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  • It's Not That Simple.. (Misha Collins X Reader)
    1.7K 91 3

    You are a twenty three year old who does not fit the description of what society would consider "normal" but you really don't give a shit. "Normal", you have always hated that word. Like what the hell is "normal" anyway, and who in the hell even gets to decide what that is? The way you dress, the way you think and act...

  • The Light and Darkness
    44 1 4

    Lucy meets someone in the woods..... who is he and why is he so different form everyone else she has ever met. And why does he remind her of a certain hot headed slayer.

  • Smut
    44.4K 145 3

    basically what it is. leave requests on who, how, what type and shit like that.

  • Supernatural Smut
    262K 3.5K 17

    Just some very dirty stories I've been thinking up. I may take requests but I don't know with my college/ work schedule. I follow back! And vote for your favorite ;) (stories include Sam, Dean, Castiel. So far...) if you want BxB just let me know and who with who. I'll consider it ;) (wattpad said only followers can s...

  • Are you still laughing? (Book 2)
    49.1K 5.8K 134

    But I always thought you'd come back (All disclaimers in the bar above :))

  • Is your joke still funny? (Book 1)
    343K 33.9K 155

    I love you and I'm missing you (All disclaimers in the bar above :))

  • Understanding Self-Harm
    96.7K 2.3K 10

    Self harm is an issue the majority of society tends to ignore or scrutinize. As a survivor of self harm with three years experience of the torment and the struggle I know it's a problem and I do know how to tackle it. This book will cover self help, ways to overcome it and how to help others. If you suffer yourself or...

    Completed   Mature
  • Supernatural Smut X Reader (Requests Are Closed Temporarily)
    1.5M 26.2K 95

    As the title says this book will be full of Supernatural X Reader smut.. I will do fluff if Requested but I'm more of a smut writer as I am a very dirty minded person. I harbor very naughty thoughts about the men of Supernatural which I'm sure you all do too, otherwise why would you be here looking at my book haha. An...

  • Where it All Began//Supernatural Fanfiction
    682K 21.8K 24

    She isn't crazy. It's just that no one believed her. So she ran away, and on that journey happened to steal a very special, black 67' Chevy Impala. And that, is where it all began. ~Sequel now up!~ ALSO HELLO THIS ISN'T A ROMANCE OKAY PLS NO SHIPPING I'M SORRY FOR DISAPPOINTING I GUESS

  • All or nothing
    115 11 6

    Johanna is part of the lower class in her pack. Sure everyone was technically family, but that didn't mean there weren't higher ups with the alphas. And her two best friends were what you would call high class. James was the son of the second in command, or the beta. He was very prideful, but knew how to make people s...

  • Fear Street: Party Games EXCERPT
    80K 2.4K 3

    Her friends warn her not to go to Brendan Fear's birthday party at his family's estate on mysterious Fear Island. But Rachel Martin has a crush on Brendan and is excited to be invited. Brendan has a lot of party games planned. But one game no one planned intrudes on his party—the game of murder. As the guests start dy...

  • The Doodler Origins
    252 19 18

    Is this thing on? Pixel, are you sure it's on? ITS REC-- hi. My name is --#the doodler--PIXEL! No thats- ok fine. I'm the doodler. This is a recording of me telling my story of how I became the person I am now, and I hope someday, I can earn the title of being a creepy pasta. I hope you enjoy tears, pain, blood, and s...

  • Something Sweet (Sabriel)
    36.1K 2.4K 4

    A lollipop. Every day for the past three weeks Sam had received a lollipop with a sweet note attached. Finally he finds out the lollipops are from the schools trickster, but can that stop him from developing a crush?

  • Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop (Sabriel Coffee Shop AU)
    245K 13.1K 14

    So I'm basing this fanfic on some pictures on google (Sabriel of course) Yes it will take place in a coffee shop. Probs Satrbucks. So yea. This takes place with Sam as a first year in college. Just please read this. Thanks.

  • Invisible
    41.9K 1.7K 5

    You were hunting a witch, when she puts an invisibility spell on you. Now you are trying to show Sam and Dean you are okay, while stopping the witch from hurting anyone else.

