⍣ ] lowercase used for stylistic purposes copyright © -wanderes

  • TIME MACHINE ━ graphics shop
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    [ CLOSED ] a shop for all your graphical needs! ↳ est: 20.7.18 #3 in graphics shop #1 in free graphics #1 in free covers

  • CARAMEL ⇀ Graphic Shop
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    We have amazing designers!! STATUS / o p e n

  • The Empress • Graphics Shop & Porfolio
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    | OPEN | Covers • Gifs • Manips • Posters • Banners • Trailers • Video Edits Any genre welcome | Will do graphics for series DeviantArt & YouTube @vrpond

  • Edits
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    Marvel, Disney, Kpop, Pixar, and Riverdale edits I've made so far. If you want to use one as a home screen you can. Just don't steal them and say you made them. Thank you!

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    Lets face it we all judge a book by their covers... So I am here to make beautiful covers. If interested please have a look inside my book

  • Cover Entries
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    Just a beginner so they're not that good but ah well. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Ooouuu marked 702 in designs....

  • Chloe's Cover Shop | Closed For Now
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    chloe'scovershop™ | imagination nation includes: book covers, requests, premades, graphics, banners. S T A T U S : O P E N : [ ] CFCU : [ ] C L O S E D : [✓] ❀❀❀ All Rights Reserved. ©quirksofchloe 2019

  • BookCovers
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    ¿Quieres una portada pero no tienes la habilidad de elaborarla? ¿quieres hacer hacer tu historia aun mas llamativa?. Pues ¿que esperas?, este tu lugar correcto. En la EditorialStars te ayudaremos elaborándola por ti Pídela ya

  • Graphic Contest Entries
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    Hello there! This is just a book where I post my entries for graphic contests

  • Frostbite||Graphic Shop
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    In which a beginner graphic maker makes you covers. ♡ Open [ ] Closed [ ] Hiatus [✔️] ©CinderellaInReverse All rights reserved.

  • Wonders of the Sirens • GRAPHIC PORTFOLIO
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    Hello there. Welcome to the SirenCommunity grphic portfolio where all our designer will post of their graphics including contest entries, practice, etc. Here you will see our journey as we improve in our graphics with some amazing graphics and some not so amazing. So come on in and feel free to check us out! DISCLAIME...

  • Gráficos WN
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    Obtén distintos gráficos, como gifs, edits de tu reparto, icons, manips, banners, entre otros.

  • Gráficos ➶ Abierto
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    ¡Obten tus gráficos ya! ©TeamIce, 2017 Portada hecha por: @-moxnx-

  • Gráficos [A B I E R T O]
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    》 ¡Bienvenidos a la sección de gráficos! 《 ¿Necesitas una edición para tu historia? Estas en el lugar correcto.

  • all these templates.
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    A book of templates, no watermarks. 100% free to use. Semi-original.

  • Siren Songs • GRAPHIC SHOP
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    Hello, we are the sirens and unlike the olden takes are here to help the people. If you are struggling to find the right cover for your book, you've come to the right place. We have so many people here for you to choose from. If one designers style may not suit your taste, you've got many more to pick from. We're sure...

  • Siren Charms • GRAPHIC TIPS
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    Are you a designer in need of some help or maybe you just want to make your graphics better? Then come inside and see what we can help you with. Don't worry if what you needed isn't here, you can always request! We have everything from best software & fonts to what to do and what not to do. So come give it a look and...

  • Manips
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    In which I make manips for you upon your request! (CLOSED FOREVER) HIGHEST RANK - #5 In Edits - #4 in Manips

  • Pre-Mades
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    a book where a dumb dinosaur makes pre-mades and occasionally rants

  • Cover Shop
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    a book where a dumb dinosaur creates covers for you #809 Random

  • Cover Tips
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    a book where a dumb dinosaur gives you tips and tutorials for your book covers

  • Icon Shop
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    OPEN (✔) CLOSED () Want some lit icon for your profile? Check out inside❗

  • Twin Graphics present
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    In which we share latest news, contest updates, giveaways, raffle draws, free gifts

  • Icons
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    Where you can request icons and get premade icons

  • Resources
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    in which we give you resources to Use (For font's look in our font book)

  • Faceclaims
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    in which we give you not so famous but awesome people

  • Graphic reviews
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    get your Graphic reviewed

  • Interview book
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    in which we interview contests winners and great Graphic designers