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  • Enemies
    23.5K 446 12

    "I'm going to break your nose, to even out the crook." I snapped at Zach. "I'm going to break your legs, because I hate how tall you are." I turned to Kai. "And you," I walked towards the worst of the worst. "Xavier, I'm going to kill you, just because I think I'll get a kick out of it." +++ Leighton Grey commands fea...

  • The Temple of Snakes (Cursed Lovers: Book 1)
    114K 1.9K 23

    When two worlds collide, love blossoms in unexpected places with the most unusual people. When two cousins, Mona and Domino, join their fathers on an archaeological trip to a temple in Brazil, they were overjoyed to be spending the first two weeks of the cold New Year in the warm tropics. That they would be with their...

    Completed   Mature
  • WILD
    6.4M 198K 53

    In the arena, ten females must outrun or outlast their male counterparts to keep from being forcibly bred. At least that's how Lorena saw it. She was taken from her home in front of her entire family to be a runner for ten males that were around her own packs' territory. Female werewolves seemed to be holding out long...

  • Breeders
    112K 1.4K 8

    In a world where everyone is given their life's career at the same age but will one girl do when she feels as if her career chosen was just wrong. Ranked #440 in General Fiction SEQUEL "THE KEEPERS" HAS JUST BEEN PUBLISH. GO CHECK IT OUT

  • Bad Blood
    127K 1.9K 27

    Eliza wasn't exactly your normal girl. With a dark past that haunts her the last thing she wanted was to be kidnapped by the countries most well known gangs. She immediately catches the eye of the leader of the group: Harry Styles. Being the stubborn, independent woman that she is she ignores his advances. She believe...

  • I'm a good girl (H.S)
    408K 7.7K 44

    It all started when a good girl met a bad boy and they fell in love. (WARNING: i wrote this when i was thirteen)

  • You're Mine ( Harry Styles )
    333K 8.1K 41

    One Direction exists, but not as a band. As one of the most feared gangs in England. When Louis reunites with his younger sister Samantha, him and the boys do everything to keep her safe but she has a mind of her own. With so many obstacles in the way, will the love Harry and Sam develop for each other truely conquer...

  • Stalker [h.s]
    276K 8K 30

    His eyes where only ever on her. From the moment he set eyes on her, he was obsessed, fixated on her. Maybe he was intrigued at first by the way she attracted attention just by entering the room, or of how full of confidence she was. His attraction soon grew into obsession. He knew that he wanted to be with her, hold...

  • You will love me H.S
    148K 1.8K 16

    Maya Anderson, beautiful 18 years old girl. Harry Styles, 24 years old handsome gang leader. Harry kidnaps Maya, because he loves her more than anything.

  • Stalker HS
    146K 3.3K 30

    Cover by @Horanluver12 "It's been a while, babe. I left you a gift, hope you enjoy, Pheobe." -♪HS (New Author ':| heavy editing going down 😘 so if you're confused ab the writing quality dropping after the first couple chapters then getting better again... um like half of this was written while we were in middle schoo...

  • Taken By Styles (Harry Styles mature)
    241K 3.6K 24

    He towered over my weak body the gun still in his hands. He aimed the gun at me and I closed my eyes ready to die. But he never shot me instead grabbed me by the bicep and yanked me up and pulled me into his chest. He lowered his head and whispered huskily in my ears "Your mine."... Clara knows the dangers of the stre...

  • Stranded [harry styles] ✓
    818K 25.9K 38

    Sarah boards a flight to Malaysia blissfully unaware of two things: 1. Heartthrob Harry Styles is seated up ahead in first class 2. Their plane is about to go down in the Indian Ocean

  • Me and Harry Styles
    314K 6.5K 47

    Summer is a normal girl with blonde hair that goes down to her mid back, she has hazel eyes, and a curvy frame. Oh and her childhood best friend is Harry Styles of One Direction. When Harry comes for a visit during Christmas, he asked Summer if she would come on tour with them. She says yes and discovered feelings for...

  • the baby project | harry styles
    229K 4.2K 45

    Harry Styles, a quite cheeky and charming lad, was living the dream with his fellow band mates. But on one unfortunate day, he had to make the most hardest decision in his entire life. The manager at Modest Management was forcing Harry to get a girl pregnant. But Harry wasn't even ready to be a father. He was only tw...

