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  • Enthralled
    88.3K 7K 16

    Book Two in the Mesmerized Series picks up six months later; join Mahdi and Arinze as they navigated the highs and lows of their flourishing relationship. 18+

  • Saint's Memoir
    31K 3.7K 20

    Soft Universe. Please read Soft and Strength to understand the characters. Saint Zeke Ingram, the youngest child of Naomi & Zeke, is a successful photographer, cinematographer, film writer, and producer. He has built his own brand with his vision and creativity. Currently writing a memoir, Saint takes readers through...

  • The Rebirth Of Life
    53.9K 1.1K 5

    Tamia Thompson never had a great life ever since she came to her parents and told them that she was pregnant. She had to work for everything with her lover by her side through it all, until their battles consumed them and she was alone.Things soon take a wild turn when she is given a blast from the past. Started: Augu...

    Completed   Mature
    102K 9.5K 17

    "In life, we form bonds and relationships with those who've never experienced themselves in all seasons of life-at their highest and lowest points, in grief and sadness, happiness and anger. We expect people to know themselves coming into our lives, but we never think about the seasons they haven't experienced."

  • Allure
    1.4M 91.6K 77

    If one day is all we had, will you make it worth my while? City girl-Bradley Hughes battles with her emotions as she entangles herself in an unpredictable life with the well respected- New Orleans native, Rashad Farewood. The right man will evoke the wild side out of you, no matter how much you've tamed it. Bradley i...

  • Ready or Not
    1M 66.2K 31

    "And it doesn't matter how much time passed or how much time will pass-it's him. It always has been him and it always will be him...I just don't know how to tell him," When it's more than a like, and they're more than a friend. When they know you better than you know yourself and just the thought of them is all you n...

  • Collateral Damage
    147K 13.9K 22

    Elite Connections started off as a business proposal for Arya's senior project. She had been nicknamed the matchmaking friend throughout high school and decided to plan out an idea company, not knowing that this proposal would carry her through college and become the most exclusive matchmaking service in the world. Wh...

  • Committed
    2.1M 119K 73

    Ana and Dre's story❤️

    Completed   Mature
  • Every Kind of Way
    873K 61.8K 48

    Asha Mitchell is all about her education and the next box to check off her list of goals. She never allows anyone to steer her from her path or take her eyes off the prize. She's a big time lover who also knows how to choose herself or play the game if she feels it's necessary. But she rather not. She admires love and...

    Completed   Mature