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  • Together Forever
    58.6K 6.1K 81

    {Slow updates} Destiny has its own ways to make each soul meet their soulmate! Swara Gagodia and Sanskaar Malhotra are one such magical pair who are bonded to meet and fall in love with each other against the chaos happening in their own lives. Being a high school student all they dream about themselves was about bein...

  • Memories
    2.3K 188 7

    Presenting you'll, Memories - a collection of vignette shots narrating the life sequences of our ever handsome, Sanskaar and the ever gorgeous Swara reminiscing all the "Memories" as they embark their own fairytale and explore their relation they share in different ways. Achievements ✨ 🔥 #1 in vignette - 02.06.2021

  • If My Love Is True We Will Unite Swasan Ts [Completed]
    14.5K 584 4

    Swasan Two shot.. demanded by @SamairaRaichand5

  • swasan os: mera jeena hai kya ✔️
    10.9K 372 3

    Its story about swara who believe that she will die early but chirpy and bubbly nd sanskar who is unknown about it nd a arrogant person. How will their love story go on the floor.

  • The Letter Girl
    48.9K 4.3K 27

    { Completed } Even in this modern world she posts letters for him making him surprise and curious about it. Reading every letter of hers for the past 6 months has made Sanskaar Maheshwari fall deeply and madly in love with her, the girl whom he never knows! He's turn crazy to find who it is Meanwhile he also tends to...

    84.8K 3.6K 49

    story of happy go lucky boy and a girl with bad past

  • Punar Vivah (Remarraige)
    517K 18.9K 92

    COMPLETED (UNDER EDITING) It's the story of two persons who are broken from heart given by their respected spouses One is divorced. The other one is widow. Now what will happen when when these two person have their Remarriage! Will love blossom between two? Will their broken heart accept eachother? Will this Remairrag...

    Completed   Mature
  • Swasan - A complicated love story!!
    154K 6.6K 99

    #50 in Fanfiction on 26 April, 2018 A swasan love story.. A complicated one.. Its not a usual love story.. where two people n gradually they fell in love with each other.. But its something where a marriage will happen first.. then there will be many twists and turns.. Our hero n heroine are not gonna be love birds s...

  • ❤Agar Tum Saath Ho..!! ❤(Completed)
    213K 7.1K 93

    Hola..! A Swaragini Fantic..! A story of two sisters who were gloomy till their meeting of respective life partners..! It mainly concentrates on Swasan and Raglak..! The story draws the events of College after their Parent's death leaving them no option than moving to their uncle's house..! To know more peep into...

  • humsafar
    205K 15.8K 155

    it's about swasan this story is where swasan united after 6 month leap track ( and where show ends... So this the continue of swasan love story after that .now their life turns into 3 and half year leap they have a cute boy of the character are same as in serial.and For knowing further u have to read...

  • SWASAN: ONLY FOR YOU [completed]
    521K 18.3K 102

    It's the story of swasan and starts from the track where annaporna slaps sanskar followed by raglak doing there shrad. it's completely on the pain people go through and then the people who trust and love them. it's basically on the love and trust of swasan on each other which will bind them till eternity.