  • Remember Me [harry styles] ✓
    487K 16.6K 44

    Juniper's not heard from her penpal since he got swallowed up by the music industry eight years ago. But winding up front row at one of his concerts is about to change that.

  • My Little Kiwi [H.S] ✔️
    211K 3.5K 48

    *Warning: I wrote this when I first started writing here on Wattpad when I was like 13 so the writing can be pretty cringy and the plot may not always match up just please don't come for me* 11 months after his ex-girlfriend told him she was pregnant, Harry is facing the challenges and consequences it comes with being...

  • Publicity Stunt- Harry Styles Fan Fiction
    256K 4.4K 55

    When Simon Cowell realizes that Harry Styles is only seen by the world as a playboy, he makes an arrangement with the managers of Ryder Tyler, a rising star in the modeling world who happens to hate Harry, the stuck up little pop star who brings a different girl home every night. If Ryder is around Harry enough, will...

  • Baby 2 [H.S]
    303K 5.6K 25

    ••••• A sequel to Baby ••••• Baby is back and a lot is happening. After the rough departure of power couple Harry and Tiffany a year goes by. Tiffany moves on and Darcy is now 5 years old. Everything changed will anything be the same. Harrys coming back but is his opportunity gone. Love and Drama. This is...

  • Hold My Girl
    3.5M 72.1K 39

    A one night stand with Harry Styles: What's the worst that can happen?

  • His Girl (Book no.2)
    430K 8.9K 54

    Harry never imagined of being a multimillionaire at the age of 24, but with his own business and new glamorous lifestyle he can't help but make the most of it. Chloe never imagined to be engaged at 23 to the love her life, but when her job at a small publishing house is taken away from her she finds herself at the do...

  • I'm Having Harry Styles' Baby // book 1 of 3
    347K 7K 21

    When her best friend's boyfriend gets them invited to one of the year's biggest parties, Leah Adams had no idea how much that would affect her life. Sometimes drinking too much can lead to bad things, good things, or you might end up getting pregnant with Harry Styles' baby.

  • Baby Styles (A Harry Styles FanFiction) Book 1 of 2
    244K 4.7K 20

    Selena Jade Tomlinson is the little sister of world famous Louis Tomlinson. What Louis doesn't know, is that Selena has secretly been having a relationship with his band mate, Harry. Selena and Harry are both crazy in love with each other, but what happens when a wild night causes a little of trouble and they're force...

  • I'm Not Who I Am
    91.4K 2.9K 25

    She is the youngest and the best agent in the agency. Like what people say "Little but Incredible". She was tasked to guard slash look after her mom's friend's son and so she was forced to move to that country and to that high school. Little did she know that the son was the most popular playboy and the school's bad b...

  • The Nerd Undercover // Book 2 - On hold
    531K 22.4K 28

    This is the Sequel to The Nerds Secret! Please read that before you read this book as you may find various situations in the book confusing! My name is Olivia Evans and from the age of 7 on-wards me and my two best friends, Charlie Brooks and Jordan Miller have had a dream, a dream to become a spy. Our dreams came tru...

  • Tides [ON HOLD]
    5.8K 178 2

    Ever since she was just 8 years old she was afraid of the water. The sea, the ocean even swimming pools. It's the fear that builds up inside you and restrains you from moving. Just two years later she found her best friend Ashton. He is always there for her along with her other friends too. After graduating high schoo...

  • Questions The Nerd Got Wrong... #Wattys2016
    388K 11.6K 28

    Cover by @daniella-lavonne ~~~~ "You're a nerd you should know the answer" he said inches away from my face "And what if I don't?" I answered crossing my arms over my chest. They took a step closer if that was even possible and said in a very hushed whisper "then you got the answer wrong... and real nerds don't g...

  • Being The Bad Boy's Crush
    89.5K 2.7K 28

    This was a short prequel until I decided to add more chapters to it from Three Guys,Prom, and Me. **************** The minute she walked into the classroom with those pigtails and a lollipop in her mouth. I couldn't help but stare at her. The moment I saw him standing with his friends. I couldn't help staring at him. ...

  • Red Skies | The Primes Trilogy #1 ✓
    239K 11.2K 43

    When 6 students are gifted superhuman abilities, it's up to them to prevent a bio-terrorist group from releasing a world-changing chemical into Earth's atmosphere. ***** While attending a party in the woods, six highschoolers are captured by intern...