  • Stay? Castiel x Reader
    63.9K 2.1K 8

    "Cas?" You call as you look around for your winged friend. The flutter of wings catch you by surprise as your Angel lands in front of you. "Cas!" You exclaim noticing the Angel rocking back and forth. You run as he falls to catch him. He is comatose. Yanking him on the bed you cover him up and watch him silently sl...

  • A New Life (Dean Winchester X Demon Reader)
    1M 35.4K 43

    Dean Winchester x Reader Synopsis: You're a Demon who is trying to erase all the bad you've done, by helping the Winchesters. But the price to be good can be too much, even for a crossroads demon.

  • The Hunter's Girl (Dean Winchester Fan Fiction)
    960K 26.6K 27

    He smirked and leaned against a locker. "I've noticed that you're different from other girls, aren't you?" "Ah, yes, from our extensive conversations," I said sarcastically. "So, tell me Dean Winchester, how am I different from other girls?" "You aren't falling head over heels for me." I rolled my eyes. "You got...

  • Castiel x Reader: Not What You Think
    516K 18.5K 24

    When you started your day, you never would have imagined that you'd be thrust into the world of monsters and demons. Much less would you think that you'd be mistaken for one... I don't own anything related to the Supernatural tv series, this is simply written for fun. There will be interrogation and torture, so this s...

  • Seven Facts Of A Hunter
    623K 17.2K 64

    Between even injuries, curses, and kidnappings, can love truly blossum? A horrible past, and even more troublesome future. This is all you have ever known, but can a pair of brothers change this fate? Highest rank: #574 in fanfiction. Highest rank: #3 in Sam Winchester

  • Save me
    21 1 2

    Elizabeth or simply Lizzy is a 16 year old girl who one day when walking home gets kidnapped. She is sold in an action to a man who gives her to his son for his birthday. He rapes her and uses her as a pet.

  • Careless (Cas X Reader)
    73.8K 2.7K 6

    As a hunter traveling with Sam and Dean Winchester, your lives were always at stake, and your emotions were always on edge. However, when they notice you aren't acting like yourself, they enlist the help of their Angel friend, Castiel, an Angel who you had feelings for.

  • Demon Girl (Sam Winchester x Reader)
    410K 13.1K 27

    A girl in love with Sam Winchester sells her soul to save his life. Later she returns as Crowley's Queen, and chaos reigns as Sam and Dean try to save her.

  • Trust Issues (Sam Winchester x Reader)
    66.4K 2.4K 5

    Sam X Reader Sam was going to die, so you sold your soul for him and got one year. Not telling the brothers, you go to hell, and it changes you. You think you failed, and when you find yourself back, you don't know if you can live like you did before.

  • Suicidal texts • z.m.
    674K 16.7K 104

    "Please don't do it" •contains mostly texting•

  • Crowley's Daughter 3: Angel (Supernatural Fanfiction) [ON HIATUS]
    17.7K 711 11

    *I do not own Supernatural or any of the characters* *Cover by @alecvert* ~This is book three! I suggest reading the first two books first~ Alex and Gabriel's relationship has lasted through good and bad, demons and angels, even through life and death. But they have yet to face the perils of the past... First...

  • Crowley's Daughter 2: Demon (Supernatural Fanfiction~)
    93.4K 3.8K 25

    *I do not own Supernatural or any of the characters* *Cover by @alecvert* ~This is book two! Read book one first!~ Alex and Gabriel tried to live a normal, happy life, but that never happens. No hunter is ever able to get out of the life, never mind an Antichrist and an Archangel. And when a mysterious- and very...

  • Crowley's Daughter (Supernatural Fanfiction~)
    645K 19.4K 31

    ~I do not own Supernatural or any of the characters~ *Cover by @alecvert* Alex is well, Crowley's daughter! She's half human, half demon, making her more powerful than even the angels. She could wipe out all of heaven if she wished. All this power and what does she do with it? And who will she meet? (60K words)...

  • Undeniable Heat
    625K 27.1K 80

    You've just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will yo...