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  • Addicted
    260K 5.7K 22

    A chance encounter at Lauren's work place is all that's needed to thrust her into a world she denied herself for so long. And with one taste, she's already addicted.

  • For Your Eyes Only (Camren)
    161K 4.9K 15

    CFO Lauren Jauregui finds herself in a particularly difficult position when the stripper she's fallen for shows up at her office―as her new employee.

  • Hotel Ceiling (Camren)
    5.3K 191 1

    They hadn't seen each other since Camila left the band and now they were stuck in the same Hotel for the night.

  • The Prefect's Bathroom (Camren)
    4.8K 102 1

    Lauren is having some secret fun time and fun ensues after her secret is spilled. LOTS of thank yous to @majestic-lxgic This work is not mine. All credits go to the original author. Here's the link to the original.

    Completed   Mature
  • Crashpad Chronicles (5H Explicit)
    1.1M 17.5K 30

    •••2017 HARMOS "THE SMUT" WINNER••• Fifth Harmony AU SMUT Series 'Never mix business with pleasure'; whoever said this, clearly hasn't been to The Crash Pad. 'You Must Be 18 To Enter' **A/N: ALL chapters will contain smut, sooo... ----- S/O to @SLOTHTATO for the awesome cover, as always!

  • cherished affliction
    1.2M 15.3K 25

    Lauren was sure about one thing. She wanted her. Highest Rank: #23 in camren tag (Converted from Mimi on Ao3) Beta author credits go to @planetgreeneyes06

  • Snowball Effect (Camren)
    18.4K 368 1

    What happens when you're snowed in at work during a blizzard with a gorgeous woman you can't stand? Smut: Yes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Snowball Effect tells a tale of Camila and Lauren stuck alone in a discount store while trying to wait out a storm...but what they don't know is their every own storm has j...

  • Daddy
    197K 4K 28

    Me : Like what you see? Camz : Yes, show me more? ________ "How old are you kitten?" "17 daddy," _________ 19 year old neighbour "Camila" forces 17 year old girl "Lauren" to call her daddy, throughout phleadurable kinks.

  • Special Affair (Camren & Norminah One-Shots)
    470K 6.8K 7

    A collection of original Camren & Norminah one shots (plot-heavy STEAMY stories). **PLEASE DO NOT COPY/REPOST/REPRODUCE MY WORK. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!**

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Here Now (Camren)
    6.1K 154 2

    Camren one-shot Camila Cabello, a famous singer, leaves her girlfriend again for six months. The two are sad to leave each other but live with it by keeping in touch day to day. But what will Camila do when she gets home and receives a surprise from Lauren? Will she stay or will she go?

    Completed   Mature
  • Hiding Under Miss Jauregui's Desk (Camren)
    30.5K 745 2

    Camila Cabello's parents are in school to speak to their daughters principal, Lauren Jauregui, because of Camila's deteriorating attendance. What Lauren doesn't want the Cabello's to find out is that the reason why. Camila hasn't been attending, sometimes skipping classes and it's because of her. That's right, Laure...

    Completed   Mature